Hello friends of Bali Interio, tired of the room you have now? Need a new atmosphere especially during the PPKM period like this, it feels cramped at home and in the room and needs a new atmosphere. To start a new atmosphere, small steps that must be taken are to change your room to be more minimalist. In addition to being more pleasing to the eye, the room will be comfortable, spacious and tidy. Here’s how to turn a room into a minimalist one

throw away useless or trash

Get rid of items that are not needed or can also be items that you give to people who need them more.

Color selection

To make the room look more spacious and clean, choose neutral colors. because the color of choosing this minimalist concept makes the room feel comfortable, for example, white, black or gray. In addition, using bed linen in neutral colors such as beige, white or gray also helps create a minimalist room. Neutral-colored furniture can also help create a minimalist atmosphere in the room. Usually a minimalist bedroom combines soft and neutral colors. Don’t mix colors too much, but you can add an accent color between neutral colors, such as giving the carpet a pastel color or coloring one of the walls.

Selection and arrangement of goods

Rearrangement of items makes the room more spacious, so choose a suitable mattress frame without having to use a headrest. choose a simple frame made of wood. But if you want to create a more minimalist impression, you can try not to use a bed frame at all. You can also add a mirror to add a sense of spaciousness. The placement of the mirror does not have certain rules so you can put it in the corner of the room or the wall of the room.

Adding plants in the room

Giving a touch of greenery to the room will make your room more fresh and alive. You can see it in the corner of the room. Make sure the plants are also placed in a vase with a neutral or clear color. Make sure the plants don’t interfere with other room décor. Plants that can be used are plants that are very easy to care for, such as cacti or succulents.

Give a simple wall decoration

Decorations on walls such as photo or painting figures are also necessary so that the bedroom walls are not too plain and give an artistic impression and avoid installing too many decorations on the walls.

good lighting

Lighting is also an important factor of a minimalist bedroom. A room that has poor lighting will make the room look cramped. Choose curtains that are transparent made of thick so they are not considered light.