LUKSTUDIO designed a minimalist relaxing environment that feels like a permanent vacation., calming refuge in central Guangzhou, China, eliminating the need to escape to the countryside on the weekends. The appropriately named Urban Cottage was completed at the perfect time – in the middle of the pandemic – offering the owners a peaceful and safe place to call home. In addition to the scaled back design, the use of natural materials and neutral colors results in a clean, 

The original layout was chopped up into many rooms along the exterior, resulting in dark interior spaces. Now, natural light carries through into the center from the living room and dining room that are connected via the kitchen in the middle.

A cube-like structure is situated by the front door providing much needed storage, as well as three carved out niches designed for different purposes. The lower one in the foyer acts as a bench for putting on and taking off shoes; the corner display one helps heighten the apartment’s visual connection; and lastly, the elongated niche is there to highlight an important piece of art or something special to the family.

Solid planks of Douglas fir are used throughout due to its specific color, grain pattern and recognizable smell that conjures memories of living in the country.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, joint is a minimalist concept that originally emerged from Zen, the Japanese philosophy of minimizing distractions in order to focus more on paying extraordinary attention to detail and the connection of one of these details in the manufacture of furniture, especially furniture made of wood, rattan or bamboo.

In the world of carpentry, a connection is a combination of two elements of wood with certain techniques to get a more complex shape. In addition to the wood itself, wood grafting techniques can also involve bolts, screws, glue and so on. In addition to adding strength, today’s joints are often exposed to improve the visual quality of the furniture design itself. Each carpentry work in some respects has its own connection characteristics, for example, the connection for furniture with techniques in buildings has various differences.

The main factor in making a connection is strength, therefore one of the things to consider in making a connection is the direction of the wood grain. Incorrect grain direction can lead to wasted connection making. Here are some of the basic types of joints we commonly encounter in carpentry.

butt joint

This connection is the most basic wood connection that brings together the two ends of the wood at a certain angle. These joints require glue or screws to strengthen them. Often in furniture products knock down with the help of a fisher at the end of the wood that will meet the end of the coupler. To get a perfect angle, the pieces of wood on one or both of the wood must be perfectly shaped so as to eliminate gaps that can reduce the strength of the connection. Also known as a sweet joint.

Dado Combination

This joint is a simple type of T joint, providing a gap in the board so that the verticals can fit the horizontal boards inside. This joint usually combines glue and strategy for strength. With gaps or trenches in a part of the board, the T-joint made is stronger than the regular tail-joint because it doesn’t slide easily.

Rabbit Joint

This connection is a type of L connection located at the end of the wood. It has better strength compared to the regular tail connection but requires more effort. Both rabbet and dado connections usually use a router for their manufacture in order to get precise, clean, and consistent results.

finger joints

This connection is an extension of the tail joint type. So that the strength is built in a well balanced way in each wood as well as in each gap. The strength of this connection is higher by one level of connection dado and rabbet and can be exported using either two or one type of wood.

Pass Connection

This joint is one of the favorite joints in furniture making. Can be exposed by using two different types of wood materials so that the color of each wood provides a blend of contrasting color differences. In terms of strength, this joint is an improvement over the finger joint because it locks at one point of tension as well as changes in angle. Compared to the past, using either a bench or a hand router is now much easier because the manufacture of router bits (router bits) of various sizes are made. Dovetail consists of three types namely full, half and shear. Sliding dovetails are usually used to make T joints.


Dowels are cylindrical pieces of wood that are plain or threaded to function as holding the two pieces of wood together and installed like pegs by applying glue beforehand. These joints can be exposed to show off and the strength of the joints made with this technique. Dowels can also be used as a complement to other connection techniques to have a level of strength one level above it.

Pocket Connection

This joint uses the force to join two pieces of wood by creating a slanted path to insert it. After locking the two pieces of wood, usually the resulting hole will be covered with wood putty to ensure that when it’s finished there’s no space that doesn’t look good. To make a hole with an accurate slope and the same as the others, a certain jig is usually used.

Half Round Joint

This connection uses each half to get the desired angle with the aim that the strength is evenly distributed in the two wood materials that are joined. These joints can also be used with glue or solutions, but in certain sizes, these joints with precise measurements can strengthen other joints in more complex constructions.

Tongue joint

Using a router, tongue joints are usually used to make large plank sheets from joining the boards on the sides. For example, to make a door leaf or a table top from solid wood boards. This connection usually uses glue as reinforcement and then presses using rope, technical glue or other pressing each edge so that the gap between the boards is completely closed. This connection is like connecting the bottom of the letter T with the letter U.

Mortise connection

This connection is made by inserting part of one piece of wood into a hole in the other. The holes and ends of the wood made for these joints are usually squares made using a bench mortice tool that can make box holes. Although it can be re-strengthened with styling or dowels, usually the use of wood glue is sufficient and does not result in other exposed materials. This connection technique we usually encounter in old wooden chairs.

Biscuit joint

This connection to make a wide wood can also use biscuits together. This connection is a wood edge connection by making paths or holes on both sides of the wood and tucking the wood in the holes between the wood. This method usually uses thinner pieces of wood that are stronger than the base wood. For example, to tuck in between mahogany, use teak wood and so on with wood glue.


The exterior of Beam cafe in London’s Notting Hill neighbourhood

Locally-based Ola Jachymiak Studio was brought on board to design the cafe, tasked with creating an inviting interior that would be able to comfortably accommodate just over 90 customers.

There was just one key issue – the cafe unit had an awkwardly long and narrow plan that allowed in very little sunlight. The studio therefore decided to utilise a colour and material palette that would foster a sense of brightness and warmth.

Arched niches in the walls display amber-hued ornaments

At the front of Beam is a casual seating area dressed with egg yolk-yellow armchairs and a couple of tropical potted plants.

The black gridded windows that previously featured on the cafe’s facade have also been swapped for expansive panels of glazing. During the warmer summer months, these can be pushed back to let in more light and fresh air.

A burnt-orange seating banquette is set against an exposed-brick wall

Just beyond lies a more formal dining area. The wall on the right-hand side has been painted white and punctuated with arched niches that display amber-hued glass ornaments.

On the left-hand side is an exposed brick wall. Along its lower half runs a curvaceous seating banquette upholstered in burnt-orange velvet.

Tangerine-coloured paint covers the middle section of the cafe

Tangerine-coloured paint has been applied to the walls in the middle section of the cafe, where the coffee and pastry bar is located.

Customers who are getting their orders to-go can flick through the books and magazines displayed here on wall-mounted shelving units.

The central coffee bar is made from oak and white Calacatta marble

The base of the bar is lined with strips of oak, while the countertop is crafted from white Calacatta marble. Hanging directly overhead is a Bubble lamp by American designer George Nelson.

This section of the cafe also features flooring clad with terracotta tiles. The same tiles appear again in the bathrooms, covering the toilet cubicles and the arched panels that the sinks back onto.

A lighting installation illuminates the dining area at the back of the cafe

Additional dining tables and bistro-style chairs with orange seat cushions have been placed at the rear of Beam, which was once the darkest area of the cafe.

To counter this, Ola Jachymiak Studio has created a light installation across the ceiling. It comprises several spherical pendant lamps from Danish brand New Works that have been suspended at different heights.

Sheer white curtains have also been draped around the room’s periphery.

More arched niches appear in the cafe’s bathrooms, which are lined with terracotta tiles

Ola Jachymiak Studio was established in 2013. Its Beam project joins a number of trendy eateries in west London’s Notting Hill neighbourhood.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, when choosing a bathroom floor, consider how it performs under pressure. Room conditions that are often exposed to air and humidity can cause walls, ceilings, and floors to quickly deteriorate if not using the right materials. But this time we will only discuss the types of materials that are suitable for use as bathroom floors. There are many other things that need to be considered when choosing a bathroom floor, in addition to resistance to humid air, there are several other factors such as installation costs, durability, appearance, and installation methods that also need to be considered.

Porcelain / Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile is the best choice for bathroom floors, because it is water resistant, has a wide selection of patterns and colors, and is cost effective. you choose tile choose porcelain or ceramic and is there a difference between the two? Porcelain is part of the ceramic tile family, this second material is in the level of water absorption. The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) certifies a tile type as “porcelain” if it has a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent or less. If used in dry bathrooms, it is very suitable if using porcelain tiles.

Excess : Many choices of colors, patterns and textures, Easy to Clean, Resistant to heat.

deficiency : Feels cold if the soles of the feet go straight to, Slippery, Hard surface so the soles of the feet can hurt if you stand for too long.


With a very beautiful and practical motif, vinyl is a popular choice for bathroom floors. Vinyl flooring is the best choice for areas that produce a lot of air, especially for children’s bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Excess : 100% waterproof, Affordable prices, Easy installation.

deficiency : If you use it for a long time, a bubble-like texture can appear and make the floor surface uneven.

Natural stone

If you are on a budget, natural stone is a good choice for the bathroom. There are some moisture issues with marble, granite, limestone, and other stone flooring options. Natural stone is hard, durable and aesthetically beautiful.

Excess : Good selling price, Very durable.

deficiency : The purchase price is expensive, Difficult care, It’s hard to install yourself, you have to get help from experts, Slippery.

Engineering Wood

If for installation in the bathroom, based on dimensions in high humidity situations engineered wood is better than solid wood. The appearance of engineered wood is very similar to solid wood. So this can be a solution if you really want to show a natural impression in your bathroom.

Excess : Good choice instead of solid, wood, Dimensionally stable.

deficiency : The price is quite expensive, Less water absorption.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the best ways to decorate a room is to incorporate natural elements. Wood is by far one of the warmest materials you can find, especially when it’s dark. wood paneled feature walls, reclaimed wood headboards, cover all walls with richly colored wood, cover the floors with wood planks or use more subtle wood elements such as bed frames, bedside tables, or lamps, creating an extraordinary feeling . warmth without adding extra heat.


In keeping with the elements of nature, bringing plants into your bed is another way to warm up your space. They add life and comfort to your room and the air-purifying properties help keep the room feeling fresh and welcoming.


Adding a rug or two to your room can drastically change it. Adds texture and depth to a space and can transform a cold, hard floor to a warm and welcoming floor. The wide range of colors, styles and materials used also mean that whatever your bedroom style, you will be able to find one that fits your space.


Another way to add texture and warmth to your bedroom is with pillows. Piles of comfortable pillows on your bed brings a sense of comfort and makes the room feel so much more welcoming. Using pillows of different sizes, colors, and materials adds depth and texture to create an extra warm bedroom.

Thick blanket

A thick blanket stretched over the end of your bed or hung over the back of a chair in your bedroom also adds texture and warmth to your room both figuratively and literally. Placing a blanket like this in your room only asks you to spend more time there wrapped up in cozy warmth.


Adding art to your bedroom is another way to warm the room and make it feel more personal. You want to want time in a place that truly feels like your own and what better way to do it than with your favorite photo, art or painting.

Additional Furniture

Bringing more furniture into your bedroom, such as an armchair, lounge, or sofa, makes the room cozy by taking up more space and adding more texture. This is an excellent way for a large room that feels empty or empty without a little extra furniture.

Big Window

Large windows will make it easier for the sun to enter directly, giving a sense of warmth into the room, especially during a pandemic like now people need a lot of sunlight. Incoming sunlight can also indirectly kill germs and bacteria in the room after staying.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, it would be very nice if we stay in an inn with rooms that have views in the middle of the forest or open nature with tall trees and green grass. Inns in the open like this usually provide cabin bedrooms. Cabins have limited movement circulation, therefore rooms must be smartly designed to provide solutions to smaller spaces and open spaces without compromising the comfort of the space.
Here are some cabin bedrooms with very beautiful natural views and make us want to also try staying at that place.

Niliaitta, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The interior is symmetrical with the amenities and beds placed in the center of the space. The headboard is also used as a separator between the bed and the dining table, saving space for two.

Løvtag Cabin, Denmark, by Sigurd Larsen

The sleeping area is made according to the size of one side of the room with a box-like design like a podium. One side of the wall of the sleeping area is used as a full window so that the natural scenery is more visible. The walls in this sleeping area are framed by wood panels which add a natural impression.

Space of Mind, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The sleeping area is set under a sloping roof to make maximum use of the sloping ceiling. The large floor-to-ceiling windows silhouette the structure and form an irregular rectangle on the sides of the cabin, they also frame the exterior views.

Scavenger cabin, USA, by Studio Les Eerkes

The bedroom is located on the top floor of the cabin and is accessed by a steel staircase. A clerestory window surrounds the upper part of the space and is joined by two glass walls below. Wood paneling and joinery fill the space and contrast with the metal fixtures.


Switch Storage To Wall

Limited space on the kitchen counter need not be a barrier to storing your groceries and cutlery. wall space with storage shelves

Lift The Box To Take All The Equipment

Cooking different types of food requires different types of utensils, but it doesn’t take long to find them one by one. By placing your frequently used tools in boxes that slide into drawers, you can retrieve them all by simply lifting the box. In addition, when cooking, your kitchen drawers will also look neater.

Maximizing Space In Kitchen Cabinets

When your spare plates and glasses don’t have space in the kitchen, take advantage of the free space in your cabinet. With smart kitchen shelving inserts, you can organize all your crockery without taking up more space. This will also make it easier when guests come to the house, because all the spare plates and glasses are in one place.

Choose the Right Illumination

Having good lighting in the kitchen will make a small kitchen look and feel bigger. You can also add some decorative lighting and places. Doing so will help make the space feel and appear more open. As a tip, turn on the area where you will be doing kitchen chores, such as the laundry area or. doing so will highlight a specific location in the kitchen, so the brain will find only that place instead of looking at the kitchen as a whole.


Stripes on the floor will create the optical illusion of looking taller, wider, shorter, slimmer, etc. Therefore, if you have a narrow kitchen, try to place a patterned floor that is parallel to the length of your kitchen. Doing so will make the kitchen appear more spacious. If you want the kitchen to look longer, then apply a patterned floor throughout the room. If you want to use tiles, lay them diagonally. Doing so will make the entire kitchen feel wider and longer.


Instead of using a large microwave, buy more compact kitchen electronics such as a slimmer refrigerator, a smaller oven and other supporting electronics.
Keep all items neatly organized and well-conceived. For example, special racks for storing dry food stocks, special racks for storing kitchen spices and others. An organized kitchen will make it easier to find the tools or spices you need and make your kitchen more spacious.

Open Shelf

The design of open shelves or open shelves to store items can also get around the shape of a small kitchen. This open shelf can be the illusion of a larger room as well as beautify the kitchen with a neat or attractive arrangement of kitchen utensils.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, are you tired of the kitchen and want to renovate? Or you just want to design a kitchen but are still confused about the material for the kitchen set? Right now, we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of materials commonly used in making kitchen sets. Read to the end, don’t miss anything!

Solid Wood

This material is the most commonly used material if you want to make a kitchen set. The nature of the wood is not too much, the stock is always there, the type, and can choose the reason why many people use solid wood as a material for making kitchen sets. Melia wood, teak wood, mindi wood, and Indian rosewood are some types of solid wood that are commonly used in making kitchen sets.

Solid wood material has several other advantages, including the availability of many choices of colors, fibers, and textures, as well as its sturdiness which can make the kitchen set more durable and accompanied by regular maintenance.

However, with all the advantages offered, of course we have to pay dearly for production and maintenance costs. Solid wood is very sensitive to air humidity, so we need to really pay attention to air humidity because it can affect the quality of the wood surface


Multiplex is a layered wood that is pressed under high pressure. The texture of the dense wood layer makes the multiplex more sturdy and resistant to air, so the multiplex is the right choice if you want to make a kitchen set in a wet kitchen.
The combination of wood fibers and bark where the outer surface is stronger than the middle surface makes the multiplex more resistant to expansion and not easy to bend. Multiplex can last up to 10 years if we use and care for it properly.
Multiplex has a fairly expensive price because of the quality offered, but the price is not as expensive as solid wood. So this can be a solution as a substitute for solid wood if your budget is not sufficient.

block board

Blockboard has multiplex, only the blockboard layer is made of pieces of wood arranged horizontally, while the multiplex layer is arranged vertically. One type of wood used is sea sengon, a type of wood that is sturdy and water resistant. However, even so, the water absorption capacity of the blockboard is not too high. For those of you who have a limited budget, blockboard can be a solution because it has a relatively cheap price compared to multiplex.

Metal (Stainless steel and Aluminum)

Kitchen sets that use metal are usually often used in restaurants. This material has a fairly expensive price. Metal can give a unique appearance. Stainless steel and aluminum have several advantages, including durability, rust and stain resistance. This material is also unaffected by heat and humidity. The aluminum material is easy to scrub and clean, so it won’t get dirty from the spices and pans stored in the kitchen.
But my goodness, the choice of colors for this material is very limited. When polishing rust or rust, it may need to be re-polished. Metal surfaces and fingerprints will be clearly visible. This material is also easy to bend.

Hopefully this article can help you in choosing the right materials to make the kitchen of your dreams!


Hello friends of Bali Interio, chandeliers are synonymous with the impression of luxury. In addition to the design and large size, also because the price is quite expensive. Likewise with the material of manufacture, not only made of crystal. Chandeliers can indeed be unique in itself. The design is beautiful and tends to be classic style, can give a touch of elegance to the room. the installation of chandeliers is not the same as the installation of ordinary lamps and requires careful calculations. Placement of chandeliers that were not taken into account beforehand, could make the room look cramped and cramped.

Pay attention to the light bulb that will be attached to the chandelier. If the chandelier works as the main light source (general light), choose a light bulb that is bright enough. If the chandelier only works as an accent light, choose a light bulb with a light that is not too bright. To make it easier, you can use a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the chandelier light.

Another type of chandelier is the pendant type. Unlike a chandelier, a chandelier only has one light source. But you can also combine several pendant lights with different heights, colors and sizes to get an interesting variety of appearance. Currently, there are many pendant lights with various shapes such as bulb lamps, teapots, and cups. This type of single chandelier should be used in residential homes with a simple and clean style. The use of transparent pendants makes the atmosphere of the house look spacious and clean.

This decorative lighting is included in the general lighting category because it can be used as a bright and comprehensive main lighting source. Chandeliers are suitable to be installed in large living rooms and have high ceilings. For Friends of Narration who have a residence with an open space plan, a chandelier can also be an option for a more luxurious and elegant appearance.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the lighting system in the bathroom is not just about choosing the brightest lights or wide openings. More than that, the lighting in the bathroom is more about how to make residents comfortable and safe. The indicator of comfort and safety is obtained from how to choose the right lamp for the room. If the bathroom is quite small and minimalist, there is no need to buy a lamp that is too bright. On the other hand, if the bathroom is large enough, it is wrong to choose a small lighting.

lighting in the bathroom is an important thing for us to pay attention to. The activity of cleaning the body will not feel comfortable without being supported by the right lighting. Light is also needed to reduce humidity which can trigger the appearance of mold, mildew and unpleasant odors in the bathroom.
Apart from choosing the type and model of the lamp, another thing that must also be considered is the number of lamps to be installed and their placement. If not taken care of properly then it is not only uncomfortable but can endanger your family. Because we know the bathroom is synonymous with a humid and slippery room. So, pay attention to the little things like this light element is very important.

To maximize natural lighting in the bathroom, you can make several windows in your bathroom. the presence of a window in the bathroom supports natural light from outside to enter. With a window in the bathroom, you will have a healthy bathroom because the air circulation is always changing. If it is not possible to make windows, you can use artificial lighting in the bathroom. Artificial light is a vital element because it acts as the main light at night. The following are types of artificial lighting that can be applied to the bathroom.

General Lighting

General lighting is a standard type of lighting that can be used in various rooms, including bathrooms. This type of lighting is made using fluorescent downlights that are installed at several points on the ceiling, so that they can reach the entire space well and evenly.
General lighting has a function to provide standard lighting for a space, including the bathroom. This type of lighting is suitable for use in bathrooms that are only used for bathing. However, if your bathroom has a bath, shower and is decorated, it is necessary to provide some additional light points.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting is the light produced from bathroom lights that are mounted behind a wall or ceiling. This light is diffused, so the light feels soft and warm.
Indirect lighting can also be applied behind the mirror for the sink area. This type of lighting usually requires more lights and consumes a large amount of electricity.