Hello friends of Bali Interio, The appearance and atmosphere of a room, especially an office, is one thing that is quite important in a room design, because this can affect the productivity and activity levels of the users of the room, besides that a comfortable office space can also trigger the creativity of its users. The selection of the right design style for the office space can also have an impact on the work ethic of the workers.

The design of an office space is generally very rigid, flat and formal. But along with the times and designs, the design style also develops with new nuances that are unique and comfortable and even fun. This style with new nuances presents a design concept with a fresh, unique and edgy look. One of the design styles that can be applied to become an office space design is the industrial style where this design style can create a dynamic space and have a warm impression.

Industrial itself is a design style that has a distinctive decoration. The unique unfinished impression is one of the characteristics of this design, besides that this style is also synonymous with dark colors and rough materials and looks masculine. Industrial style is included in a style that is quite flexible, because this style can be mixed with various other interior styles to create a new style that is unique but does not eliminate the characteristics of the industry itself. Here are some industrial design styles that can be an inspiration for your office space design.

Scandinavian Industrial Style

The natural and soft impression of Scandinavia combined with a unique industrial style can produce a comfortable and chic room atmosphere.

Japanese Industrial Style

A simple Japanese interior style that is in harmony with nature combined with an industrial style creates a space that is unique but also simple at the same time.

Naturalist Industrial Style

The use of dominant natural elements such as wood and plants mixed with industrial creates a room with a comfortable and fresh atmosphere.