Hello friends of Bali Interio, minimalism itself means a place to live that has an area that is not too large but still has aesthetic value and good use of space. The limited area does not mean that a dwelling is uncomfortable to live in, precisely because of its small size, minimalist housing provides a side of simplicity and warmth. In theory, minimalist architecture itself is a way to achieve better design quality with simplicity that minimizes the use of various elements and designs. In order for the dwelling to be neater and more beautiful, then there are several things that must be considered, especially the decoration. In this case, the type of decoration that will be discussed is curtains, where curtains are also an important decoration element to decorate the room.

Roll-up Curtain

This curtain model can save space because of how to open it by turning it up. In addition, this model also has many choices of motifs that can be used for your interior.

Draping Curtains

Curtains with long models that hang to the floor have a luxurious impression, this can make your residence look more classy with the use of these curtains. But what must be considered is the choice of the color of the curtains, try to make the curtains bright or in line with the walls and not use many motifs.

Two Color Curtains

This type of curtain has two colors as its trademark, because of this unique color combination, making the dwelling look more pleasant. However, in using this type of curtains, you should look for colors that have a tone that matches the paint color of the room. In addition, liquid is also the size of the curtains that are longer than the window to create the effect of a higher ceiling.