They were inspired by the ethos of the Bauhaus to rejuvenate design for the everyday life. In the same way that the Bauhaus strove to blend craft and art, Litze is a blend of innovative engineering and technology with artistry and design. On the design side of the aisle, the collection is fundamentally stylistically flexible. For example, three different style handles allow the designer to lean toward a more geometric and modern style to a more industrial look. “In Litze, we’ve created a collection where everything has a purpose, which leads to a design that’s modern, refined, clean—and surprisingly multi-faceted,” says Jordan Bahler, Brizo Industrial Designer. Even the materials allow for style flexibility, for example teak handles (TEAK!) allow for designers to bring a more organic element into the bathroom and create a true spa-like feel.

But—reality check. A bathroom has to have more than just a pretty face. It needs brains to match all that beauty. And you certainly can’t get any brainier than the technology powering the Litze collection. The collection has Brizo’s trademark TempAssure® valves which sense and automatically adjust the water mix to maintain a precise water temperature (so you’ll never have that jump-inducing spurt of hot or cold water). The temperature will remain constant no matter what else is going on in your house (your no-dishwasher-while-showering days are over!). The shower also employees a H2Okinetic® technology, which controls the water’s shape, velocity, and thermal dynamics.

This technology actually produces larger water droplets that retain heat longer and make the spray pattern denser (WHAT?!) so that you feel enveloped by water. Oh, and it’s also quieter so you can actually hear your spouse or kids shout at you in the next room (or maybe you turn up the music and can actually hear the words on your Jambox). Finally, the entire collection is WaterSense labeled (certified by a third party to meet E.P.A Agency requirements) so the shower delivers 1.5 gallons of water per minute (as opposed to the usual 2.1 gallons) without ever sacrificing performance, which means you won’t even notice you’re helping the environment.

Everyday objects that are as beautiful as they are functional is a true modern luxury. Expressed perhaps best by the Bauhaus school’s director of architecture, Mies van de Rohe, “God is in the details.” And certainly a bathroom suite that looks stylish paired with the latest technology and engineering sounds pretty heavenly to us.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the wardrobe also functions as an important piece of furniture to add aesthetics to sleep. In addition to choosing the model, color, and material used, the size of the wardrobe is one of the determining factors for the harmony of the theme or design of the bedroom as a whole. However, before deciding to buy or order a wardrobe, both ready-made and special, you should first know the area of ​​the room that will be occupied. The wrong size can be very risky, especially during placement and installation.

Standard wardrobe sizes by length

The length of the wardrobe is calculated based on the number of doors, ranging from one door to more than 4 doors, depending on how large your bedroom space is.

For cabinets with open or hinged systems, the standard size of one door leaf is 50 to 60 cm. So, for a two-door wardrobe, you must allocate land for a wardrobe of at least 100 to 120 cm for its length.

For cabinets with sliding or sliding systems, the size of one door leaf can be wider than the size of a wardrobe door with a regular open system, which is a minimum of 55 to 120 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes by height

In general, wardrobes have a standard size between 180 to 200 cm. The height measure adjusts to the height of the user, so that objects stored in the cupboard can be reached more easily.

You can determine the height of the wardrobe according to your taste, want it to be standard or maybe choose a floor-to-ceiling design, aka a high cupboard that closes to the ceiling. The advantage of choosing this design is that the storage capacity will increase.

According to Forbes, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs can be an investment, because you could need additional wardrobes to store things in the bedroom.

Full cupboard sizes up to the ceiling usually have a height of up to 300 cm, but there are also houses that have ceilings with a height of 330 to 350 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes by width

The definition of width in the wardrobe is the depth of the wardrobe size. The standard wardrobe size based on this calculation is 60 cm.
If you have a small bedroom and feel that this width takes up too much space, then you can reduce the width a little by using a minimum size below the standard, which is 45 cm.
However, also consider the side effects of the clothes you hang in a closed closet. If your closet has hinged doors, the area will increase by at least 50 cm when the door is fully opened.

Standard wardrobe sizes based on the distance between the partitions

In general, wardrobes have small partitions on the inside of varying sizes. These parts include drawers, shelves, and hangers. If according to standard rules, the distance between shelves or shelves has a height ranging from 40 to 80 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes based on hanging rods

Pay attention to the list of clothes you have, whether there are those that need extra storage space, such as overalls or long dresses, to suit settings.

If you want to hang several pieces of clothing in the closet, provide a hanging rod to hang clothes. Usually, the position of the hanging rod follows the length of the garment.

If possible, maximize your closet space with a two-level system using two rods; one is mounted higher than the other. One slat for hanging long clothes, only for shorter clothes such as shirts, blouses or jackets.

By definition, wardrobe is actually a wall cupboard that functions as a place to store clothes. Key words taken from English, the wardrobe has about two meters, has several doors with clothes racks to store clothes that are generally stored, hangers to store clothes that must be hung, and have drawers that function to store letters or valuables.

Meanwhile, the walk-in closet is a room to store clothes and accessories to support appearance such as shoes, ties, belts and others. It can also be a place to store items that are usually stored in the wardrobe such as bed linen and towels. This room can also be a place to dress and decorate.

Simply put, wardrobe is loose furniture, or a wardrobe that can be moved and placed anywhere as needed. Or it could be a cupboard that is planted to the wall. While the walk in closet is a place to store clothes including bags, shoes, and others that allow users to enter it (walk in). Cabinets are available as finished products, while walk-in closets are made to order (customized).

Under certain conditions, the wardrobe is placed in a separate room or a special room, then that is what is called a walk-in closet.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, tired of the room you have now? Need a new atmosphere especially during the PPKM period like this, it feels cramped at home and in the room and needs a new atmosphere. To start a new atmosphere, small steps that must be taken are to change your room to be more minimalist. In addition to being more pleasing to the eye, the room will be comfortable, spacious and tidy. Here’s how to turn a room into a minimalist one

throw away useless or trash

Get rid of items that are not needed or can also be items that you give to people who need them more.

Color selection

To make the room look more spacious and clean, choose neutral colors. because the color of choosing this minimalist concept makes the room feel comfortable, for example, white, black or gray. In addition, using bed linen in neutral colors such as beige, white or gray also helps create a minimalist room. Neutral-colored furniture can also help create a minimalist atmosphere in the room. Usually a minimalist bedroom combines soft and neutral colors. Don’t mix colors too much, but you can add an accent color between neutral colors, such as giving the carpet a pastel color or coloring one of the walls.

Selection and arrangement of goods

Rearrangement of items makes the room more spacious, so choose a suitable mattress frame without having to use a headrest. choose a simple frame made of wood. But if you want to create a more minimalist impression, you can try not to use a bed frame at all. You can also add a mirror to add a sense of spaciousness. The placement of the mirror does not have certain rules so you can put it in the corner of the room or the wall of the room.

Adding plants in the room

Giving a touch of greenery to the room will make your room more fresh and alive. You can see it in the corner of the room. Make sure the plants are also placed in a vase with a neutral or clear color. Make sure the plants don’t interfere with other room décor. Plants that can be used are plants that are very easy to care for, such as cacti or succulents.

Give a simple wall decoration

Decorations on walls such as photo or painting figures are also necessary so that the bedroom walls are not too plain and give an artistic impression and avoid installing too many decorations on the walls.

good lighting

Lighting is also an important factor of a minimalist bedroom. A room that has poor lighting will make the room look cramped. Choose curtains that are transparent made of thick so they are not considered light.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, for some people, the kitchen is a very important space as a place to make daily meals. Especially for people who like to cook, the kitchen is a fun place so it’s beta to linger in the kitchen. But sometimes there are some mistakes in choosing the right kitchen set. Therefore, here are some mistakes when choosing a kitchen set.

Choosing a kitchen set by paying attention to appearance

Most people will design their kitchen set according to their expectations and follow the latest trends regardless of whether the design is functional and the materials that will be used in the kitchen set. Kitchen sets still have to be considered whether they are resistant to the kitchen environment, and also if they follow trends without paying attention to the quality of materials, it should be avoided and of course the kitchen set will be used for a long time. Prioritize needs and comfort.

Limited counter space

There are items on the kitchen table that make the counter full of unnecessary items. Items that will not be used are placed in existing storage. If you still lack space for cooking for those who like to cook, you can add an island as a work area.

Inefficient kitchen layout

In general, the kitchen set is divided by sections to place the stove, sink and counter space to prepare food ingredients, and a refrigerator. For this reason, the kitchen layout applies the ‘Kitchen Work Triangle’ which is a good kitchen principle where the area to prepare food-area to cook food sequentially so that if your kitchen meets this principle then you will not bother to go back and forth in the kitchen.

Lack of storage storage

The kitchen must have a lot of storage space for both cooking utensils and food ingredients so that the kitchen set becomes one of the storage places for these items. Adjust the number of cabinets or storage to your needs, if necessary, make a list of the cooking utensils you have. It also incorporates storage sizes so it’s not confusing to store large cooking utensils. Then for L or U-shaped kitchen designs, there is usually a corner cabinet. Most of the corners are left empty. However, if you need more storage, this corner can be used and ensures the kitchen set is equipped with special cabinet accessories so that it can be used efficiently. take advantage of a cabinet that uses drawers as well, with a cabinet with drawers it will be easy to find the items you need.

Using too much open cabinet

An open cabinet is a good idea so that the kitchen set is not monotonous. However, using open cabinets in a large kitchen will be a hassle and it is unavoidable if you need a closed storage area to store various unused items without fearing the kitchen will fall apart. With so many open cabinets, a lot of equipment is exposed and makes a mess and feels cramped, what else for a kitchen with a minimalist set.

Improper use of materials

Kitchens are required to use heat and water resistant materials, but many kitchens use wood materials that are not heat and heat resistant. So you should make sure the material has been given a finish to protect the desired material and if it is more practical and easier to clean using a kitchen set with aluminum material.

Kitchen set without good light

Lighting in the kitchen is very important and you can’t just rely on the main lighting. Kitchen sets require light installation to help activities in the kitchen. If the kitchen set has a wall shelf, then it is given lighting at the bottom so that it is not blocked by shadows and is not dark. Illumination can also improve the visualization of the kitchen set.

Those are some mistakes when choosing a kitchen set, so if now you want to choose and design a kitchen set to avoid these things.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos designed the Cloud Sofa and the Cloud Armchair to make you fell like you’re sitting on a cloud. With its cozy nest of foam pillows that come together, the seating surfaces become soft and comfortable while still remaining modern and sophisticated. The Cloud Sofa was the first design, which launched their partnership with ETEL Interiores, and Cloud Armchair is based on the same principle.

Each pillow segment is formed manually, one piece at a time, making this a time-intensive design

The structure can also be made from different types of Brazilian wood.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, sometimes limited space becomes a very surprising thing for us, we want to have a functional space but we have to how to design the room because the land is limited, but also want to sacrifice the comfort of the space. There are several parts in the dwelling that are often neglected, such as the space under the stairs, for example, even though if designed properly the space can work optimally. In addition, to create a comfortable workspace, we must pay attention to several things, namely, air circulation, lighting, and furniture selection. Here is an example of a small space office design that can be an inspiration for your workspace design.

under the stairs into a workspace

The downstairs room is a room in the house that is often forgotten and left empty, even though if it is designed in such a way it can become a mini office for work. If used properly the space under the stairs can become more functional. In addition, for a workspace like this, you should avoid piling up unnecessary items and chairs so that the space becomes neater and more comfortable.

Empty attic becomes workspace

sometimes there are several dwellings that have an attic space above the dwelling and usually the attic becomes an abandoned place and becomes a warehouse. If the design with the right attic space can be a comfortable workspace to work.

Small workspace from the rest of the space in the room

sometimes there are people who are very comfortable to be in the room once a day, and like to do their activities in the room, especially during a pandemic like this, surely everyone is often active in the room. The remaining space in the room can be transformed into a mini workspace if it is designed properly and can provide comfort for those of you who like to work in the room. Using minimalist furniture will certainly make the workspace more neat and organized.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, Japandi Style, which is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian styles in interior design, is arguably quite new, which has been known since 2017. Although it is the result of a combination of different design styles, Japanese style actually has a high aesthetic value and harmony.

Dominance of White on the Wall

Japanese style that relies on neutral colors and natural colors. Home interiors that apply this style usually use white or other bright colors on the walls. The use of white will produce a minimalist impression so that later it can support the color combination in household furniture that uses dark colors and natural colors.

The use of white can also make the room feel more spacious, suitable for small homes. If you don’t want to use white, other alternative colors that can be used are beige or light gray.

Mix and match Dark Colors

If earlier on the walls have been given a white or bright color, now it’s the turn of the furniture. Dark colors can be applied to room furniture, such as sofas, cabinets, tables, lamps, shoe racks, flower vases, and other furniture.

using natural elements

To make the house feel natural, the Japanese style uses wood colors to surround the furniture. The color of the chosen wood also should not be chosen, the color of light wood or light wood is more available so that the room is brighter. In addition to color, the selected furniture is also as simple and functional as possible, namely furniture that is sleek in design and does not have a complicated design so that it can save space in the house.

Bringing Natural Atmosphere Into Your Home

Real natural elements are very important to be presented in the house. Try the house has a garden to bring freshness from the outside into the house. In addition, it is also important to bring these natural elements into the room, such as planting ornamental plants in the house. If you find it difficult to carry out treatment, artificial plants can also be an option.

Pastel Color Touch

For those who want to have a touch of other colors in their room, they can still use pastel Scandinavian-style colors into the interior of the house. But its use should not be too dominant. The use of pastel colors can be used on accessories or small equipment such as pillowcases, table photo frames, and book collections.

Minimal Ornaments

One of the tenets of the Japanese style is wabi-sabi, which means beauty in imperfection. That is, everything that seems simple and has flaws actually has something better. Therefore, do not place a lot of ornaments and decorations in the house, if possible, keep the decorations to a minimum. With minimal decoration, it will make the house look more beautiful and comfortable.

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Salah satu cara terbaik untuk membuat kamar mandi lebih nyaman adalah dengan memberi sedikit sentuhan alam. Di kamar mandi, ini bisa berarti rain showerhead. Desain overhead berarti air jatuh lurus ke bawah, seperti hujan, yang membuat mandi menenangkan.

Invest in Rack

Bathrooms almost always need more storage space, and shelving systems do the job of both storage and decoration. put a shelf above the toilet, a stand-alone shelving unit or a wall-hanging shelf where you can organize and display towels, colorful bottles, and more.

Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is a must-have in a cozy warm bathroom. This is an inexpensive and simple upgrade to make, and it comes with several benefits. First, it helps complain of wet towels. Second, this rack keeps your towels nice and warm, which helps mimic a spa experience.

Decorate With Pertilan

Bath salts, bubble baths, and bath bombs are all the rage. Instead of keeping things in the closet, incorporate them into your décor. Especially bath bombs — they come in a variety of creative colors and shapes, which means you can add a lot of liveliness to your bathroom with a pretty basket of bath bombs on a shelf or on a dresser.

Towel Racks With Various Shapes

A traditional towel rack is just a bar where you hang the folded one. However, there are many other creative ways to hang or display towels. like instead of a towel rack to store rolled towels.

Make Sure The Bathtub Has A Bath Tray

The shower tray is an essential item that will hold your soap, bubble bath and wine, if you so desire. If you’re a fan of reading in the tub, some trays even have slots to support a book.

Compatible Hardware

Matching cabinet and drawer handles is a breeze. However, if you can find shower curtains, toilet paper holders, towel racks, and all other metal finishes, it helps without the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Hanging Art

Art isn’t just for your living room or hallway. Why not hang a framed picture over your bathtub? It could be a favorite painting, a scenic view — anything that you will enjoy relaxing to look at while you relax in the tub.

Find Creative Ways To Get Into Toilet Paper

Toilet paper doesn’t have to just sit on a shelf! Baskets, cloth storage bins, or even special toilet paper holders are great ways to keep them comfortable while giving the bathroom a refined look.

Focus on the Senses

A truly comfortable bathroom is one that considers sight, touch, and smell. Learn by turning rooms into beautiful places, and be sure to include fun textures — soft towels in front of the shower, plush robes or bristle slippers. Scent is also important. Anything from potpourri to warming oil can be used to elevate the mood you’re trying to achieve.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, wardrobe is an important piece of furniture and works for a clothing store or any other item we have. Cabinets themselves have many types and materials, one of which is wood which is still in demand by many people. Besides being durable, wood is also quite easy to maintain. If the cabinets are damaged then it is necessary to buy new cabinets to prevent the stored items from being damaged as well. Therefore, here are some ways to care for wooden cabinets.

Don't place the wooden cupboard too close to the wall

This is because it will make the cupboard moldy and damp faster. It would be better if kept away from the wall or if you want to be closer then give a distance of approximately 10 cm from the wall. This helps air circulation behind the cabinets, making it effective at preventing the cabinets from becoming damp.

Coating wooden cabinets with liquid polish

Room temperature is also a factor in the growth of mold in the cupboard. To minimize this risk, cabinets should be coated with polishing liquid. Apart from accentuating the natural luster, this liquid also makes the wood termite resistant. This liquid can also withstand cold temperatures and room humidity.

Don't cover the cupboard with newspaper

Many people line their closets with newsprint to keep them clean. But this is a mistake because newspapers make the fungus grow faster and attract pests. The Koran can also be a source of food for pests. If you are already using newspaper as a base, then all you have to do is clean the closet until it is clean before being used again to store clothes.

left the camphor in the cupboard

Camphor is the solution to damp and smelly wooden cabinets. The content in this camphor can also prevent the proliferation of lice, mites and microorganisms that will damage the cabinets. The aroma of this camphor is enough to encourage microorganisms that want to destroy. In addition, camphor can also make clothes smell good. Camphor should be filled into the cupboard periodically.

Wipe the cupboard with a dry cloth

The outside of the cupboard should also be cleaned using a dry cloth to remove any dust adhering to the outside of the cupboard. It is not recommended to use a wet cloth because the water content in the cloth is prone to causing mold growth on wooden cabinets.

Unpacking the wardrobe

By unpacking the contents of the cupboard, we can see which areas are damp and moldy so that they can be cleaned immediately. Besides that we can also check regularly. If indeed the closet is very full of clothes and many of these clothes are no longer used, it is better if the clothes that are never used again are given to people who need it more. This also makes the wardrobe have air circulation in it because the items in it are not too dense.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, as is known, Cane Webbing is one of the trends in interior design this year. Cane webbing itself is a woven from sugar cane. Because the material comes from nature and nature, woven sugar cane is a trend that is environmentally friendly and a sustainable natural material. This material can give a warm impression to the space and add texture to the space. This webbing is easy to mix and match for all kinds of stylish designs. In addition to sugar cane, the material commonly used for plaiting which is common in Indonesia is rattan. How do we design a room with Cane webbing? Of course, this wicker can be used as various kinds of furniture as in general for chairs and home decor items. The following are some household furniture or furniture that has rattan woven.


bed headboard


Book case



Plant's pot

Coffee table