Hello friends of Bali Interio, a study in 1932 suggested that color doesn’t have to be visible to have an effect. The emission of light waves that have color can affect the endocrine system of the human body, where this can have a direct effect on the atmosphere and character of the room in the interior. This also affects people who are active in the room.
A comfortable residential atmosphere can be created by paying attention to one of the important elements in interior design, namely color selection. Color can affect the mood, character and health of its inhabitants, both physically and mentally.

There is a research conducted by Prof. Harold Wohlfarth by changing the color of the walls of a school from orange and white to light blue. The result, according to teachers and independent observers, the average systolic blood pressure in students fell by 120-100 or almost 17%. This also affects the behavior of the students there who become more attentive, less anxious, and less aggressive. But when the room was returned to its original color, the students again became noisy and tended to be aggressive. Because of that color becomes quite important in a room design. Here is the effect of color on the dwelling :

Black color gives the impression of luxury

The black color in the room will give the impression of luxury and elegance. This color displays a serious and masculine impression. However, excessive use of black can make a person feel insecure and anxious.

White color makes the impression of a wide space

This color is often used as an option for the color of the room. Because this color tends to give the impression of being relieved and spacious in the room. A narrow room when using this color will have an effect that looks wider.

The red color gives a vibrant impression

A room that uses red paint will increase passion. This is because red is a warm color and evokes aggressiveness. This color is suitable for use in the dining room or bedroom.

Yellow color gives a cheerful impression

The yellow color in the room can provide a bright and striking space atmosphere, besides that yellow can also increase joy and optimism. But too much yellow can also make a tendency to an unstable mood.

Green color gives a fresh impression

Green is a color that is often associated with nature, because it has characteristics that are able to give the impression of being natural, calm, balanced, fresh, and provide a sense of security to the room’s users.

Blue color creates a sense of peace

The blue color in the room can create a peaceful, calm atmosphere and can build a clear mind. In addition, according to psychologists, blue can also refresh the view and the nervous system in the brain.

Orange color gives a warm impression

Orange color is able to create a warm room but it can also seem friendly so it is suitable for people who like the feel of an attractive room.

Luxurious purple color and film

Purple is a color that has the impression of luxury, elegance and beauty. In addition, purple is also able to help the mind.

Brown color creates a soft impression

The color brown is a mixture of red, yellow and black. The combination of these three colors creates a soft and warm brown. However, if the use of brown is too excessive, it will make the room seem serious and intense.