Hello friends of Bali Interio, partition is a field that is used as a space separator that is designed to be non-permanent. Its function is to separate the space so that it remains spacious even though it is divided into two or more rooms. Apart from being a room divider, now partitions also have other functions and purposes, namely as a space aesthetic provider or decorative element. Here are some types of space partitions that can be used for minimalist spaces:

Multifunctional Glass Partition

This type of practitioner can work not only as a space divider but can also have storage to store things.

Shelf Partition

The use of a shelf-shaped partition model is the most appropriate choice for a minimalist room. Besides being able to function as a barrier, this room divider also increases the functionality of the space, which is also storage. This storage can be filled with books, decorations or photos according to residents’ wishes.

Vertical Wooden Partition with Storage

This type of partition uses vertically mounted wooden beams complete with storage to fill the partition.

Minimalist room partitions usually have a very simple shape, in accordance with the principles of minimalism itself. Some things that can be considered in looking for a partition for residence are looking for a minimal partition with other colors or choosing a soft color. Before designing the partition that will be used for housing, you should first see which room will be used for the partition. If the room to be partitioned looks quite narrow, then a minimalist hollow partition design can be an option.