Hello friends of Bali Interio,

working at home is a strange thing. Various professions such as designers, bloggers, writers, writers, and so on, of course, a lot of time at home. Not only the owner of the profession, factory employees, teachers, and office workers also do not rule out the possibility that they will need a workspace to make their work more active. Therefore, workers need to create a private workspace to work at home.

There are various advantages of having a private workspace at home, namely being able to maximize quality time with family, work in a relaxed manner, and also avoid working overtime in the office. A private workspace can also be called a study room for children and teenagers because it has the same function. For this reason, the workspace must be designed according to the atmosphere you want.


Use some calculations for the workspace at home, why? because you can combine the workspace with other rooms in the house such as bedrooms, living room areas and libraries. You can take advantage of certain room spaces to create a minimalist workspace. Like if you have an empty room you can use it as your personal workspace.


Design your personal workspace according to your theme or favorite with work. You can also put some wallpapers or by adding photo frames.

strong material

Use strong and quality materials for your wardrobe. You probably don’t intend to quickly replace it in two years because it’s not standing up straight anymore .


Use mandatory furniture in your workspace such as tables and chairs. choose furniture that fits so you can be comfortable using it even for hours. Adjust the size, color and furniture model with the workspace theme to make it look harmonious. You can also add a sofa or some chairs for your co-workers who come to your house or to relax


Complete your personal workspace with whatever equipment you want for work such as a computer or laptop, files, some books for your work. Make sure everything is available and neatly arranged.

Perfect illumination

This is very important for your personal workspace, because good lighting is able to regulate the atmosphere of your workspace, if working with electronic items such as computers or laptops will certainly be affected by radiation, so use the right lighting when working with computers or laptops. Make sure the light coming in through the window doesn’t block your view of the monitor.


Think of an easily accessible position for some needed items such as files, stationery or other necessities. If you still don’t understand how to design your workspace. You can use the services of an architect for maximum results according to your wishes. In addition, you can find references about the right design for your dream workspace.

These are some of the tips for designing your personal workspace, hopefully you will get a workspace according to your wishes and comfort.