Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the best ways to decorate a room is to incorporate natural elements. Wood is by far one of the warmest materials you can find, especially when it’s dark. wood paneled feature walls, reclaimed wood headboards, cover all walls with richly colored wood, cover the floors with wood planks or use more subtle wood elements such as bed frames, bedside tables, or lamps, creating an extraordinary feeling . warmth without adding extra heat.


In keeping with the elements of nature, bringing plants into your bed is another way to warm up your space. They add life and comfort to your room and the air-purifying properties help keep the room feeling fresh and welcoming.


Adding a rug or two to your room can drastically change it. Adds texture and depth to a space and can transform a cold, hard floor to a warm and welcoming floor. The wide range of colors, styles and materials used also mean that whatever your bedroom style, you will be able to find one that fits your space.


Another way to add texture and warmth to your bedroom is with pillows. Piles of comfortable pillows on your bed brings a sense of comfort and makes the room feel so much more welcoming. Using pillows of different sizes, colors, and materials adds depth and texture to create an extra warm bedroom.

Thick blanket

A thick blanket stretched over the end of your bed or hung over the back of a chair in your bedroom also adds texture and warmth to your room both figuratively and literally. Placing a blanket like this in your room only asks you to spend more time there wrapped up in cozy warmth.


Adding art to your bedroom is another way to warm the room and make it feel more personal. You want to want time in a place that truly feels like your own and what better way to do it than with your favorite photo, art or painting.

Additional Furniture

Bringing more furniture into your bedroom, such as an armchair, lounge, or sofa, makes the room cozy by taking up more space and adding more texture. This is an excellent way for a large room that feels empty or empty without a little extra furniture.

Big Window

Large windows will make it easier for the sun to enter directly, giving a sense of warmth into the room, especially during a pandemic like now people need a lot of sunlight. Incoming sunlight can also indirectly kill germs and bacteria in the room after staying.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, it would be very nice if we stay in an inn with rooms that have views in the middle of the forest or open nature with tall trees and green grass. Inns in the open like this usually provide cabin bedrooms. Cabins have limited movement circulation, therefore rooms must be smartly designed to provide solutions to smaller spaces and open spaces without compromising the comfort of the space.
Here are some cabin bedrooms with very beautiful natural views and make us want to also try staying at that place.

Niliaitta, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The interior is symmetrical with the amenities and beds placed in the center of the space. The headboard is also used as a separator between the bed and the dining table, saving space for two.

Løvtag Cabin, Denmark, by Sigurd Larsen

The sleeping area is made according to the size of one side of the room with a box-like design like a podium. One side of the wall of the sleeping area is used as a full window so that the natural scenery is more visible. The walls in this sleeping area are framed by wood panels which add a natural impression.

Space of Mind, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The sleeping area is set under a sloping roof to make maximum use of the sloping ceiling. The large floor-to-ceiling windows silhouette the structure and form an irregular rectangle on the sides of the cabin, they also frame the exterior views.

Scavenger cabin, USA, by Studio Les Eerkes

The bedroom is located on the top floor of the cabin and is accessed by a steel staircase. A clerestory window surrounds the upper part of the space and is joined by two glass walls below. Wood paneling and joinery fill the space and contrast with the metal fixtures.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the main rooms in this house has various elements in it that can affect the mood. One of them is the element of lighting. When going to sleep, the lighting of course needs to be set a little dim so that the room is more comfortable to rest. However, when the lighting is too dark, other activities carried out in this room can be disturbed. Therefore, the distance between the lamps with various zones in the room needs to be considered. Not only that, the color of the lights and the intensity of light also need to be adjusted to the bedroom. Here are some tips for designing lighting in the bedroom

Room Size

Before buying lighting lamps for the bedroom, it is very important that you measure the size of the room. This will affect the type of lamp that can be used in the room and the lighting distance. choose a lamp that can cover the entire space in certain zones. If you want to go to a lighting showroom, the experts will help you find the right lighting.

Space Height

The height of the room will affect the lighting. When the ceiling is too high, the lamp used is a chandelier to reach other areas in the room. The lighting height will also be different in each zone of need. As in the study desk lamp, it will lead to books and all kinds of items on the table. Whereas in the make-up area, the lights from the front towards the face will be better so that they can make up better.

Main Activities

Determine your main activity in the room. Prioritize lighting with the most frequent activities in the room. Areas with activities that require details such as playing the computer, sewing, or reading require direct lighting. While in the relaxing area, lighting can be done by reflecting light so it doesn’t go directly to the area gently.

Bright Side

overcome the scope of the lamp which is for lighting. Although the shape of the lamp is unique and attractive, of course it must be considered carefully. Do not let the unique lamp enclosure make the lighting in the room feel dark. This applies to the main lighting of the room. However, if you are reading a desk lamp or studying, pay attention to the light it produces so that it feels soft when viewing and reading books.

Lamp Placement

room lighting should not be directly above the bed. Because it will continue to reveal the light if you are in trouble and hard to rest.

Room Ambience

The atmosphere of strong lighting will also have a big effect on the bedroom. Add a dimmer to the room lights. Colored light bulbs will certainly be able to change the atmosphere of the room.

Light Control with Technology

live for a more sophisticated life in your room. By using the remote you can turn off and turn on the lights without having to move from where you are at that time. It makes it very easy for you when going to sleep so you don’t have to bother getting out of bed and pressing the button to turn off the light.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bedroom is a place to rest after a day of activities so the bedroom should be a comfortable room. Not only mattresses and furniture, but also the atmosphere and other elements must be considered. The interior design of the room also cannot be underestimated and the interior design of the room must be determined by the person who will fill the room to make it feel comfortable and at home. Here are some of the most popular interior designs for bedrooms.

Eclectic style

Eclectic is a mix of Rustic, Classical and Post-Modern styles featuring a Vintage theme combined with a modern design. The interior design of this eclectic style room is quite challenging because the colors used are striking colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Characteristics of this style are usually seen from the combination of patterns and textures, the combination of old and new examples such as the Louis XIV sofa paired with the Lucite coffee table, the incorporation of global influences such as the placement of an antique lacquer cabinet from China next to the Saarinen womb chair, Gallery Walls like displaying artistic gallery styles from Pop Art to Impressionism.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style must dare to play with motifs and colors. For the characteristics of this style itself, it can be seen from the colors that use neutral colors such as white or brown combined with bright colors, for the shape itself this style is not just making shapes but more on the selection and layering of the selected patterns, to complete the equipment usually use metallic such as gold, silver or brass, for the decoration itself usually uses original or handmade artwork, then there is rattan, woven, wood and fabric that has a tassel at the end, it can be in the form of bed linen, pillowcases or throws, don’t forget the tapestry mandala which is an icon This bohemian style is important.

Victorian style

Victorian style is a luxurious style that represents high status during the Victorian era. the rooms are an amalgamation of historical styles such as the decorative ironwork of the Revival Gothic Style or Fleurs-de-Lis drawn from medieval influences. Therefore rooms in the Victorian style are decorated with luxurious furnishings, rugs, patterned wallpapers, many colors, flowers and sentimental paintings. Elements that must exist in this style are colors such as Burgundy, Ruby Red, Forest Green, Navy Blue, and Deep Brown for the early Victorian era, while for the later era more pastel colors are used. For furniture, it is usually carved decoratively and excessively with cut pieces such as Armchairs, Chaise Lounges, and Ottomans. The decoration accessories are clearly displayed such as the Gallery Wall with framed pictures, porcelain on display, souvenir vases to lace napkins, don’t forget the patterned wallpaper, curtained headboard and bed side tables for table lamps and crystal chandeliers.

Shabby Chic style

This interior design is a derivative form of the vintage style that uses a lot of pastel or soft colors. The motifs that are usually used in this style are small flowers. The characteristics of this style are using soft colors to make it seem feminine, combined with antique, unique and uncommon furniture such as using materials that peel off fabric to create a worn and luxurious impression, adding plant decorations, ornaments or sofa fabrics with cotton motifs, there are antique accessories, unique, interesting and vintage.

Industrial Style

This style takes the concept of an old building such as a factory or an old barn. This design blends raw structural materials subtly, looking very sleek and modern with strong vintage accents. The basic elements of this style are exposed pipes, beams and ceilings, a mix of wood and metal/metal for furniture, black and gray colors that give a cool feel, exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors or can be replaced with wood. .

Scandinavian style

This style is so popular that many people use Scandinavia as a style for the bedroom. This style mix and match the concept of nordic and modern. The characteristics of this style are that the carpet is not used because it is usually a wooden floor, Using white to help with lighting, Using wood materials that are not only on the floor but for furniture as well and the wood used is usually wood with bright colors such as beech, ash, and pine, No have many items on display because usually traditional houses are small houses, have simple accents, maximize natural lighting, therefore the windows must be large, there is a touch of green from plants, and the last one uses comfortable fabrics.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism is also the choice of many people in the design of their rooms, the design is also suitable for all genders and ages. The characteristics of this style are using monochrome colors, simple room layout, clean, open and bright so that the use of furniture for this design is minimized.

Those are some stylish designs for the bedroom. In addition to making us comfortable in the room, this design style also makes the bedroom more pleasing to the eye.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, tired of the room you have now? Need a new atmosphere especially during the PPKM period like this, it feels cramped at home and in the room and needs a new atmosphere. To start a new atmosphere, small steps that must be taken are to change your room to be more minimalist. In addition to being more pleasing to the eye, the room will be comfortable, spacious and tidy. Here’s how to turn a room into a minimalist one

throw away useless or trash

Get rid of items that are not needed or can also be items that you give to people who need them more.

Color selection

To make the room look more spacious and clean, choose neutral colors. because the color of choosing this minimalist concept makes the room feel comfortable, for example, white, black or gray. In addition, using bed linen in neutral colors such as beige, white or gray also helps create a minimalist room. Neutral-colored furniture can also help create a minimalist atmosphere in the room. Usually a minimalist bedroom combines soft and neutral colors. Don’t mix colors too much, but you can add an accent color between neutral colors, such as giving the carpet a pastel color or coloring one of the walls.

Selection and arrangement of goods

Rearrangement of items makes the room more spacious, so choose a suitable mattress frame without having to use a headrest. choose a simple frame made of wood. But if you want to create a more minimalist impression, you can try not to use a bed frame at all. You can also add a mirror to add a sense of spaciousness. The placement of the mirror does not have certain rules so you can put it in the corner of the room or the wall of the room.

Adding plants in the room

Giving a touch of greenery to the room will make your room more fresh and alive. You can see it in the corner of the room. Make sure the plants are also placed in a vase with a neutral or clear color. Make sure the plants don’t interfere with other room décor. Plants that can be used are plants that are very easy to care for, such as cacti or succulents.

Give a simple wall decoration

Decorations on walls such as photo or painting figures are also necessary so that the bedroom walls are not too plain and give an artistic impression and avoid installing too many decorations on the walls.

good lighting

Lighting is also an important factor of a minimalist bedroom. A room that has poor lighting will make the room look cramped. Choose curtains that are transparent made of thick so they are not considered light.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, for some, bedroom design is a relatively frivolous affair. It’s all just about following the fashion and creating space according to the fashion that was hype at the time. As we get older, designing the perfect bedroom becomes more of a challenge. After all, in addition to style, you need to start paying attention to safety. The age that is not young anymore requires us to be more careful, lest the design of your bedroom is not safe and comfortable so that it endangers yourself.

This time we will discuss some things to consider when designing a bedroom for the elderly. Many things need to be considered in order to create a safe and comfortable bedroom for them. Let’s discuss one by one, starting from the location of the room. If your house consists of 2 floors, it would be nice if the room for the elderly is placed on the first floor. It will be too difficult and tiring for them if you place their room on the 2nd floor.

After that, you also need to pay attention to the size and material of the bed. At the very least, the bed should be an appropriate size and offer plenty of support. If you have trouble getting in and out of bed because of back problems, arthritic, joint pain, or other medical issues that limit your movement, an adjustable orthopedic bed can be a pleasant addition to the room. This high-tech piece of furniture helps take the hassle out of finding the perfect sleeping position. To further increase comfort levels, manufacturer specialists have developed a built-in massage feature for adjustable beds that can help relieve pain, increase circulation, and generally help them sleep better.

The addition of a cupboard or cabinet in the room also does not need too many important and functional so as not to reduce the circulation of motion. Make sure all items are neatly arranged in the storage provided so that it will not interfere with their movement. If many things are scattered on the floor, it is feared that an accident can occur and endanger their health.

Finally, it is very important for the elderly’s room, it is very important to get lots of lighting, both natural lighting and lights. Visual acuity usually decreases over time, if the lighting is not sufficient, it can make the eyes hurt and also dangerous. Also make sure the illumination is controllable from the bed and consider incorporating additional lights into the wardrobe. This will make everyday tasks like getting dressed easier and will reduce the risk of tripping over invisible objects.

Remember that no matter how old you are, it’s important to make your room comfortable and safe. The aesthetics of the space are important but we shouldn’t get to the point of your comfort and safety.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, interior designers Carla Barconte and Ludmila Drudi, of Estudio Plök, and architect Mariana Paccieri joined forces to design a fun and inspiring bedroom for kids called the bears cave. Designed for Casa Foa 2018, Argentina’s most prestigious architecture and interior design trade show, the cave-like bedroom, named the bear’s cave, removes all technology leaving behind a space for a child to have fun and to use their imagination.

Diagonal wood floors continue up the wall at a slant on one side with wooden panels covering the other wall and the bed structure on the other side.

Inspired by nature, the room features a bear on top of a mountain with a bed nestled inside a cave. A ladder inside the “cave” leads up to the mountaintop where there’s another bed. A corner desk becomes a place to play toys with the bear overlooking from above.

The rest of the bed structure, which is made with two wooden textures, houses a closet and storage. A climbing wall next to the bed offers another access point to the upper deck.

A third bed is hidden under the cave bed for an additional guest.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, mattress is soft, Currently the land to build a dwelling is increasingly limited, so many residential designs have sprung up with a small area but use interior arrangements that maximize narrow space or called minimalism. Because of the small area, the arrangement of the room must be as much as possible with the selection of the right furniture, one of the rooms that must be considered is the bedroom, how to arrange a bedroom with a limited size to make it look wider, comfortable and pleasant so that the size of a narrow room is no longer a problem. problem. Here are tips for organizing a small room.

Selection of space-saving furniture

You have to make sure the type of furniture you choose for the bedroom doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it can provide more space in the room. For example, you can use a bed that has a storage build at the bottom, use a study table with a minimalist design, and can use storage with a minimalist design with a sliding door to save space.

Using a Bright Color Palette

Pemilihan warna cat pada kamar dapat berpengaruh terhadap suasana kamar dan tiap warna memiliki efek tersendiri terhadap kamar tidur kamu. Menggunakan warna terang dengan warna netral atau pastel dapat membuat kamar kamu tampak lebih luas dan lega. Tetapi bukan hanya warna terang, kamu juga perlu membatasi jumlah palet warna yang akan kamu gunakan pada kamar, karena penggunaan jumlah palet warna yang berlebihan akan membuat kamar terlihat penuh dan sempit.

Use of Mirrors in the Room

Placing a mirror in a room can make a room appear larger, this is a trick used for centuries. Basically, the mirror will reflect light and create an optical illusion in the room that makes the room look wider. You can install a large shaving glass on the wall or use a full body mirror, in addition to your room, the use of this glass can also add to the aesthetics of your room. The size of the mirror that will be used can be adjusted to the size of your room.

Room Lighting

Lighting or lighting is one of the keys to making a small room look more spacious. With enough light, the room will seem bright and wide in the eye. You can provide sufficient openings to enter natural light by using windows that are wide enough. your room does not support using windows, so you should choose room lights that have sufficient lighting for each of your rooms. You can also add some decorative lights such as recessed lights or small table lamps to accent the room so that the room looks more alive.

Make the Most of the Wall

You can use the walls in your room more optimally so that your room becomes wider. You can use hanging shelves or floating racks to be a place to store your things and at the same time decorate your room.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, mattress is soft, comfortable, and restful. Actually it does not have to be luxurious, because what is sought is a sense of comfort and sleep tight for our rest.

The first minimalist mattress is simple design, normal and simple. Because the physical does not have a significant difference with the mattresses of other models. But in terms of size, of course, the simple design must be smaller.

The second minimalist mattress, the model is short, it means the height measure is short. The legs of the bed are designed shorter than the usual size. The main purpose is to give the impression of a more spacious, while the position is in your minimalist bedroom. Short minimalist bed is very useful for those who often fall out of bed when he is asleep.

The third mattress minimalist is round model, which is one of the minimalist model round bed concept. Almost still exactly the same with the concept of round table selection, for the arrangement in the living room or dining room. A very round shape, of course, will be more important in saving the room than the square shape.

Number four is mattress level model, is the minimalist bed model that we recommend the most for you. In addition to saving a room, also bed level model can provide a place for two people at once. That is the reason why model beds are often used in bedrooms for children. Bed level can also be modified, the way is by placing the study area at the bottom and with the bed above it. So, you no longer need confusion where you will make the area where your child’s learning position.

The last is mattress sofa model, is a model bed that wants to give meaning about the comfort more to the owner. The shape is exactly like a sofa, of course, will be lean again and easy to use. The bed is perfect for guest beds, which are designed to be as comfortable as possible and still simple.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bed is the area where you will relax the body condition that is tired of everyday life. To maintain health and body metabolism, it is necessary to sleep or rest well, not only in time, but also the actual quality of sleep. The mattress is included in the furniture that is very must-have for everyone to ensure their rest. Confused about how to choose the right mattress for your needs?

Size and Thickness

It is very important that you adjust the size of the mattress to the bed or occupants who will use the mattress is the first thing that must be done. For example, if the mattress user has a height of 150 cm, then you must choose a mattress with a minimum size of 10 cm longer than the size of the wearer to support the body perfectly.


A very common material in bedding is usually latex. For those of you who have skin allergies, first check the material and type for your mattress.

Customize Needs

For those of you who are single or single, it is recommended to choose a mattress of the same size. Or in other words adjust the needs of your bed.


Well, this is it, usually when people buy furniture, they first check whether the warranty is there or not, because
pay attention to the warranty from the mattress brand. usually a good guarantee for a mattress
is above 5 years. Therefore immediately love clearly about the warranty before you
buy a mattress.

Place Service

To find out where the service or mattress repair service is if the mattress you are after is damaged is a very IMPORTANT thing. what to do next? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to ask the shop that sell the mattress to tell the service location for the mattress brand you are going to buy.

So those are tips for choosing a good mattress, hopefully it will be useful for you, thank you.