Hello friends of Bali Interio, Nature always manages to provide natural lighting with an interesting atmosphere. There are many theme and mood applications that can be taken from the natural area around the room, to provide inspiration and new views for the dwelling. Here are some characteristics of a modern tropical house that looks very natural :

Modern Tropical Residential Feels Comfortable with Room Atmosphere

The modern lifestyle that is often encountered today affects the very attractive modern interior design style. The atmosphere and cool air of the residential interior can provide comfort like being on vacation. The atmosphere of the room in question is an atmosphere that makes the occupants of the room feel comfortable and safe while in that place. This comfort is created by the presence of natural and artificial lighting that can attract attention and make you feel at home for long in the room.

Harmonious Colors That Are Warm

The colors of modern tropical residences seem warm. Therefore, if you want to create a room that has a strong modern tropical impression, you can give a touch of yellow with the support of colors produced by wood materials.

The Role of Circulation and Ventilation in Residential

Air conditioning and air circulation play an important role in this residence. The factor that strengthens the tropical and modern impression in the house is the use of wood materials. This material gives a cool impression and can be harmonized with the freshness provided by the plants that are present in the house.

Tropical Residential Shapes and Designs

The shape that tends to be simple is one of the characteristics of housing that is favored by young people today. Open shelving in the home makes the room more relaxed and functional. Furniture makes it very easy for residents of the house to put and store items that are often used so the room will look neater and fuller.

Elemen Interior Hunian Tropis Modern

The warm impression shown by this residence. The game ceiling and wood materials give a different impression. This can provide details in the room so it doesn’t look plain and can bring comfort when gathering with family. The comfortable atmosphere in the room is also helped by the right lighting.