Hello friends of Bali Interio, The bathroom is a dangerous space for children as well as the kitchen and garage. Some elements of this room can be dangerous for children if left unattended by parents. When designing a bathroom, not only the aesthetic factor, but also the safety and comfort of the child is the most important factor. Children who are growing very active can dance and run and monitor in the bathroom. This is very scary for mothers, children who are active can bump or fall in the bathroom. Therefore, to maintain the safety of children, it is very important for parents to pay attention to the design of the bathroom.

Let’s see what things need to be considered in making a children’s bathroom!

Doors that are difficult to open close children

Install a door stop so that children don’t easily play the door to avoid the risk of children being locked in the bathroom. At this time, there are many door blocks with interesting shapes such as animal shapes or cartoon characters that can attract children’s attention.

Safe floor

choose a rough floor material to minimize the possibility of children slipping. Small children used to play with soap when bathing, making the bathroom floor and walls slippery. You can add a non-slip rug so that the floor is not too slippery and if it falls on the carpet it will not hurt the child.

Pay attention to the type of toilet

If you use a squat toilet, it would be better if the top of the toilet was covered. Children tend to be curious about new things, if they are not closed because they are afraid that children can put members into the closet or vice versa. Likewise with the toilet seat, choose a toilet that has a cover.

safety shower

To avoid children slipping or bumping while playing in the bath, you need to add a rubber guard inside and around the edges of the bath. In addition, use a rubber protector with funny shapes on the monkey to keep the child’s head from hitting the faucet.

Air temperature

Children usually like to play with the faucet, so parents have to set the water heater to 49 degrees Celsius to keep the air warm. It will be dangerous if the water heater is not adjusted, the child can be scalded by hot air while playing the air tap.

Child-friendly furniture

Choose a storage area with blunt corners and made of plastic. If you want to put glass in the bathroom, choose glass that has a sturdy and strong support.

Putting toiletries

Make sure all children’s toiletries are in a position that is easily accessible by children. Do not be too high because it can harm the child.

Despite all the tips we have given, don’t be negligent. We still have to pay attention to children when they are in the bathroom, even though we have designed the bathroom as safely as possible. Don’t forget to nag the bathroom often so that the bathroom floor remains dry and safe when the child wants to pee. A few tips from us, hopefully useful!