Hello friends of Bali Interio, chandeliers are synonymous with the impression of luxury. In addition to the design and large size, also because the price is quite expensive. Likewise with the material of manufacture, not only made of crystal. Chandeliers can indeed be unique in itself. The design is beautiful and tends to be classic style, can give a touch of elegance to the room. the installation of chandeliers is not the same as the installation of ordinary lamps and requires careful calculations. Placement of chandeliers that were not taken into account beforehand, could make the room look cramped and cramped.

Pay attention to the light bulb that will be attached to the chandelier. If the chandelier works as the main light source (general light), choose a light bulb that is bright enough. If the chandelier only works as an accent light, choose a light bulb with a light that is not too bright. To make it easier, you can use a dimmer to adjust the brightness of the chandelier light.

Another type of chandelier is the pendant type. Unlike a chandelier, a chandelier only has one light source. But you can also combine several pendant lights with different heights, colors and sizes to get an interesting variety of appearance. Currently, there are many pendant lights with various shapes such as bulb lamps, teapots, and cups. This type of single chandelier should be used in residential homes with a simple and clean style. The use of transparent pendants makes the atmosphere of the house look spacious and clean.

This decorative lighting is included in the general lighting category because it can be used as a bright and comprehensive main lighting source. Chandeliers are suitable to be installed in large living rooms and have high ceilings. For Friends of Narration who have a residence with an open space plan, a chandelier can also be an option for a more luxurious and elegant appearance.