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The downstairs room is a room in the house that is often forgotten and left empty, even though if it is designed in such a way it can become a mini office for work. If used properly the space under the stairs can become more functional. In addition, for a workspace like this, you should avoid piling up unnecessary items and chairs so that the space becomes neater and more comfortable.

Replace Sofa with Club Chair

If you don’t have a large living room, then choose a large sofa. As, choose two comfortable armchairs. It can save more space but still beautiful in appearance.

Choose a Large Carpet

Opting for a larger rug or even with a bold pattern, is the trick to making a room feel bigger. Large rugs are also not

High Ceiling

Opting for a larger rug or even with a bold pattern, is the trick to making a room feel bigger. Large rugs are also not

Use the Build In Rack

corner in a small living room to create a built in shelf. This method can add extract storage space without making the room cramped. Keep it the same as the wall so that it looks like it blends into the overall design of the room.

Choose a Light Paint Color

With bright colors, a small house will feel airy, fresh, and bright. Applying a dark cat to a room will make a small house look more comfortable, but it will make a small house even smaller. Instead of reflecting light, dark cat colors absorb incoming light sources, as a result, the house looks gloomy.

try tone scheme

Choose fabrics and furniture that are similar to your wall paint so they don’t stand out too much. This will help create a quiet, tidy room that feels bigger than it really is. Shades of green are perfect for this.

Let Natural Light In

If the living room has access to lots of natural light, don’t block it with dark curtains. let the light in so the room feels more spacious and open. Even if you don’t have large windows and lots of sunlight, choose lighter curtains to maximize the light you have.

Use Mirror

Mirrors help make a small room look much bigger. So, take advantage of a good mirror to reflect light around the room so that it looks more open.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

When you have a small room, all you can do is be creative. Make everything furniture has multiple functions or purposes. For example, a table whose bottom can be used as a shelf to store things.

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