Hello friends of Bali Interio, are you tired of the kitchen and want to renovate? Or you just want to design a kitchen but are still confused about the material for the kitchen set? Right now, we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of materials commonly used in making kitchen sets. Read to the end, don’t miss anything!

Solid Wood

This material is the most commonly used material if you want to make a kitchen set. The nature of the wood is not too much, the stock is always there, the type, and can choose the reason why many people use solid wood as a material for making kitchen sets. Melia wood, teak wood, mindi wood, and Indian rosewood are some types of solid wood that are commonly used in making kitchen sets.

Solid wood material has several other advantages, including the availability of many choices of colors, fibers, and textures, as well as its sturdiness which can make the kitchen set more durable and accompanied by regular maintenance.

However, with all the advantages offered, of course we have to pay dearly for production and maintenance costs. Solid wood is very sensitive to air humidity, so we need to really pay attention to air humidity because it can affect the quality of the wood surface


Multiplex is a layered wood that is pressed under high pressure. The texture of the dense wood layer makes the multiplex more sturdy and resistant to air, so the multiplex is the right choice if you want to make a kitchen set in a wet kitchen.
The combination of wood fibers and bark where the outer surface is stronger than the middle surface makes the multiplex more resistant to expansion and not easy to bend. Multiplex can last up to 10 years if we use and care for it properly.
Multiplex has a fairly expensive price because of the quality offered, but the price is not as expensive as solid wood. So this can be a solution as a substitute for solid wood if your budget is not sufficient.

block board

Blockboard has multiplex, only the blockboard layer is made of pieces of wood arranged horizontally, while the multiplex layer is arranged vertically. One type of wood used is sea sengon, a type of wood that is sturdy and water resistant. However, even so, the water absorption capacity of the blockboard is not too high. For those of you who have a limited budget, blockboard can be a solution because it has a relatively cheap price compared to multiplex.

Metal (Stainless steel and Aluminum)

Kitchen sets that use metal are usually often used in restaurants. This material has a fairly expensive price. Metal can give a unique appearance. Stainless steel and aluminum have several advantages, including durability, rust and stain resistance. This material is also unaffected by heat and humidity. The aluminum material is easy to scrub and clean, so it won’t get dirty from the spices and pans stored in the kitchen.
But my goodness, the choice of colors for this material is very limited. When polishing rust or rust, it may need to be re-polished. Metal surfaces and fingerprints will be clearly visible. This material is also easy to bend.

Hopefully this article can help you in choosing the right materials to make the kitchen of your dreams!