Hello friends of Bali Interio, A good workspace is one that is comfortable and meets ergonomic requirements. A good workspace greatly affects work productivity, so that in designing a workspace pay attention to lighting conditions. Humans will be able to carry out activities properly and achieve optimal results if the work environment is in accordance with human ability to adapt to their environment or ergonomics. A non-ergonomic work environment has an effect that can be seen for a long time so that optimal, effective and efficient working power can be achieved.

Psychological Impact of Light

1. Bright light can cause a spirit effect in doing something, so this light is often used in gathering areas or activities that require strong focus.

2. Dim light can create intimacy so that it gives the impression of being relaxed, calm and romantic, so it is very suitable for use in interior spaces for relaxation such as bedrooms and dining rooms, this light is often used for personal activities, especially by couples.

3. Too bright light can be useful to enhance the appearance of a painting, or a corner of a room with spotlights. The effect of this light will give the impression of glare.

4. Light with warm colors will give a warm atmosphere, especially about the colors orange and yellow. So that it can attract someone’s attention. We can find this light in retail or restaurants.

5. Light with cold colors, blue, green and purple light can give a calm impression in terms of color, as well as give a cold impression. Green color gives a sense of comfort, purple color gives a mediative effect and blue color gives a calming effect. From the effects of this light can be used to relieve stress and feelings of anxiety in a person.

Color in Lighting Lamps can give a certain color effect according to the color temperature of the lamp. In the color grouping according to the SNI 03-2001 standard, the colors are divided into 3, namely:

1. Color temepature < 3300 Kelvin : Warm color

2. Color temperature 3300 – 5300 Kelvin : Medium color

3. Color temperature <5300 Kelvin : Cool color

| The best illumination for the workspace |

LED light

According to Energy Star, LED stands for light emitting diode. The light produced by this lamp is believed to be 90% more effective than a regular bulb. Whether it’s a room lamp, table lamp, or wall lamp, you can use an LED type bulb to be the center of lighting. Light levels in the morning are also recommended to be higher, in order to increase work productivity.

Halogen lamp

The brightness level of halogen lamps is quite high, more or less the same as LED lamps. Even so, halogen lamps do tend to get hotter if used for a long time. Reporting from Lightologi, this is because halogen lamps also use higher power when compared to LEDs. Therefore, halogen lamps should be installed using lampshades such as glass, wire and other materials. With a high brightness level, working at home is even easier because you are more literate than usual.

To get the comfort you want to get, the level of lighting is one of the effects because the level of lighting will have an influence in giving color to certain lights. If the higher the lighting required, the cooler the selected color will look so as to create comfortable lighting.