Hello friends of Bali Interio, wardrobe is one of the pieces of furniture that must be in every home. The model of clothes or wardrobe that is most often used is a minimalist wardrobe. Why?? Because many people like the timeless design and are most in demand by the public, making a minimalist wardrobe a favorite of many people. Here are tips on how to choose the right minimalist wardrobe for your room.

Wardrobe with Wood

The quality of the material or cabinet material determines the durability or durability of the cabinet. Choose a wardrobe made of wood, for example a minimalist wardrobe made of teak. Teak is solid wood so its durability is no longer in doubt.

Wardrobe With Natural Color

Do you know that the choice of colors in the wardrobe gives the effect of wide or narrow the room? in your room? Even a narrow space will feel wider if you know how to choose the right wardrobe color. Recommended in the wardrobe is a light brown or dark brown color.

Slender and Tall Wardrobe

With a functional wardrobe, it is possible to maximize according to its use. So that there can be more wardrobes, it is better to choose a minimalist wardrobe with a tall and slim model. Cabinets that are too wide horizontally will certainly be very roomy.

Wardrobe With Sliding Door Model

For those who want to have a wardrobe with sliding doors, it is very suitable and flexible to use minimalist space, because it will greatly facilitate use because it is more practical. A minimalist wardrobe with sliding doors is also faster to use for narrow spaces because it will not take up space when opening the wardrobe door.