Hello friends of Bali Interio, in this time of a pandemic, many trends have changed, not only in the economic world but also in the world of art and design. In the end, many designs were adapted to this pandemic period and eventually became “New-Normal” designs. This new trend is not only limited to visuals, but also prioritizes cleanliness, good circulation, and designs that are as hygienic as possible. Here are tips for making a “New-Normal” design during a pandemic.

Using antibacterial ingredients

In addition to paying attention to details and interior visuals, one of the things that must be considered at this time is the use of clean and sterile antibacterial materials during this pandemic. There are several materials that can be used, namely metal (copper, brass, bronze). Metals themselves have natural antimicrobial properties that have intrinsic properties to minimize the growth of various microorganisms. In addition, there are wood materials such as bamboo and oak which can also inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Pay Attention to Spacing Area

During the pandemic, there is a new lifestyle that is becoming a current trend, not only applied to humans, but also applied to the current design concept commonly referred to as “Physical Distancing”. This distance provision aims to minimize physical contact between humans and reduce the risk of transmission from the Covid-19 virus itself.

Make Good Circulation

Room circulation is also important in this “New-Normal” design. The circulation emphasized here is not only limited to air circulation, but also the circulation of human traffic. The design of this circulation must pay attention to the movement distance of human space where there must be a minimum distance of 1 meter between each person who will pass.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, there are many interior styles that can be used for residential design. Each style has its own character and characteristics. Sometimes what we can show from the interior style is also often associated with the character of the occupants. Therefore, the interior style used and chosen by the owners does not just happen, but from their subconscious the interior style they choose reflects the personality and is greatly influenced by the personal preferences of the occupants.

Classic Interior Reflects Luxury

The classic interior style has the impression of luxury and elegance. This can be seen from the style of the furniture and the design language that looks big and has many distinctive carvings. People who like classic designs usually have honest, attractive, and tough personalities, and enjoy culture, politics, and history.

Scandinavian Interiors Prioritize Comfort

Having a clean and soft design language and displaying a comfortable and chic impression is the hallmark of this design. This interior style uses wood as the main material. People who like this interior style usually have a friendly, open and friendly character.

Industrial Interior For Casual People

The industrial style has a fairly masculine impression with the characteristics of its unfinished work, as well as a slightly dull color as its main attraction. Usually people who like this design style are people who like art and like to like and tend to be relaxed.

Minimalist Interior For Perfectionists

This interior style has a simple design style and has firm lines, and has simple shapes, colors, textures and materials. People who like this interior style usually tend to be planned and very careful in everything, and usually like perfection.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, what have you been doing during this pandemic? all the things done in the house make us not feel that a year has passed. New year, new era and new trend. Here are some interior design trends for 2021.

Cane Webbing

Environmentally friendly materials have recently become the material of choice these days. For example, this sugarcane material can be recycled and reused. This material can also add texture and give a warm effect to the space. Woven rattan is a natural texture to create a contrast with other interior materials such as marble, leather, gold accents and matte black. This cane weave is easy to mix and match and very versatile and fits into any design style.

Black Frame

Black frames on doors, windows and partitions have become popular recently in homes with modern designs. Windows with black frames are great to use especially for green front yard views. Use windows with black frames to connect the interior and exterior. The Black Frame is a great contrast to the light colored walls. This Black Frame style is timeless, elegant and goes well with almost any style, such as industrial, contemporary, Japanese and Scandinavian. Black frames can also be an option to use as a partition to subtly divide the space.

Earthy Colors

This year, colors like Forest Green, Dark warm neutrals, Browns, Beige, and Terra cotta became hits. These colors are very elegant and fresh and give people a sense of peace and serenity and offer protection, hope and security. Usually this color is combined with warm textures such as natural wood, burlap and gold accessories. Use these colors on accent walls, chairs, sofas, backrests and pillows.

Natural Light Wood

Wood with light colors is the current trend. Wood with light color tones gives the impression of a relaxed and fresh space besides the light wood color gives the impression of a spacious room. Wood with a light tone can be used for several styles and spaces. Wood with light tones can be used on floors, wall panels or furniture and don’t forget to add contrasting or dark color accents to give the room a visually balanced feel.

Black Accents

If you previously gave black color to door frames, windows and partitions, then black accents are also a trend this year. Black accents are usually seen in contemporary interior designs, usually in the form of lamps, coffee tables, vases and other decorative elements. The black color gives a dramatic impression and is rich in contrast to trends that use natural or rustic materials such as jute, natural wood, organic fabrics, tan leather, and earth tone colors, this makes the combination of black and natural materials the perfect combination in 2021.

Textural Elements

The most important thing in this trend is mix & match. Contrasting elements and rich textures are a favorite this year. Do it on all the existing textures on pillows, furniture, vases, carpets, baskets and decoration accessories. Dare to ‘mix & match’ different textures such as rustic with a golden rough texture and a matte surface with a glossy surface. Contrast is indispensable in design principles to make a room unique and attractive. Texture is very important to give the impression of space and contrast.

Wall Paneling

Wall panels add dimension to the space, harmonize and add to the aesthetics of the space. There are many ways to add wall panels to an interior design such as ribbed panels, floor-to-ceiling wall panels, classics, and more. Wall panels can also be used as an accent wall in your room, giving it an interesting texture. You can also add plant accents to natural wood panels to contrast them or paint them for a more refined and elegant look.

Natural & Sustainable Material

Natural and environmentally friendly materials are back in trend this year. Adding plant accessories will give your room a warm and natural impression. Recycled materials, natural fibers, terra cotta ceramics, bamboo, brick, stone are must-have materials in this trend.

Organic Structures

Objects with organic structures are still a trend today. This trend seeks to soften the rigidity of contemporary and minimalist objects by presenting more creative, fun, and interesting shapes that adapt to the shape of the human body. This trend can be seen from the shape of sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, lamps and other decorative objects.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are great for creating a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxed feeling in a room. Warm neutrals are the colors that complement the trend perfectly using natural materials, earth tones and trendy styles like Japandi. Warm neutrals can also be used as the perfect ‘Background’ for any trend inspired by nature and relaxation. Neutral warm is also very good for creating a calm, warm and relaxed atmosphere in certain conditions in the home area.

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