Hello friends of Bali Interio, Japandi is an abbreviation of Japanese and Scandinavian, this style combines the character of traditional Japanese decor and the modern-rustic side of Scandinavian style. This Japandi style became famous in 2017 because of its design style that creates a positive, warm, and pleasant feeling when we are in a room designed in Japandi style. Interior design Japandi also greatly appreciates the imperfections of the wabi-sabi philosophy and how a peaceful living environment can be obtained from the balance of interior design.

Scandinavian style is characterized by a mix of bright, neutral colors, natural woods, and pop pastel accents. Then in the Japanese style, it is made of light colored wood which also has an additional black color that can attract attention. So to get a Japandi room, make a mix of dark colors and light wood and the accents should be monochromatic. You can also add a few touches of bright color with a natural feel, for example placing ornamental plants. timeless love of black + white + colored wood to create a beautiful modern and cozy room.

This Japanese style is very suitable to be applied to the living room to make it look more elegant. A living room design with a Japanese style can give a good impression to the guests who visit your home. This style can create an atmosphere that can make you and your guests comfortable when gathering and chatting in the living room.
Now let’s take a look at some examples of living rooms designed in Japanese style :

Edinburgh Apartments, Scotland, by Luke McClelland Design

The design of this living room looks simple and functional, the design still feels attractive because of the small touches, such as the dark wood folding side table and the classic rice lamp. The wall art and room decorations have been painted black, matching the black floor lamps placed on either side of the fireplace. The wooden floor was left to expose the material, then a small gray carpet was given as decoration.

Azabu Residence, Japan, by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design

The room looks simple but feels elegant because of the dark color accents given by the dark wood material. The triangular pendant light made by Norm Architects for the Karimoku case study is made of traditional Japanese washi paper.

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