Hello friends of Bali Interio, the industrial interior style itself was born from the need to convert an old building such as a factory or an old barn into a very conducive and comfortable residence or place to live. Designing such an old building would require technical ingenuity and adequate mechanics. Industrial design provides an opportunity to lean on and mix raw structural materials with subtle ones, looking very sleek and modern, with vintage accents that also feel strong.

Modern industrial interior decoration also brings the concept of open space to a higher “level”. The furnishings and accessories define most of the space’s purpose and function. This “unique” interior concept also has a minimalist tendency with dramatic nuances and a contrasting appearance of table metal layers and additional rustic or vintage furniture.

A combination of wood and metal or metal

The interaction of wood textures with rough and metallic surfaces or shiny, slightly black, gold, or copper tints is another hallmark of industrial design. This combination of metal and wood will have an unexpected impact on any space in the house.

Color options

For an industrial feel, a choice of dark blacks works very well or grays and bold neutrals also go a long way in bringing out warmth and industrial style. Gray color is usually the right choice.


Illumination is a challenging aspect. The installation of lamps or lighting is used freely throughout the wardrobe area. Track light is the best choice for lighting around the wardrobe.