Hello friends of Bali Interio, chandeliers are synonymous with the impression of luxury. In addition to the design and large size, also because the price is quite expensive. Likewise with the material of manufacture, not only made of crystal. Chandeliers can indeed be unique in itself. The design is beautiful and tends to be classic style, can give a touch of elegance to the room. the installation of chandeliers is not the same as the installation of ordinary lamps and requires careful calculations. Placement of chandeliers that were not taken into account beforehand, could make the room look cramped and cramped.

Pay attention to the light bulb that will be attached to the chandelier. If the chandelier works as the main light source (general light), choose a light bulb that is bright enough. If the chandelier only works as an accent light, choose a light bulb with a light that is not too bright. To make it easier, you can use a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the chandelier light.

Another type of chandelier is the pendant type. Unlike a chandelier, a chandelier only has one light source. But you can also combine several pendant lights with different heights, colors and sizes to get an interesting variety of appearance. Currently, there are many pendant lights with various shapes such as bulb lamps, teapots, and cups. This type of single chandelier should be used in residential homes with a simple and clean style. The use of transparent pendants makes the atmosphere of the house look spacious and clean.

This decorative lighting is included in the general lighting category because it can be used as a bright and comprehensive main lighting source. Chandeliers are suitable to be installed in large living rooms and have high ceilings. For Friends of Narration who have a residence with an open space plan, a chandelier can also be an option for a more luxurious and elegant appearance.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, A good workspace is one that is comfortable and meets ergonomic requirements. A good workspace greatly affects work productivity, so that in designing a workspace pay attention to lighting conditions. Humans will be able to carry out activities properly and achieve optimal results if the work environment is in accordance with human ability to adapt to their environment or ergonomics. A non-ergonomic work environment has an effect that can be seen for a long time so that optimal, effective and efficient working power can be achieved.

Psychological Impact of Light

1. Bright light can cause a spirit effect in doing something, so this light is often used in gathering areas or activities that require strong focus.

2. Dim light can create intimacy so that it gives the impression of being relaxed, calm and romantic, so it is very suitable for use in interior spaces for relaxation such as bedrooms and dining rooms, this light is often used for personal activities, especially by couples.

3. Too bright light can be useful to enhance the appearance of a painting, or a corner of a room with spotlights. The effect of this light will give the impression of glare.

4. Light with warm colors will give a warm atmosphere, especially about the colors orange and yellow. So that it can attract someone’s attention. We can find this light in retail or restaurants.

5. Light with cold colors, blue, green and purple light can give a calm impression in terms of color, as well as give a cold impression. Green color gives a sense of comfort, purple color gives a mediative effect and blue color gives a calming effect. From the effects of this light can be used to relieve stress and feelings of anxiety in a person.

Color in Lighting Lamps can give a certain color effect according to the color temperature of the lamp. In the color grouping according to the SNI 03-2001 standard, the colors are divided into 3, namely:

1. Color temepature < 3300 Kelvin : Warm color

2. Color temperature 3300 – 5300 Kelvin : Medium color

3. Color temperature <5300 Kelvin : Cool color

| The best illumination for the workspace |

LED light

According to Energy Star, LED stands for light emitting diode. The light produced by this lamp is believed to be 90% more effective than a regular bulb. Whether it’s a room lamp, table lamp, or wall lamp, you can use an LED type bulb to be the center of lighting. Light levels in the morning are also recommended to be higher, in order to increase work productivity.

Halogen lamp

The brightness level of halogen lamps is quite high, more or less the same as LED lamps. Even so, halogen lamps do tend to get hotter if used for a long time. Reporting from Lightologi, this is because halogen lamps also use higher power when compared to LEDs. Therefore, halogen lamps should be installed using lampshades such as glass, wire and other materials. With a high brightness level, working at home is even easier because you are more literate than usual.

To get the comfort you want to get, the level of lighting is one of the effects because the level of lighting will have an influence in giving color to certain lights. If the higher the lighting required, the cooler the selected color will look so as to create comfortable lighting.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, Japandi is an abbreviation of Japanese and Scandinavian, this style combines the character of traditional Japanese decor and the modern-rustic side of Scandinavian style. This Japandi style became famous in 2017 because of its design style that creates a positive, warm, and pleasant feeling when we are in a room designed in Japandi style. Interior design Japandi also greatly appreciates the imperfections of the wabi-sabi philosophy and how a peaceful living environment can be obtained from the balance of interior design.

Scandinavian style is characterized by a mix of bright, neutral colors, natural woods, and pop pastel accents. Then in the Japanese style, it is made of light colored wood which also has an additional black color that can attract attention. So to get a Japandi room, make a mix of dark colors and light wood and the accents should be monochromatic. You can also add a few touches of bright color with a natural feel, for example placing ornamental plants. timeless love of black + white + colored wood to create a beautiful modern and cozy room.

This Japanese style is very suitable to be applied to the living room to make it look more elegant. A living room design with a Japanese style can give a good impression to the guests who visit your home. This style can create an atmosphere that can make you and your guests comfortable when gathering and chatting in the living room.
Now let’s take a look at some examples of living rooms designed in Japanese style :

Edinburgh Apartments, Scotland, by Luke McClelland Design

The design of this living room looks simple and functional, the design still feels attractive because of the small touches, such as the dark wood folding side table and the classic rice lamp. The wall art and room decorations have been painted black, matching the black floor lamps placed on either side of the fireplace. The wooden floor was left to expose the material, then a small gray carpet was given as decoration.

Azabu Residence, Japan, by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design

The room looks simple but feels elegant because of the dark color accents given by the dark wood material. The triangular pendant light made by Norm Architects for the Karimoku case study is made of traditional Japanese washi paper.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, The appearance and atmosphere of a room, especially an office, is one thing that is quite important in a room design, because this can affect the productivity and activity levels of the users of the room, besides that a comfortable office space can also trigger the creativity of its users. The selection of the right design style for the office space can also have an impact on the work ethic of the workers.

The design of an office space is generally very rigid, flat and formal. But along with the times and designs, the design style also develops with new nuances that are unique and comfortable and even fun. This style with new nuances presents a design concept with a fresh, unique and edgy look. One of the design styles that can be applied to become an office space design is the industrial style where this design style can create a dynamic space and have a warm impression.

Industrial itself is a design style that has a distinctive decoration. The unique unfinished impression is one of the characteristics of this design, besides that this style is also synonymous with dark colors and rough materials and looks masculine. Industrial style is included in a style that is quite flexible, because this style can be mixed with various other interior styles to create a new style that is unique but does not eliminate the characteristics of the industry itself. Here are some industrial design styles that can be an inspiration for your office space design.

Scandinavian Industrial Style

The natural and soft impression of Scandinavia combined with a unique industrial style can produce a comfortable and chic room atmosphere.

Japanese Industrial Style

A simple Japanese interior style that is in harmony with nature combined with an industrial style creates a space that is unique but also simple at the same time.

Naturalist Industrial Style

The use of dominant natural elements such as wood and plants mixed with industrial creates a room with a comfortable and fresh atmosphere.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, sometimes limited space becomes a very surprising thing for us, we want to have a functional space but we have to how to design the room because the land is limited, but also want to sacrifice the comfort of the space. There are several parts in the dwelling that are often neglected, such as the space under the stairs, for example, even though if designed properly the space can work optimally. In addition, to create a comfortable workspace, we must pay attention to several things, namely, air circulation, lighting, and furniture selection. Here is an example of a small space office design that can be an inspiration for your workspace design.

under the stairs into a workspace

The downstairs room is a room in the house that is often forgotten and left empty, even though if it is designed in such a way it can become a mini office for work. If used properly the space under the stairs can become more functional. In addition, for a workspace like this, you should avoid piling up unnecessary items and chairs so that the space becomes neater and more comfortable.

Empty attic becomes workspace

sometimes there are several dwellings that have an attic space above the dwelling and usually the attic becomes an abandoned place and becomes a warehouse. If the design with the right attic space can be a comfortable workspace to work.

Small workspace from the rest of the space in the room

sometimes there are people who are very comfortable to be in the room once a day, and like to do their activities in the room, especially during a pandemic like this, surely everyone is often active in the room. The remaining space in the room can be transformed into a mini workspace if it is designed properly and can provide comfort for those of you who like to work in the room. Using minimalist furniture will certainly make the workspace more neat and organized.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, design Holding, the global high-end design group with a roster of notable European brands, including B&B Italia, Flos, Louis Poulsen, Arclinea and Maxalto, unveiled their first retail location in Copenhagen, called D Studio. Design Holding envisions a unique design destination where their brands will live under one roof offering a multi-brand experience. Studio is designed as a hub for modern furniture and lighting where visitors can meet up and connect on various interiors projects and experience the collections in person. To achieve the new design destination, Design Holding enlisted Milan-based studio Design Group Italia to bring their vision to life, from strategy and identity, to each brand’s space.

b&b italia

Copenhagen is the first location of D Studio, an obvious choice with its design roots, taking over a beautiful historic building in Holmen with 1760 square meters to work with. The Italian brands – B&B Italia, Maxalta and Arclinea – are shown in a different perspective, a Scandinavian one, where their most iconic pieces display a slice of timeless Italian design.

Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has created a new experiential and hybrid showroom elegantly displaying their entire catalog, perfectly representing Danish design where form always follows function. In addition to their immersive Light Lab where experts share all the nuts and bolts of the brand, as well as good lighting and how it can change a space. They also included an informal lounge area allowing designers and visitors a place to meet and get inspired.


Italian lighting brand Flos has moved their Scandinavian headquarters to the design complex at Holmen, home to their new D Studio space. Spanning the entire second floor, Flos is showcasing their Decorative, Architectural and Outdoor lighting collections, along with an area for customizations and large-scale projects.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, with growing needs, video game studio Eidos-Montreal desired a new office to accommodate their nearly 500 person staff. The company hired la SHED architecture to create the design for the new studio, which involved unifying the two levels into a cohesive and functional space. Inspired by city planning, the architects designed the new studio as a warm environment for all of the designers, artists and creatives to feel at home.

The company encourages a community-like setting, which led the architects to design the layout much like a village. The rooms, corridors and the entrance hall give nod to houses, alleys, small squares and a public square, while the creation rooms, meeting rooms and management offices lend themselves to the solids and voids that make up a city.

An open void visually connects the two floors with a bed of trees that warms the all-white space up. This forum area acts as a public space for socializing and meetings with tables and stone-like ottomans that encourage gathering.

Skylight style lighting in a triangular pattern keeps the interior bright while feeling like natural light. The grid system is made up of acoustic foam inserts, lighting, vents and a sprinkler system, depending on what is needed in that area. In meeting spots, the acoustic foam is thicker to help with sound dampening. Other areas have empty triangles which add contrast and texture to the ceiling.

The company’s logo and their game graphics inspired the use of triangles seen throughout, from the ceiling to the tables.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, this time we will provide tips and tricks to tidy up your desk at home or at the office. There are a few TIPS AND TRICKS TO tidy up your work desk that you can follow below

Determine your table layout

The first thing to do is to design what items are on the table. Pay attention to job requirements. If you need a computer, arrange the placement of the computer as comfortable as possible. Items that are used frequently are placed in an easily accessible place, while items that are not used frequently are placed elsewhere.

Archive documents

Make sure the documents on the table are neatly arranged. Use a holder or other document holder to accommodate these documents. If it is not enough, look for another document shelter. Divide documents based on predefined classifications. This will make it easier for you to find documents if you need them at any time. In this case, you also have to select documents that are actually worked on and those that are not. Don’t let the documents on your desk pile up and get mixed up.

Provide a place for office knick-knacks

Do you have sticky notes, paper clips, binder clips, pencils, pens that you usually use for work? Put these items in a special place. You can place a pencil holder to put stationery and/or jars. Even though these items look small, if they are not arranged, they will make your desk look messy.

Arrange the cables around the table

You will be disturbed if you see computer, telephone, and LAN cables tangled unkemptly around. Untidy cable ties can limit activity and make it unsightly.

Prepare snacks on the table

Jika Anda membutuhkan camilan untuk teman bekerja, jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menyiapkannya di atas meja. Camilan kecil bisa membantu fokus dan menunda lapar. Ketika Anda menaruh camilan di meja, jangan lupa sediakan juga tisu.


Hello friends of Bali Interio,

working at home is a strange thing. Various professions such as designers, bloggers, writers, writers, and so on, of course, a lot of time at home. Not only the owner of the profession, factory employees, teachers, and office workers also do not rule out the possibility that they will need a workspace to make their work more active. Therefore, workers need to create a private workspace to work at home.

There are various advantages of having a private workspace at home, namely being able to maximize quality time with family, work in a relaxed manner, and also avoid working overtime in the office. A private workspace can also be called a study room for children and teenagers because it has the same function. For this reason, the workspace must be designed according to the atmosphere you want.


Use some calculations for the workspace at home, why? because you can combine the workspace with other rooms in the house such as bedrooms, living room areas and libraries. You can take advantage of certain room spaces to create a minimalist workspace. Like if you have an empty room you can use it as your personal workspace.


Design your personal workspace according to your theme or favorite with work. You can also put some wallpapers or by adding photo frames.

strong material

Use strong and quality materials for your wardrobe. You probably don’t intend to quickly replace it in two years because it’s not standing up straight anymore .


Use mandatory furniture in your workspace such as tables and chairs. choose furniture that fits so you can be comfortable using it even for hours. Adjust the size, color and furniture model with the workspace theme to make it look harmonious. You can also add a sofa or some chairs for your co-workers who come to your house or to relax


Complete your personal workspace with whatever equipment you want for work such as a computer or laptop, files, some books for your work. Make sure everything is available and neatly arranged.

Perfect illumination

This is very important for your personal workspace, because good lighting is able to regulate the atmosphere of your workspace, if working with electronic items such as computers or laptops will certainly be affected by radiation, so use the right lighting when working with computers or laptops. Make sure the light coming in through the window doesn’t block your view of the monitor.


Think of an easily accessible position for some needed items such as files, stationery or other necessities. If you still don’t understand how to design your workspace. You can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can find references about the right design for your dream workspace.

These are some of the tips for designing your personal workspace, hopefully you will get a workspace according to your wishes and comfort.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the important things that everyone pays attention to when working is how comfortable the workspace is. Because with a comfortable, clean, and tidy workspace atmosphere, the mood when doing something will certainly improve.

Well, one of the important elements that can create comfort in the workspace is a work desk.

The desk is an important facility. All things related to what you will or are currently working on of course are on the table. This furniture should be able to make it easier to find each file, or equipment that you ordered much more quickly. And like that, it will provide the best support for productivity and concentration while working.

The problem is, choosing a work desk can’t be done just anything. There are many factors that you should pay attention to. Starting from the size, model, type of material, to what are the best features that the table brings.

These things can have an impact on the level of comfort. flexibility and accessibility are key considerations.

Some workbench models have their own advantages, from design, model, size, and shape. But if you are someone who really likes a minimalist lifestyle, who takes advantage of simplicity to create a productive workspace that is completely free from distractions, here are some of the best minimalist desk models that you can consider.


Wall mounted workbench design. Models without making the bottom of the table look neater and cleaner.

Minimalist work desk design with a clean and simple appearance and aesthetics.


The green color is very appropriate as an accent color for the workplace. Combined with the black color on the chair, it will give birth to the atmosphere and feel of the workspace that is guaranteed to be very pleasant.


Dual workspace is one of the best. With its minimalist workbench design, it can incorporate a multitude of very neat looking storage solutions to encourage better work practices.


The key to getting a clean and spacious office space is to place a modern desk in the middle of the room.

Minimalist work desk design made of white wood, works very well in an all-white room. The white Eames shell chair also adds simplicity and a very modern simple look.


The design of this workbench is deliberately designed to meet the needs of 2 users at once in just one desk.

It doesn’t take much space to place this workbench.

“One table can do the work of two people.” About the tagline of the design of a work desk with a simple and minimal appearance.

Well, that’s 5 choices of the best minimalist work desk models for your office or workspace. Which model do you like?