Hello friends, Bali Interio, an autistic child, generally has difficulty communicating and interacting. Despite having communication difficulties, some of these quirky kids also have tons of energy. Then, these children are known as hyperactive children. Psychologically, hyperactivity is an abnormal behavior disorder caused by neurological dysfunction. The main symptom of this disorder is not coping with attention. Having a very active child does require special needs. The room is a space where the child does a lot of his favorite activities in that place. Therefore, as a parent you should really pay attention to the design of the room for autistic children and hyperactive children.


The use of furniture is something that must really be considered when designing a children’s room with special needs. choose heavy and bulky furniture. This is expected to reduce the activity of children. In addition, avoid placing accessories at a height. placement, place shelves, tables and cabinets on the floor or make them firmly attached to the wall. Don’t forget to use safety latches on all drawers, doors and cabinets. the advantage of using furniture that has a shape with sharp or pointed edges. And avoid also using cabinet knobs and drawers that are too small or even too big.

Cat Wall

In many cases, there are many hyperactive children who are difficult for their parents to calm down. Therefore, it is very important to choose a wall paint color that can soothe this special children’s room. In order for the child to feel comfortable and calm while in his room, you can use a wall paint color with a soft color. You can use neutral and soft colors like white, gray and soft or pastel colors. There’s nothing wrong with asking what your child’s favorite color is for their room.

Practice Place

Apart from being a place of rest, hyperactive children’s rooms are also expected to be a space for the development of their little ones. Hyperactive children’s rooms are functionally designed, becoming their training ground. Set limits on children not to use some items using visuals, such as the use of red tape. Make interesting and comfortable corners that are children’s favorites. You can put a bean bag, blanket, pillow or stuffed animal. Add some sensory therapy tools like ball, mini trampoline etc.


In general, hyperactive children often have trouble sleeping. This is because they are very sensitive to external stimuli. Such as sound and light that is too bright, or sounds from outside that can be heard in the room. To overcome and help prevent this problem you can use carpet. Carpets can minimize the sound of footsteps, thus making the room feel calmer. Also make sure the door does not make a creaking sound when opened. As a protection from outside light, use simple curtains that do not use ropes. Finally, avoid placing a table or chair in the area near the window.

So those are some tips for designing a hyperactive child’s room, hopefully this article is useful for those of you who want to design your child’s bedroom. That is all and thank you.