Hello friends of Bali Interio, sometimes we often find minimalist homes with minimalist bathrooms and not many people can take advantage of the minimalist bathroom so that sometimes the bathroom feels cramped and cramped. These are some ways to organize a minimalist bathroom

Choosing the right wall tiles

If you use ceramics that have many colors or with motifs that are too ‘crowded’ it will make the room look cramped.

Use bright colors

Using bright colors also makes a spacious impression in the bathroom and colors reflect light so that the room is also bright

Door use

Using a swing-type door makes the movement space more limited, so for a minimalist bathroom it is recommended to use a slide-type door, thus allowing room for movement.

Space utilization

In a minimalist bathroom, you should not need to use maximum decoration accessories so that you can use more space.

Wall utilization

Hanging various toiletries such as towels, shampoo and soap racks can be hung on the wall so as to make room for movement on the floor is not narrow or you can also take advantage of the back door with hangers so you can hang some toiletries.

Mirror glass placement

The use of a mirror itself basically gives a broad effect in a room, this also affects the bathroom. If some mirrors feel too big and take up space, a round mirror is a good solution

Pay attention to size

The size of the cupboard, bathtub, bathtub that is too large will take up space so that the bathroom becomes cramped and cramped. The use of a toilet with an oval design will make the room spacious.

Use of the bath

The use of a bathtub actually makes the room narrow and it is better if the bathtub can be replaced with a shower or using a bathtub with a shower with a flat wall design and a flat base.

Use of bathroom cabinets

For the bathroom cabinet itself, you should use one that is hung on the wall and is not large so that the room is not cramped. In addition, in the cabinet itself, it can be neatly arranged by category and placed in containers based on the category of goods.

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