Hello friends of Bali Interio, wardrobe is an important piece of furniture and works for a clothing store or any other item we have. Cabinets themselves have many types and materials, one of which is wood which is still in demand by many people. Besides being durable, wood is also quite easy to maintain. If the cabinets are damaged then it is necessary to buy new cabinets to prevent the stored items from being damaged as well. Therefore, here are some ways to care for wooden cabinets.

Don't place the wooden cupboard too close to the wall

This is because it will make the cupboard moldy and damp faster. It would be better if kept away from the wall or if you want to be closer then give a distance of approximately 10 cm from the wall. This helps air circulation behind the cabinets, making it effective at preventing the cabinets from becoming damp.

Coating wooden cabinets with liquid polish

Room temperature is also a factor in the growth of mold in the cupboard. To minimize this risk, cabinets should be coated with polishing liquid. Apart from accentuating the natural luster, this liquid also makes the wood termite resistant. This liquid can also withstand cold temperatures and room humidity.

Don't cover the cupboard with newspaper

Many people line their closets with newsprint to keep them clean. But this is a mistake because newspapers make the fungus grow faster and attract pests. The Koran can also be a source of food for pests. If you are already using newspaper as a base, then all you have to do is clean the closet until it is clean before being used again to store clothes.

left the camphor in the cupboard

Camphor is the solution to damp and smelly wooden cabinets. The content in this camphor can also prevent the proliferation of lice, mites and microorganisms that will damage the cabinets. The aroma of this camphor is enough to encourage microorganisms that want to destroy. In addition, camphor can also make clothes smell good. Camphor should be filled into the cupboard periodically.

Wipe the cupboard with a dry cloth

The outside of the cupboard should also be cleaned using a dry cloth to remove any dust adhering to the outside of the cupboard. It is not recommended to use a wet cloth because the water content in the cloth is prone to causing mold growth on wooden cabinets.

Unpacking the wardrobe

By unpacking the contents of the cupboard, we can see which areas are damp and moldy so that they can be cleaned immediately. Besides that we can also check regularly. If indeed the closet is very full of clothes and many of these clothes are no longer used, it is better if the clothes that are never used again are given to people who need it more. This also makes the wardrobe have air circulation in it because the items in it are not too dense.

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