Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bedroom is like an oasis, a space to relax the body from fatigue. The bedroom should be able to provide serenity and comfort, no matter the size, big or small.

Small bedrooms can also look very orderly, neat, and comfortable. It might seem like high hopes and fun, but not really. Small bedrooms can be designed to have as much of an experience as ideal-sized bedrooms.

Regarding furniture, for example, a bed and especially a wardrobe, is one of the furniture that occupies a lot of space. The key to putting it on a creative and unique idea is to have both, but can still look great even in a small room.

In the midst of the development of the world of interior design and architecture, nothing is impossible.

The size of a room is no longer a problem, everything can be obtained, from function to aesthetics by maintaining the psychological aspects of space that have a positive impact.

The condition is that there is a place to store things that are not visible. And the first challenge; combines the keywords ‘storage’ and ‘invisible’ successfully.

The design dilemma lies in the apparent choice between insufficient storage or the need for a large wardrobe. However, its presence can be very low in space capacity in a very compact sized room.

Then, what is the solution?

Launching Houzz, here are some unique and creative wardrobe design concepts, which can make a small bedroom area look neater and very well organized.


Mirrors have long been a decorative element in interior design that has a magical effect. Mirrors can increase the perception of space and make the room feel larger than its actual size.

Having reflective mirrors on cabinet panels is not only creative, it is used as a design concept which is also very good.


Built-in cabinets can be designed by utilizing the space on the walls so that they are very effective for small rooms.

Besides that there is no space capacity, the built-in wardrobe can also be seen hidden. The built-in unique wardrobe model is very efficient and is one of the best wardrobe design ideas for a modern-minimalist style bedroom.


Wall-to-wall space that can be utilized for creative and unique wardrobe designs.

One smart way is to design a wardrobe that seems to blend with the headboard of the bed. every inch of space is available with design ideas that can be very attractive as well as aesthetically pleasing.


A smartly designed wardrobe is just a small storage space that is organized efficiently.

Clothing, accessories, and even some other items, can be stored neatly without the need for special media that feels lack of space capacity.


Small bedrooms should be cleverly designed and decorated so they don’t get too cramped and cramped. Solutions to utilize space and also use a variety of multifunctional chairs, can provide answers.


The best color choices, both for the room and the furniture in a small room, should be bright and soft. Neutral colors such as white, light gray, or pastels are perfect for wardrobes in small bedrooms.