Hello friends of Bali Interio, the wardrobe also functions as an important piece of furniture to add aesthetics to sleep. In addition to choosing the model, color, and material used, the size of the wardrobe is one of the determining factors for the harmony of the theme or design of the bedroom as a whole. However, before deciding to buy or order a wardrobe, both ready-made and special, you should first know the area of ​​the room that will be occupied. The wrong size can be very risky, especially during placement and installation.

Standard wardrobe sizes by length

The length of the wardrobe is calculated based on the number of doors, ranging from one door to more than 4 doors, depending on how large your bedroom space is.

For cabinets with open or hinged systems, the standard size of one door leaf is 50 to 60 cm. So, for a two-door wardrobe, you must allocate land for a wardrobe of at least 100 to 120 cm for its length.

For cabinets with sliding or sliding systems, the size of one door leaf can be wider than the size of a wardrobe door with a regular open system, which is a minimum of 55 to 120 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes by height

In general, wardrobes have a standard size between 180 to 200 cm. The height measure adjusts to the height of the user, so that objects stored in the cupboard can be reached more easily.

You can determine the height of the wardrobe according to your taste, want it to be standard or maybe choose a floor-to-ceiling design, aka a high cupboard that closes to the ceiling. The advantage of choosing this design is that the storage capacity will increase.

According to Forbes, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs can be an investment, because you could need additional wardrobes to store things in the bedroom.

Full cupboard sizes up to the ceiling usually have a height of up to 300 cm, but there are also houses that have ceilings with a height of 330 to 350 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes by width

The definition of width in the wardrobe is the depth of the wardrobe size. The standard wardrobe size based on this calculation is 60 cm.
If you have a small bedroom and feel that this width takes up too much space, then you can reduce the width a little by using a minimum size below the standard, which is 45 cm.
However, also consider the side effects of the clothes you hang in a closed closet. If your closet has hinged doors, the area will increase by at least 50 cm when the door is fully opened.

Standard wardrobe sizes based on the distance between the partitions

In general, wardrobes have small partitions on the inside of varying sizes. These parts include drawers, shelves, and hangers. If according to standard rules, the distance between shelves or shelves has a height ranging from 40 to 80 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes based on hanging rods

Pay attention to the list of clothes you have, whether there are those that need extra storage space, such as overalls or long dresses, to suit settings.

If you want to hang several pieces of clothing in the closet, provide a hanging rod to hang clothes. Usually, the position of the hanging rod follows the length of the garment.

If possible, maximize your closet space with a two-level system using two rods; one is mounted higher than the other. One slat for hanging long clothes, only for shorter clothes such as shirts, blouses or jackets.

By definition, wardrobe is actually a wall cupboard that functions as a place to store clothes. Key words taken from English, the wardrobe has about two meters, has several doors with clothes racks to store clothes that are generally stored, hangers to store clothes that must be hung, and have drawers that function to store letters or valuables.

Meanwhile, the walk-in closet is a room to store clothes and accessories to support appearance such as shoes, ties, belts and others. It can also be a place to store items that are usually stored in the wardrobe such as bed linen and towels. This room can also be a place to dress and decorate.

Simply put, wardrobe is loose furniture, or a wardrobe that can be moved and placed anywhere as needed. Or it could be a cupboard that is planted to the wall. While the walk in closet is a place to store clothes including bags, shoes, and others that allow users to enter it (walk in). Cabinets are available as finished products, while walk-in closets are made to order (customized).

Under certain conditions, the wardrobe is placed in a separate room or a special room, then that is what is called a walk-in closet.

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