Hello friends of Bali Interio, the ceiling faces an upper interior surface that matches the top of the room. Generally, the ceiling is not a structural element, but a surface that covers the floor of the roof structure above it. The ceiling does not only function as a cover for a building. Ceiling here plays an important role in terms of adding aesthetics to the room. The ceiling design must be in harmony with the interior style applied to the dwelling. Here are the ceiling designs and models for a minimalist home :

Ceiling with Downlight

The ceiling in the family room is combined with downlight concept lighting. This area seems to want to create an impression, considering the use of the dominant color in the room is brown. The use of high doors and windows to the ceiling makes the room seem spacious. A clean impression is immediately drawn from this minimalist family room and is supported by the ceiling design itself.

Solid Wood Ceiling with Farmhouse Accent

The combination of a minimalist style design with farmhouse accents is very supportive. The harmony of these two concepts can be seen directly in one of the villas in Bali. The area looks clean with the dominance of white in the room, the use of wooden furniture, and a ceiling made of exposed solid wood. The very impressive element of the farmhouse feel in this room is the ceiling. Proving that the accent of other interior ideas in the room can not only be presented by furniture or color, but also presented by the ceiling.

Wooden Ceiling with Triangle Shape

A bedroom with a triangular window concept can use a ceiling made of wood. The warm impression is strongly imaged by this bedroom. This is due to the use of furniture, floor materials, and ceiling materials, all of which are made of wood. In addition, the presence of spotlights on this ceiling also adds to the aesthetic value of the ceiling so it doesn’t seem plain.

Wooden Ceiling with LED Downlight lighting

Wooden ceilings are not only suitable for areas of the room that want to get a warm impression. This ceiling material can be used in the family room, thus creating the same impression. Modern minimalist style in the room is shown by the geometric decorations, including lighting elements mounted on the ceiling. The lighting used in this room is downlights, both ordinary and LED. Downlights are considered very supportive of the modern concept that this family room wants to display.

Exposed Concrete Ceiling with Industrial Feel

Exposed concrete ceiling can present an industrial atmosphere. This ceiling can be matched with plaster or ceramic/ceramic floors with matching motifs. Combining industrial nuances with minimalist ideas can not only create a room that has a clean image, but can also make the room feel “cold”. In addition, industrial interior ideas are also considered capable of highlighting a masculine impression.

Plain Ceiling with Monochrome Room

This modern minimalist style living room is dominated by a monochrome color palette. The use of black, white, and gray is very characteristic of modern interior ideas. So that the ceiling looks in harmony with the interior style used in this room, the ceiling of the house is also made plain with the presence of four parallel downlights. Although minimal decorations on the walls. This one room still looks elegant.

Ceiling showing Planks and Beams with a Ranch Feel

Clients who like a minimalist residence with a rustic farmhouse-like feel can present a ranch through a high ceiling. The ceiling that must be chosen is an exposed board ceiling painted in white, and combined with the presence of a beam ceiling that supports each corner. To strengthen the impression of this farm, you can use lighting in the form of light bulbs. This exposed board and beam ceiling can give a different feel to a minimalist home. The impression of traditional and rural can be felt in the dwelling.

Ceiling with Roof Window

Clients who crave a minimalist home with a beautiful view of the sky, need to present a roof window on the ceiling of the house. The existence of a roof window on this ceiling can be an entrance for natural lighting in the morning and evening. In addition, you can also see the view of the sky at night. The existence of this roof window can make the atmosphere romantic.

Wooden Ceiling Material in harmony with the Floor

Clients who want a Scandinavian minimalist style home know that the need for wood dominates in the room. Strengthening this Scandinavian minimalist impression, you can use a ceiling and floor with a matching material, which is both made of wood. The harmony created between the ceiling and the floor will make it look unique, comfortable. And has a warm feel.