Why Using Plywood For Interior?

Hello friend of Bali Interio, before creating an interior, of course you will choose the material to be used. One material that is very suitable for interior use is plywood. Bali interior often uses plywood as our material, here are the reasons why plywood is very suitable for interior use.

1.     Unlike solid wood, plywood is not easy to bow and expands, so it is more durable when used in making furniture with flat planes

2.    Because it is made of solid wood sheets, plywood has a good density so it can hold screws and nails better than MDF or particle board

3.      It is easy to use and shape so that it can be used as a raw material for various types of wooden furniture and handicrafts

4.    Not easily deformed, cracked or aged, premium type plywood is also coated with a termite-resistant coating

5.     Plywood still has clear wood grain, so it can be coated with melamine or resin for a classier and more luxurious finish

6.      Plywood is also more resistant to weather, water and humidity

7.     It is a good alternative for the main furniture frame because it is sturdy and strong so that it can reduce the use of solid particles in the manufacture of the main furniture frame

8.     The price of plywood is also more affordable than real wood products


    With these advantages, using plywood as a solid alternative is actually much more profitable in the production process.