Hello friends of Bali Interio, there are many interior styles that can be used for residential design. Each style has its own character and characteristics. Sometimes what we can show from the interior style is also often associated with the character of the occupants. Therefore, the interior style used and chosen by the owners does not just happen, but from their subconscious the interior style they choose reflects the personality and is greatly influenced by the personal preferences of the occupants.

Classic Interior Reflects Luxury

The classic interior style has the impression of luxury and elegance. This can be seen from the style of the furniture and the design language that looks big and has many distinctive carvings. People who like classic designs usually have honest, attractive, and tough personalities, and enjoy culture, politics, and history.

Scandinavian Interiors Prioritize Comfort

Having a clean and soft design language and displaying a comfortable and chic impression is the hallmark of this design. This interior style uses wood as the main material. People who like this interior style usually have a friendly, open and friendly character.

Industrial Interior For Casual People

The industrial style has a fairly masculine impression with the characteristics of its unfinished work, as well as a slightly dull color as its main attraction. Usually people who like this design style are people who like art and like to like and tend to be relaxed.

Minimalist Interior For Perfectionists

This interior style has a simple design style and has firm lines, and has simple shapes, colors, textures and materials. People who like this interior style usually tend to be planned and very careful in everything, and usually like perfection.