Hello friends of Bali Interio, it would be very nice if we stay in an inn with rooms that have views in the middle of the forest or open nature with tall trees and green grass. Inns in the open like this usually provide cabin bedrooms. Cabins have limited movement circulation, therefore rooms must be smartly designed to provide solutions to smaller spaces and open spaces without compromising the comfort of the space.
Here are some cabin bedrooms with very beautiful natural views and make us want to also try staying at that place.

Niliaitta, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The interior is symmetrical with the amenities and beds placed in the center of the space. The headboard is also used as a separator between the bed and the dining table, saving space for two.

Løvtag Cabin, Denmark, by Sigurd Larsen

The sleeping area is made according to the size of one side of the room with a box-like design like a podium. One side of the wall of the sleeping area is used as a full window so that the natural scenery is more visible. The walls in this sleeping area are framed by wood panels which add a natural impression.

Space of Mind, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The sleeping area is set under a sloping roof to make maximum use of the sloping ceiling. The large floor-to-ceiling windows silhouette the structure and form an irregular rectangle on the sides of the cabin, they also frame the exterior views.

Scavenger cabin, USA, by Studio Les Eerkes

The bedroom is located on the top floor of the cabin and is accessed by a steel staircase. A clerestory window surrounds the upper part of the space and is joined by two glass walls below. Wood paneling and joinery fill the space and contrast with the metal fixtures.