Types of Interior Finishing Materials

Hello Bali Interio friends! For those of you who don’t know what interior finishing is, don’t worry because on this occasion we will discuss FINISHING IN THE INTERIOR. Interior finishing is the work of closing or coating in a room. The following are several types of INTERIOR FINISHING materials.


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HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a finishing material that is known to be strong and has a high level of elasticity. Because of the mixture of wood and acrylic fibers contained in it.

HPL also has various colors and motifs so it is suitable for friends who want to create a home interior with a modern minimalist concept.


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Melamine is in the form of liquid melanin. Its use is sprayed on the surface of the furniture that has been caulked, sanded, and painted with thinner. This finishing technique produces 2 types of furniture, namely matte (not glossy) and glossy (glossy).


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Lacquer is a finishing material with excellent scratch resistance and water resistance. This material is in great demand by Europeans.


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It is a finishing material made from real wood fibers. This material will give a natural look to the furniture. However, veneer has a high price and its application is done carefully because it is thin.


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This finishing technique uses duco paint and the process is almost similar to the melamic technique, which uses a spray, but with longer duration.

The difference between duco paint and melamic is that the fibers in the furniture will be covered so that a minimalist, luxurious, and clean impression will be seen.


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Acrylic material is perfect for friends who like bright and vibrant colors. This material is usually used for modern kitchen.