Hello friends of Bali Interio, a a minimalist dining room is one part of a minimalist residence. Minimalist dwelling itself is a residence designed to have comfort and ideal even though the area of ​​space is not too large.

At present, minimalist housing is one of the most sought after options by people who just want to have a residence and are currently much loved by young people.

The problem that is often encountered in designing a dining room is when the dining room is small and does not allow it to be decorated with many things. So in designing a dining room whose area is not too large, it must be done cleverly, so that the dining room can be arranged properly but does not eliminate its functional elements.

Then the minimalist style is one solution for designing a dining room like this. Here are some dining table recommendations that can be used for a minimalist dining room design.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, although almost modern homes have limited land now, it does not mean that you will leave your kitchen open without furniture. At least you have a kitchen set to store various cutlery.

The function of kitchen set was not only limited for storage, but also to beautify the appearance of your kitchen. If your house is small, you should use this condition in choosing a kitchen set.

Select the appropriate width

There are two kinds of kitchen set, which is U-shaped and L-shaped. Usually U-shaped kitchen set is used for a spacious kitchen and home owners have a lot of cutlery. If your kitchen is small, you should use L-shaped kitchen set.

Also adjust the number of storage cabinets with the equipment you want to keep, and it is best to distinguish frequently used tableware with cutlery used only for formal occasions.

Kitchen set one side

f your kitchen is very small, say that you live in an apartment no more than 30 square meters, use the kitchen set only on one side of the wall.

This kitchen set usually consists two cabinets only at the top, and the bottom is used as a gas storage and oven. This limited set of kitchens will help you to cut down on cutlery expenditure.

(Tips : Stay Clean Kitchen Without the Assistance of the Household Assistant)

Place cooking utensils in a kitchen set

It would be better if the kitchen set already provides storage equipment for cooking equipment. For example, there is a table for laying the stove, there is a hallway to store the refrigerator, microwave, and there is a table as a location for cutting and preparing groceries.

Use bright colors

Although a dark kitchen set looks attractive, for a small room will be more comfortable and airy if using a brightly colored kitchen set, such as white.

The cabinet door also does not have to use wood or fully covered, you can ask wooden craftsmen using glass or mirror as closet cupboard kitchen set.

Now, no need to pessimistic again with a small kitchen at home. You also do not need hesitate if you have to buy a small residential as needed, because a small room can feel comfortable with the right tricks.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bedroom is like an oasis, a space to relax the body from fatigue. The bedroom should be able to provide serenity and comfort, no matter the size, big or small.

Small bedrooms can also look very orderly, neat, and comfortable. It might seem like high hopes and fun, but not really. Small bedrooms can be designed to have as much of an experience as ideal-sized bedrooms.

Regarding furniture, for example, a bed and especially a wardrobe, is one of the furniture that occupies a lot of space. The key to putting it on a creative and unique idea is to have both, but can still look great even in a small room.

In the midst of the development of the world of interior design and architecture, nothing is impossible.

The size of a room is no longer a problem, everything can be obtained, from function to aesthetics by maintaining the psychological aspects of space that have a positive impact.

The condition is that there is a place to store things that are not visible. And the first challenge; combines the keywords ‘storage’ and ‘invisible’ successfully.

The design dilemma lies in the apparent choice between insufficient storage or the need for a large wardrobe. However, its presence can be very low in space capacity in a very compact sized room.

Then, what is the solution?

Launching Houzz, here are some unique and creative wardrobe design concepts, which can make a small bedroom area look neater and very well organized.


Mirrors have long been a decorative element in interior design that has a magical effect. Mirrors can increase the perception of space and make the room feel larger than its actual size.

Having reflective mirrors on cabinet panels is not only creative, it is used as a design concept which is also very good.


Built-in cabinets can be designed by utilizing the space on the walls so that they are very effective for small rooms.

Besides that there is no space capacity, the built-in wardrobe can also be seen hidden. The built-in unique wardrobe model is very efficient and is one of the best wardrobe design ideas for a modern-minimalist style bedroom.


Wall-to-wall space that can be utilized for creative and unique wardrobe designs.

One smart way is to design a wardrobe that seems to blend with the headboard of the bed. every inch of space is available with design ideas that can be very attractive as well as aesthetically pleasing.


A smartly designed wardrobe is just a small storage space that is organized efficiently.

Clothing, accessories, and even some other items, can be stored neatly without the need for special media that feels lack of space capacity.


Small bedrooms should be cleverly designed and decorated so they don’t get too cramped and cramped. Solutions to utilize space and also use a variety of multifunctional chairs, can provide answers.


The best color choices, both for the room and the furniture in a small room, should be bright and soft. Neutral colors such as white, light gray, or pastels are perfect for wardrobes in small bedrooms.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, various forms and models of wardrobes do make us often confused when choosing which one is the most suitable and appropriate. In addition to the question of function, several other aspects need to be considered, such as; what size, model, and appearance we ordered.

For fans of a simple and minimalist design style, the Scandinavian wardrobe model is a perfect choice. Here are some Scandinavian wardrobe design tips that are perfect for today’s modern homes.


Scandinavian style is a style that is dominated by the use of white. Scandinavia belongs to the category of minimalist interior style with the distinctive appearance of a clean and spacious room, as well as the use of functional furniture.

Scandinavian-style wardrobe designs use wood materials that reflect a natural and warm style.


You can use built-in furniture or planted furniture that blends with the wall for a Scandinavian style. This wardrobe with a built in concept is an idea that fits perfectly with the Scandinavian interior style.

The existence of this type of wardrobe feels very functional because it has the ability to store lots of clothes and other items without feeling tired of space.


The thing to consider when choosing a wardrobe is to determine the size. Do not let you choose a wardrobe size that is too large which can interfere with the circulation of space and suffocate the room area. This is not in accordance with the principles of the Scandinavian interior style which is simple and minimalist.


The color of the wardrobe is a factor that supports the aesthetics of the interior. Make sure the color selection of the wardrobe matches the other furniture in the room. Neutral colors such as white, gray, pastel yellow or light brown are the main color schemes that are commonly used. Collaborate and combine with other colors to make it look more beautiful and attractive.


Scandinavian wardrobe designs follow the principles of Scandinavian interior design style. Not only beautiful, scandi-style wardrobe is also functional.

You can have one of them with a variety of functions embedded in it. Scandinavian wardrobe designs always have a functional flexibility that is very suitable as a choice of furniture in today’s modern-minimalist residences.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the kitchen is as important as any other room in the house. The kitchen space also deserves attention in its interior design and arrangement. Besides having to be designed to be comfortable, the kitchen must also have a visually attractive appearance.

The limited size of the kitchen area, is often an obstacle when planning the best interior arrangement. A small kitchen area, besides being difficult to have an attractive appearance, will also make cooking and preparing food a little hampered.

However, don’t be discouraged just yet, size is never an issue. A small kitchen area, for example, which only has a size of 2×3 meters, can also be designed to be very comfortable and functional. The key, none other than not; minimalistic.

You can get around a kitchen measuring 2×3 square meters with a minimalist design concept. Not also with the choice of layout, L or U shape. Also how to deal with various kitchen utensils using functional storage shelves.

The following brief explanation may be able to help you, when trying to create a space just by cooking so that it is more comfortable even though the size is 2×3 meters.


To get a large table and a more flexible area when preparing food, you can design an L-shaped kitchen design. A minimalist L-shaped kitchen can be applied to a kitchen area that has one wall. This L-shaped kitchen, the part can be used as a table to prepare various dishes, while it can be used as a stove and sink. Remember the golden triangle rule.


In addition to the L shape, you can try the U shape. A U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen that has a hallway design with an additional cover at one end.

This U-shaped kitchen design is ideal for preventing a lot of people going back and forth through the kitchen, and is efficient enough to help with cooking.


The right choice for a 2×3 size kitchen is to use the right furniture as well as multifunctional. Right is about how you use furniture that is really only needed, and not really needed what if not needed.


There are many ventilation systems used in modern homes today, such as natural ventilation; mechanical ventilation only exhaust; mechanical ventilation supply only; balanced ventilation; and also balanced ventilation with heat recovery.

Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Especially for the kitchen area, you can try exhaust-only mechanical ventilation by installing a cooker hood, or natural ventilation, such as many openings such as windows and doors.


Cooker hood is a tool that resembles a funnel. This tool will steam and heat from and transfer it to the outside of the house. This tool is usually already integrated with the kitchen set in today’s modern minimalist kitchen design


Hello friends of Bali Interio, having a beautiful kitchen room will certainly give a look of enthusiasm when doing activities in it. Especially for those of you who like to cook, the appearance of a beautiful and comfortable kitchen will be one of the factors supporting this hobby.

Maybe there are those who feel unfamiliar with the term backsplash. Backsplash is a wall area in the kitchen, generally the wall near the sink or stove.

Besides being able to be designed in such a way to get a unique look, the backsplash is also often coated with additional materials. This is done to protect the walls from splashes of water, oil and other stains that may occur when cooking. By designing a backsplash, you protect the walls from dirt as well as become part of the kitchen interior decoration.

Interested in designing a backsplash to make it look unique, as part of a decorative element in your kitchen space? You can try some of the following tips to make the kitchen look more special.

Wood never fails to give a beautiful appearance as one of the interior designs that is not wrong. You can use the wood element as a unique backsplash decorative element that will provide resistance in protecting the wall.

For materials, you don’t actually need to use wood as a wall protector. You can use vinyl. How to apply it is also fairly easy, just coat the wall with a patterned cloth or favorite color, then cover it with vinyl.


As another alternative for a kitchen interior backsplash, you can try using patterned paper. The use of patterned paper is a solution for those of you who have a limited budget. a choice of paper that is of good quality and has an attractive design or motif that is preferred.


For a unique kitchen look, you can use a black chalkboard as your dream modern kitchen interior. Apart from protecting the walls from oil, water and other stains, you can also write on a blackboard.

You can write on the chalkboard with chalk to write recipes, quotes about cooking, or even funny, inspiring pictures.


Tile is not only used as an interior floor, because you can also use tiles as a backsplash material. For a beautiful appearance, you can choose tiles that have a variety of interesting motifs. Besides being able to choose the motif you like, you can also choose the type and size of tiles that can be adjusted to your needs.

There are many other interesting ideas and ideas for designing a backsplash to have an unusual look and feel more special.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, there are many ways to create a kitchen space that is comfortable and looks impressive. Creating such a unique space atmosphere, can be started from the installation of the floor. Ceramic floor is one of them.

Ceramic is one of the many materials for floors that can give a very beautiful appearance. Ceramic motifs and colors are also able to give a certain impression to the room which can also be adjusted to the theme you want to present.

The right kitchen floor design not only determines the motifs and colors, but also involves the selection of materials to be used. Cooking activities that often leave stains and dirt, are one of the strongest considerations when you are going to determine what kind of floor material is right and right.

To give you a little inspiration regarding the selection of kitchen floor materials, consider some tips on determining the best ceramic floor material for your dream kitchen space.


As discussed earlier, when determining and choosing materials for the kitchen floor, it is highly recommended to choose ceramics that have a rough or matt surface.

Ceramics that have a matt surface texture are suitable for use in the kitchen to protect against oil, soap and other stains. the use of ceramics that have a slippery texture, because it will be difficult to clean when exposed to stains. In addition, cooking activities become less comfortable because the floor feels slippery.


If you want to give a natural impression to the kitchen look, then present elements of wood or wood accents on the floor. You can display wood elements in a natural, rustic to industrial style kitchen.

Currently, it is not difficult to find wood patterned ceramics, you can easily find them for sale on the market. choose the desired motif and color to be applied to your kitchen space. Remember, always choose ceramics that have a matt surface.


After deciding the right type of material to be used, the next step is to determine the color and motif. The kitchen floor is very easy to get dirty, requires you to consider both things.


The use of dark colors is often chosen for the kitchen floor to reduce visible stains on the floor. But the move is actually not quite right. The stains on the dark floor that stick are not clearly visible so they are missed to clean. Dark floor colors will also make the kitchen feel cramped and dull.

choose a bright ceramic color, so as to provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere of activity in the kitchen space. Stains that stick will appear visible and will not be missed when cleaned. And most importantly, light colors will give the impression of being spacious and bright in the kitchen area.


You can choose abstract patterned floor tiles to apply to the kitchen floor, but make sure to choose a light color. If you like a clean and fresh look, choose plain ceramic, then adjust it to the color of the walls and around the kitchen area.


In a medium to small kitchen, choose a large floor tile. The application of large ceramics in a small room will make the area look wider and airy. And vice versa, for a medium to large kitchen area, use ceramics that have a small size.

For a fairly small kitchen, you can choose tiles that are diagonally shaped. Diagonal-shaped tiles will give the appearance of a spacious kitchen space from its actual size.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, many people have found that white is a boring color because it is used too much. White color is considered to have a cold impression that often occurs. People also prefer to use cream colors that have a more ‘warm’ impression, or other softer colors.

However, today, everything changed in an instant. With the increasing popularity of Scandinavian and minimalist styles, white is back with a more meaningful feel compared to the previous era.

When combined with other colors, white can look bold and striking but still offers a warm, cozy atmosphere. So, this color is mostly used as an accent.

In the Scandinavian design style, white is used more, which is also very characteristic.

However, it is important to remember, there are many aspects and factors that support the application of this white color into the interior, be it positive or even negative aspects.

One of the positive aspects of applying white to interiors is that it can change the impression of a space that is simple, pure, and interactive.

However, when it comes to negative aspects, this white color can also backfire if not applied with some adjustments. white will feel very bright and pleasant when we just come home from school, work, or after doing strenuous activities that drain energy.


As a neutral color, white is one of the favorite colors and is relatively popular. However, the application of white in this interior design requires some checking and data processing first. It requires adjustments and/or personalization so that the resulting negative impacts can be minimized or even eliminated.

We will take the example of applying white to the kitchen area.

From the kitchen to one of the communal areas that are a favorite of all residents, this area really has to be designed with great care.

So, what is the use of white in the kitchen area to make this room not only visually appealing but also comfortable for everyone?

Let’s start from the perspective of white from the experts, or based on the science of color psychology.

Although about whether white is an element of color or not is still very dynamic, on average everyone believes and believes that white represents purity, purity, or perfection.

This is like the opinion of some experts, that the color white represents simplicity, purity, innocence, and perfection.

The best example of delivering this message of perfection you can probably see from many products. Apple is at the forefront of using this color as its identity. White on Apple products represents the simplicity of their products in form and function. at least so according to experts. Of course you can agree or not.

White also comes with absoluteness or sterility. That’s why many designers use white to convey a minimalist, clean and modern aesthetic.

Here are some designer recommendations on how to apply white so that its use can feel maximum and produce positive aspects in the room:


In the picture above, white has an important role because it is placed in the middle between black, maroon, and wood elements.

This makes white a focal point or point of interest in the minimalist kitchen.

The balance with the surrounding colors also makes white a differentiator which results in a very visually appealing interior appearance.

In addition to being visually attractive, the use of white in combination with other colors also gives the impression of an extroverted or familiar room. Minimalist kitchen interior with a combination of white, black, maroon, and a few wood accents, looks very relaxed and intimate.


White color will look more attractive and not intersect with other colors if it is used dominantly in your kitchen.

It also adds light to the entire kitchen area or space, especially between the upper, lower cabinets, and the entire kitchen set, allowing you to incorporate elements of other colors in one way or another.

If your kitchen walls are dominated by white, other options to include other color elements in the cabinet are very diverse and almost endless.

This is where the power of white or neutral is. When applied as a background, incorporating elements of any color into it will result in something very different, and of course interesting.


With the dominant application of white which still leaves little room for accents or other color elements in the room, full white seems to completely eliminate that opportunity.

Although it doesn’t completely eliminate the space or area to install other color choices, the application of white to the kitchen area as a whole is actually not illegal to do.

As shown in the picture, even though there are a few wooden accents in the kitchen set, as well as green elements in the plants, a white Scandinavian kitchen can give birth to a fresh atmosphere, and especially the impression of being spacious and airy.

Well, those are some ways to apply white, especially for the kitchen area so that this communal space can look very visually attractive and comfortable.

However, it’s important for you to remember, as a neutral color, we can’t just use this interior paint color choice, just any. If you are not careful, this color can also have a negative impact on the comfort of the room.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the important things that everyone pays attention to when working is how comfortable the workspace is. Because with a comfortable, clean, and tidy workspace atmosphere, the mood when doing something will certainly improve.

Well, one of the important elements that can create comfort in the workspace is a work desk.

The desk is an important facility. All things related to what you will or are currently working on of course are on the table. This furniture should be able to make it easier to find each file, or equipment that you ordered much more quickly. And like that, it will provide the best support for productivity and concentration while working.

The problem is, choosing a work desk can’t be done just anything. There are many factors that you should pay attention to. Starting from the size, model, type of material, to what are the best features that the table brings.

These things can have an impact on the level of comfort. flexibility and accessibility are key considerations.

Some workbench models have their own advantages, from design, model, size, and shape. But if you are someone who really likes a minimalist lifestyle, who takes advantage of simplicity to create a productive workspace that is completely free from distractions, here are some of the best minimalist desk models that you can consider.


Wall mounted workbench design. Models without making the bottom of the table look neater and cleaner.

Minimalist work desk design with a clean and simple appearance and aesthetics.


The green color is very appropriate as an accent color for the workplace. Combined with the black color on the chair, it will give birth to the atmosphere and feel of the workspace that is guaranteed to be very pleasant.


Dual workspace is one of the best. With its minimalist workbench design, it can incorporate a multitude of very neat looking storage solutions to encourage better work practices.


The key to getting a clean and spacious office space is to place a modern desk in the middle of the room.

Minimalist work desk design made of white wood, works very well in an all-white room. The white Eames shell chair also adds simplicity and a very modern simple look.


The design of this workbench is deliberately designed to meet the needs of 2 users at once in just one desk.

It doesn’t take much space to place this workbench.

“One table can do the work of two people.” About the tagline of the design of a work desk with a simple and minimal appearance.

Well, that’s 5 choices of the best minimalist work desk models for your office or workspace. Which model do you like?