Hello friends of Bali Interio, High Pressure Laminate or HPL is one of the finishing materials which is one of the finishing materials commonly used for furniture products and interior surfaces, especially for multiplex furniture. HPL can be applied to cabinets, kitchen sets, or other home decoration surface coverings. With the increasing demand for environmentally friendly materials, HPL is becoming one of the most popular products for furniture and decorative finishing. Therefore, let’s learn some tips on how to care for furniture that uses HPL finishing.

The first step

Do not place HPL furniture in places that are too hot, such as near a window or in direct sunlight.

second step

Avoid placing plastic, rubber or acrylic materials (directly) on the furniture. The chemicals in this product can react with the final product and cause damage. To avoid this, use a cloth base on the surface of the furniture.

third step

When using furniture as a study table or work desk, use a base or protector on the furniture surface. Pens or pencils can easily leave marks and spoil the finish.

fourth step

Daily use of a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust will keep your furniture beautiful as it ages.

Two Color Curtains

If you get a hard-to-remove stain like coffee grounds, use a baking soda mixture and rub gently until the stain is gone. If this method still doesn’t work, you can use thinner.

“These are our tips. Hopefully useful and can be applied properly to maintain the quality of your furniture!”