Hello friends of Bali Interio, getting around the limited area of ​​​​the house is of course not easy. We need to rack our brains to find the best shape and layout needed. One of them is the limited kitchen and dining area.

In the perspective of interior design itself, size is not a problem. Any design concept is very possible to be applied in a room of any size. However, there are times when even a skilled designer can be very helpful in balancing function and aesthetics.

Now, regarding the kitchen and dining room, this communal area is important because both must be able to facilitate every activity and activity that can accommodate the needs of all residents.

The question then is, can a small event room be designed that way?

The answer is of course you can.

Integrated kitchen and dining area. These two areas cannot be separated from each other. at least in general. So that without a kitchen and dining room it becomes commonplace, and the best trick is how to get two room functions in one area. It is widely used in modern small houses nowadays. The design of a narrow kitchen and dining room is very dependent on how the layout and arrangement of furniture. This decoration work is the main consideration. However, this layout is also not easy, not everyone can afford it. Even great interior stylists can experience dilemmas and difficulties. Don’t worry, let alone be pessimistic. Although the area of ​​​​the house is not too large or ideal, there is still much that can be done to get a narrow kitchen and dining room design that can still be comfortable and visually attractive at the same time. Check out some important things when arranging the following narrow kitchen and dining room; This can give you some inspiration for how this communal space should look, even if it’s not too big or bulky.


First, you should consider about this quote; “There is no small space, only chairs with chairs or furniture that are too big.”

For the kitchen and dining room area, the presence of a dining table for example, if you don’t use the right and right choices and models, can be very disturbing, especially in a room that is quite narrow. So, choose a dining table, especially the size, and adjust it to your needs.

Use a round dining table. This is a dining table design model that is flexible and can fit in a room that is not too wide.


After deciding on the furniture model for your narrow kitchen and dining area, now decide on the color choice of the cat’s interior.

This is very important, since color has a magical effect in interior layouts.

Always try to play with neutral tones.

Use neutral colors like white, gray or gray, or pastel colors, or something else. It can be perfect as the main color scheme for a small house or small room.

Neutral colors, especially, have the ability of a room that is not too large to appear more spacious and airy.


This is the most important.

Although the kitchen and dining room should ideally have a separate area, but because the area is not supportive, it doesn’t mean you can’t have both at once in one room.

It is very important to think “out of the box”.

One small area designed using a minimalist concept, many things can be done there. Including having two room functions in one area.

minimalistic, can be interpreted; is a stripped down design concept, removing unnecessary parts, leaving only the essential elements.

This includes when designing a narrow kitchen and dining area.

Get rid of the things you don’t need there. Arrange and arrange only a few important elements in the narrow kitchen and dining room in your home.

The design of a narrow kitchen and dining room with the application of a minimalist style is enough to facilitate and accommodate everything you and your family order.