Hello friends of Bali Interio, bathing is a daily human activity after a day of activities at home and outside the home, either bathing with a shower or soaking in the bathtub. Bathing also has benefits for a person’s mental health quoted from A morning shower can trigger creativity and is good for the mental health of stressed workers and taking a shower at night can help get the body ready for bed.

The bathroom is a room in a house or other residential building that contains a bath or shower or both. Usually the bathroom is also equipped with a sink and a toilet. The most common bathrooms in Indonesia usually have a water reservoir or tub of water and a dipper to take the water. Usually in the room itself there is furniture or bathroom cabinets for bathing bath products (soap, shampoo) and medicines, usually in the form of cabinets or shelves.

Many people visit some of the important parts of bathroom design such as lighting, color, selection of good materials for the bathroom. Usually also many people who have time in the bathroom to soak. Soaking in warm water for half an hour can reduce blood sugar levels by about 13% for people with diabetes, according to research and studies in the New England Journal of Medicine at Some general design principles for bathrooms:

Plumbing (Shower, Bath and Sink)

Some of these plumbing have very diverse types and materials. Bathtubs must be able to provide comfort so that people do not feel comfortable when bathing or when sitting.


The floor is very important and must be considered because the material used should not be slippery and the coating is non-slip because the bathroom itself is a wet area. Usually the floor for the bathroom itself uses non-glossy ceramics, stone, or cement.


The bathroom must have excellent lighting in order to have perfect visibility. good lighting is lighting that saves energy besides lighting that does not make the bathroom look dull, dark, full of shadows and dirty.

Air Circulation

The bathroom as it is known is a wet or damp area so it is easy for mold and mildew to grow so it is very important to keep the bathroom dry with good air circulation.


Mirrors are not just decorations but mirrors also help human activities such as helping humans see their faces when shaving their mustaches or using skin care. Mirrors are useless if they are not well placed and require planning, measurement, selection and care.

Storage shelf

Storage shelves or bathroom cabinets as a place to store things. Efforts are made to choose a design that adds an aesthetic impression to the room. The installation of the shelf must also pay attention to the ergonomic side so that it is comfortable for bathroom users.

Those are some general principles for designing a bathroom. It must be remembered that the bathroom is one part of the house that is quite practical so that it is adjusted to the needs and design of the desired bathroom.

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