Hello friends of Bali Interio, according to House Beautiful’s Market Director, Carisha Swanson, “the living room is a place to have intimate conversations with family and friends.” The best way to set the ‘come in’ mood is to abandon the formal aesthetic in favor of a relaxed, colorful jamboree of patterns and colors. with friends or relatives who visit will feel comfortable and want to linger.

Scroll down to read some things to consider when you want to make your living room emotional.

Start with a solid base

Choosing a sofa with an interesting pattern or bold color may seem like the easiest way to beautify your living room. But, by doing so, you run the risk of making yourself look very flashy. Instead, choose one in a neutral color such as gray, ivory, brown, or black. Just because a color is neutral, doesn’t mean it has to be completely wallflower. Reflect your personality by choosing a textured sofa. Think nubby bouclé, cross-weave linen, and the like.

Follow the rule of three

With a neutral base set, mark your living room with three accent colors. Why only three? Odd numbers of tones will keep things dynamic and interesting—here, orange, beige, and navy blue, while even numbers can make your lounge feel too cozy. If you’re not sure where to start, head to your closet and pick up clothes that match, or three pieces that you take turns wearing. This trick will quickly reveal the color you like best. Then, all you have to do is repeat all three to help the room feel melodious.

Toss in patterned pillows

Random patterned pillows – in a good way – are a great way to achieve any look. To make sure the pattern mix isn’t too crowded, use color as a translucent line and choose a symphony of patterns that vary in scale. As Swanson puts it, “loudness has to be balanced with calm so you don’t overdo your feelings.”

Go gallerist with décor

Art is a great conversation starter. Displaying some works of art such as sculptures, ceramics, or paintings in your living room will definitely lighten the mood. In order not to overcomplicate your seating area or make it feel busy, create a gallery that refers to one (or all) of your three main colors. But above all else, Swanson suggests keeping this in mind: “Art is about making a space feel personal. It doesn’t matter if you choose a floral print or graphic pattern, just make sure the piece speaks to you.”

Spring for more pattern

To make your living room more dimensional, turn the walls into canvas and apply wallpaper. Cover the ceiling inside to give the room a truly unique perspective and make it feel twice as tall, or use it to highlight interesting architectural details, such as a fireplace.

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