Hello friend of Bali Interio, various forms and models of bathroom do make us often confused when choosing which one is the most and suitable and appropriate for us. If you are fans of a simple and minimalist design style, That style is in demand now is Scandinavian style, this style fit in living room, kitchen, living room, wardrobe and also bathroom. bathroom with a good model makes our comfortable and relax. bathroom scandinavian style is the best choice. Here are some Scandinavian bathroom style tips for you who looking to build or renovation your bathroom.

Simplicity, utility and beauty is the hallmarks of Scandinavia style. The colour used normally is neutral colour that makes comfortable and relax, it was white and gray, It will be perfect combinated with bold colour like light blue, brown wood, and neutral pastel colors. Scandinavia style is focused on bringing more light, if you using light hues in the bathroom is great for compensating for a lack of neutral light. Scandinavia style also making the space more practical& functional, but with limited materials. So if your bathroom is small, that is not problem. Because it can also look very stylish and functional at the same time.

Bathroom Minimalist

First, bathroom with small area, this desain will be fit for those of you who have small house.

Bathroom With Partition


Next is bathroom with partition design. That function is to separate wet bathroom and dry bathroom.

Bathroom With Bathtub

Bathtub will make you comfortable and relax, when compared to a bathroom that only uses a shower.

Semi Open Bathroom

Semi open bathroom design it gives good air siculation and neutral light.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, when choosing a bathroom floor, consider how it performs under pressure. Room conditions that are often exposed to air and humidity can cause walls, ceilings, and floors to quickly deteriorate if not using the right materials. But this time we will only discuss the types of materials that are suitable for use as bathroom floors. There are many other things that need to be considered when choosing a bathroom floor, in addition to resistance to humid air, there are several other factors such as installation costs, durability, appearance, and installation methods that also need to be considered.

Porcelain / Ceramic Tile

Porcelain tile is the best choice for bathroom floors, because it is water resistant, has a wide selection of patterns and colors, and is cost effective. you choose tile choose porcelain or ceramic and is there a difference between the two? Porcelain is part of the ceramic tile family, this second material is in the level of water absorption. The Porcelain Tile Certification Agency (PTCA) certifies a tile type as “porcelain” if it has a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent or less. If used in dry bathrooms, it is very suitable if using porcelain tiles.

Excess : Many choices of colors, patterns and textures, Easy to Clean, Resistant to heat.

deficiency : Feels cold if the soles of the feet go straight to, Slippery, Hard surface so the soles of the feet can hurt if you stand for too long.


With a very beautiful and practical motif, vinyl is a popular choice for bathroom floors. Vinyl flooring is the best choice for areas that produce a lot of air, especially for children’s bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Excess : 100% waterproof, Affordable prices, Easy installation.

deficiency : If you use it for a long time, a bubble-like texture can appear and make the floor surface uneven.

Natural stone

If you are on a budget, natural stone is a good choice for the bathroom. There are some moisture issues with marble, granite, limestone, and other stone flooring options. Natural stone is hard, durable and aesthetically beautiful.

Excess : Good selling price, Very durable.

deficiency : The purchase price is expensive, Difficult care, It’s hard to install yourself, you have to get help from experts, Slippery.

Engineering Wood

If for installation in the bathroom, based on dimensions in high humidity situations engineered wood is better than solid wood. The appearance of engineered wood is very similar to solid wood. So this can be a solution if you really want to show a natural impression in your bathroom.

Excess : Good choice instead of solid, wood, Dimensionally stable.

deficiency : The price is quite expensive, Less water absorption.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the lighting system in the bathroom is not just about choosing the brightest lights or wide openings. More than that, the lighting in the bathroom is more about how to make residents comfortable and safe. The indicator of comfort and safety is obtained from how to choose the right lamp for the room. If the bathroom is quite small and minimalist, there is no need to buy a lamp that is too bright. On the other hand, if the bathroom is large enough, it is wrong to choose a small lighting.

lighting in the bathroom is an important thing for us to pay attention to. The activity of cleaning the body will not feel comfortable without being supported by the right lighting. Light is also needed to reduce humidity which can trigger the appearance of mold, mildew and unpleasant odors in the bathroom.
Apart from choosing the type and model of the lamp, another thing that must also be considered is the number of lamps to be installed and their placement. If not taken care of properly then it is not only uncomfortable but can endanger your family. Because we know the bathroom is synonymous with a humid and slippery room. So, pay attention to the little things like this light element is very important.

To maximize natural lighting in the bathroom, you can make several windows in your bathroom. the presence of a window in the bathroom supports natural light from outside to enter. With a window in the bathroom, you will have a healthy bathroom because the air circulation is always changing. If it is not possible to make windows, you can use artificial lighting in the bathroom. Artificial light is a vital element because it acts as the main light at night. The following are types of artificial lighting that can be applied to the bathroom.

General Lighting

General lighting is a standard type of lighting that can be used in various rooms, including bathrooms. This type of lighting is made using fluorescent downlights that are installed at several points on the ceiling, so that they can reach the entire space well and evenly.
General lighting has a function to provide standard lighting for a space, including the bathroom. This type of lighting is suitable for use in bathrooms that are only used for bathing. However, if your bathroom has a bath, shower and is decorated, it is necessary to provide some additional light points.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting is the light produced from bathroom lights that are mounted behind a wall or ceiling. This light is diffused, so the light feels soft and warm.
Indirect lighting can also be applied behind the mirror for the sink area. This type of lighting usually requires more lights and consumes a large amount of electricity.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, The bathroom is a dangerous space for children as well as the kitchen and garage. Some elements of this room can be dangerous for children if left unattended by parents. When designing a bathroom, not only the aesthetic factor, but also the safety and comfort of the child is the most important factor. Children who are growing very active can dance and run and monitor in the bathroom. This is very scary for mothers, children who are active can bump or fall in the bathroom. Therefore, to maintain the safety of children, it is very important for parents to pay attention to the design of the bathroom.

Let’s see what things need to be considered in making a children’s bathroom!

Doors that are difficult to open close children

Install a door stop so that children don’t easily play the door to avoid the risk of children being locked in the bathroom. At this time, there are many door blocks with interesting shapes such as animal shapes or cartoon characters that can attract children’s attention.

Safe floor

choose a rough floor material to minimize the possibility of children slipping. Small children used to play with soap when bathing, making the bathroom floor and walls slippery. You can add a non-slip rug so that the floor is not too slippery and if it falls on the carpet it will not hurt the child.

Pay attention to the type of toilet

If you use a squat toilet, it would be better if the top of the toilet was covered. Children tend to be curious about new things, if they are not closed because they are afraid that children can put members into the closet or vice versa. Likewise with the toilet seat, choose a toilet that has a cover.

safety shower

To avoid children slipping or bumping while playing in the bath, you need to add a rubber guard inside and around the edges of the bath. In addition, use a rubber protector with funny shapes on the monkey to keep the child’s head from hitting the faucet.

Air temperature

Children usually like to play with the faucet, so parents have to set the water heater to 49 degrees Celsius to keep the air warm. It will be dangerous if the water heater is not adjusted, the child can be scalded by hot air while playing the air tap.

Child-friendly furniture

Choose a storage area with blunt corners and made of plastic. If you want to put glass in the bathroom, choose glass that has a sturdy and strong support.

Putting toiletries

Make sure all children’s toiletries are in a position that is easily accessible by children. Do not be too high because it can harm the child.

Despite all the tips we have given, don’t be negligent. We still have to pay attention to children when they are in the bathroom, even though we have designed the bathroom as safely as possible. Don’t forget to nag the bathroom often so that the bathroom floor remains dry and safe when the child wants to pee. A few tips from us, hopefully useful!


They were inspired by the ethos of the Bauhaus to rejuvenate design for the everyday life. In the same way that the Bauhaus strove to blend craft and art, Litze is a blend of innovative engineering and technology with artistry and design. On the design side of the aisle, the collection is fundamentally stylistically flexible. For example, three different style handles allow the designer to lean toward a more geometric and modern style to a more industrial look. “In Litze, we’ve created a collection where everything has a purpose, which leads to a design that’s modern, refined, clean—and surprisingly multi-faceted,” says Jordan Bahler, Brizo Industrial Designer. Even the materials allow for style flexibility, for example teak handles (TEAK!) allow for designers to bring a more organic element into the bathroom and create a true spa-like feel.

But—reality check. A bathroom has to have more than just a pretty face. It needs brains to match all that beauty. And you certainly can’t get any brainier than the technology powering the Litze collection. The collection has Brizo’s trademark TempAssure® valves which sense and automatically adjust the water mix to maintain a precise water temperature (so you’ll never have that jump-inducing spurt of hot or cold water). The temperature will remain constant no matter what else is going on in your house (your no-dishwasher-while-showering days are over!). The shower also employees a H2Okinetic® technology, which controls the water’s shape, velocity, and thermal dynamics.

This technology actually produces larger water droplets that retain heat longer and make the spray pattern denser (WHAT?!) so that you feel enveloped by water. Oh, and it’s also quieter so you can actually hear your spouse or kids shout at you in the next room (or maybe you turn up the music and can actually hear the words on your Jambox). Finally, the entire collection is WaterSense labeled (certified by a third party to meet E.P.A Agency requirements) so the shower delivers 1.5 gallons of water per minute (as opposed to the usual 2.1 gallons) without ever sacrificing performance, which means you won’t even notice you’re helping the environment.

Everyday objects that are as beautiful as they are functional is a true modern luxury. Expressed perhaps best by the Bauhaus school’s director of architecture, Mies van de Rohe, “God is in the details.” And certainly a bathroom suite that looks stylish paired with the latest technology and engineering sounds pretty heavenly to us.



Salah satu cara terbaik untuk membuat kamar mandi lebih nyaman adalah dengan memberi sedikit sentuhan alam. Di kamar mandi, ini bisa berarti rain showerhead. Desain overhead berarti air jatuh lurus ke bawah, seperti hujan, yang membuat mandi menenangkan.

Invest in Rack

Bathrooms almost always need more storage space, and shelving systems do the job of both storage and decoration. put a shelf above the toilet, a stand-alone shelving unit or a wall-hanging shelf where you can organize and display towels, colorful bottles, and more.

Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is a must-have in a cozy warm bathroom. This is an inexpensive and simple upgrade to make, and it comes with several benefits. First, it helps complain of wet towels. Second, this rack keeps your towels nice and warm, which helps mimic a spa experience.

Decorate With Pertilan

Bath salts, bubble baths, and bath bombs are all the rage. Instead of keeping things in the closet, incorporate them into your décor. Especially bath bombs — they come in a variety of creative colors and shapes, which means you can add a lot of liveliness to your bathroom with a pretty basket of bath bombs on a shelf or on a dresser.

Towel Racks With Various Shapes

A traditional towel rack is just a bar where you hang the folded one. However, there are many other creative ways to hang or display towels. like instead of a towel rack to store rolled towels.

Make Sure The Bathtub Has A Bath Tray

The shower tray is an essential item that will hold your soap, bubble bath and wine, if you so desire. If you’re a fan of reading in the tub, some trays even have slots to support a book.

Compatible Hardware

Matching cabinet and drawer handles is a breeze. However, if you can find shower curtains, toilet paper holders, towel racks, and all other metal finishes, it helps without the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Hanging Art

Art isn’t just for your living room or hallway. Why not hang a framed picture over your bathtub? It could be a favorite painting, a scenic view — anything that you will enjoy relaxing to look at while you relax in the tub.

Find Creative Ways To Get Into Toilet Paper

Toilet paper doesn’t have to just sit on a shelf! Baskets, cloth storage bins, or even special toilet paper holders are great ways to keep them comfortable while giving the bathroom a refined look.

Focus on the Senses

A truly comfortable bathroom is one that considers sight, touch, and smell. Learn by turning rooms into beautiful places, and be sure to include fun textures — soft towels in front of the shower, plush robes or bristle slippers. Scent is also important. Anything from potpourri to warming oil can be used to elevate the mood you’re trying to achieve.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, sometimes we often find minimalist homes with minimalist bathrooms and not many people can take advantage of the minimalist bathroom so that sometimes the bathroom feels cramped and cramped. These are some ways to organize a minimalist bathroom

Choosing the right wall tiles

If you use ceramics that have many colors or with motifs that are too ‘crowded’ it will make the room look cramped.

Use bright colors

Using bright colors also makes a spacious impression in the bathroom and colors reflect light so that the room is also bright

Door use

Using a swing-type door makes the movement space more limited, so for a minimalist bathroom it is recommended to use a slide-type door, thus allowing room for movement.

Space utilization

In a minimalist bathroom, you should not need to use maximum decoration accessories so that you can use more space.

Wall utilization

Hanging various toiletries such as towels, shampoo and soap racks can be hung on the wall so as to make room for movement on the floor is not narrow or you can also take advantage of the back door with hangers so you can hang some toiletries.

Mirror glass placement

The use of a mirror itself basically gives a broad effect in a room, this also affects the bathroom. If some mirrors feel too big and take up space, a round mirror is a good solution

Pay attention to size

The size of the cupboard, bathtub, bathtub that is too large will take up space so that the bathroom becomes cramped and cramped. The use of a toilet with an oval design will make the room spacious.

Use of the bath

The use of a bathtub actually makes the room narrow and it is better if the bathtub can be replaced with a shower or using a bathtub with a shower with a flat wall design and a flat base.

Use of bathroom cabinets

For the bathroom cabinet itself, you should use one that is hung on the wall and is not large so that the room is not cramped. In addition, in the cabinet itself, it can be neatly arranged by category and placed in containers based on the category of goods.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, bathing is a daily human activity after a day of activities at home and outside the home, either bathing with a shower or soaking in the bathtub. Bathing also has benefits for a person’s mental health quoted from A morning shower can trigger creativity and is good for the mental health of stressed workers and taking a shower at night can help get the body ready for bed.

The bathroom is a room in a house or other residential building that contains a bath or shower or both. Usually the bathroom is also equipped with a sink and a toilet. The most common bathrooms in Indonesia usually have a water reservoir or tub of water and a dipper to take the water. Usually in the room itself there is furniture or bathroom cabinets for bathing bath products (soap, shampoo) and medicines, usually in the form of cabinets or shelves.

Many people visit some of the important parts of bathroom design such as lighting, color, selection of good materials for the bathroom. Usually also many people who have time in the bathroom to soak. Soaking in warm water for half an hour can reduce blood sugar levels by about 13% for people with diabetes, according to research and studies in the New England Journal of Medicine at Some general design principles for bathrooms:

Plumbing (Shower, Bath and Sink)

Some of these plumbing have very diverse types and materials. Bathtubs must be able to provide comfort so that people do not feel comfortable when bathing or when sitting.


The floor is very important and must be considered because the material used should not be slippery and the coating is non-slip because the bathroom itself is a wet area. Usually the floor for the bathroom itself uses non-glossy ceramics, stone, or cement.


The bathroom must have excellent lighting in order to have perfect visibility. good lighting is lighting that saves energy besides lighting that does not make the bathroom look dull, dark, full of shadows and dirty.

Air Circulation

The bathroom as it is known is a wet or damp area so it is easy for mold and mildew to grow so it is very important to keep the bathroom dry with good air circulation.


Mirrors are not just decorations but mirrors also help human activities such as helping humans see their faces when shaving their mustaches or using skin care. Mirrors are useless if they are not well placed and require planning, measurement, selection and care.

Storage shelf

Storage shelves or bathroom cabinets as a place to store things. Efforts are made to choose a design that adds an aesthetic impression to the room. The installation of the shelf must also pay attention to the ergonomic side so that it is comfortable for bathroom users.

Those are some general principles for designing a bathroom. It must be remembered that the bathroom is one part of the house that is quite practical so that it is adjusted to the needs and design of the desired bathroom.

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4P Yang Bikin Fungsi Cermin Kamar Mandi Tambah Maksimal

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, cleanliness of the bathroom must maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, as the slogan of cleanliness is part of some faith. This is so that your bathroom is protected from viruses and bacteria that often breed in dirty areas.

Diligently Draining the Tub & Brushing the Bathroom

Draining tubs and showers is one way to clean the bathroom. By draining the tub and bathroom such as walls, floors, because it can reduce the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom. You can also give ABATE as a deterrent to the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom.

Room Freshener Plants

Green plants can be placed in the bathroom, usually can be placed in the bath or can also be hung on the bathroom door. This will also provide a fresh atmosphere because the green plants will produce oxygen and clean the air.

Give Room Deodorizer

In addition to plants, you can also provide room deodorizer or aromatherapy which is widely sold in shops. Air freshener will make the air cleaner and fresher. In addition, unpleasant odors in the bathroom can also disappear quickly.

Interest of Unused Items

Items such as soap or shampoo bottles that have run out, used tissues and other used items. All of these items will reduce the cleanliness of the bathroom and make the room dirty so that germs and bacteria will quickly multiply.

Make Air Circulation

Creating air circulation in the bathroom is important. at least make one or two windows, so that air is free to enter and exit.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the sink is one of the main needs in the house or residence, because the sink is very helpful for activities both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Now we will give easy tips to remove stains on the sink.

step one

Keep all things or objects from the sink.

step two

Fill the sink with hot water so that the stains on the sink are easy to clean. Don’t forget to close the drain on the water.

step three

The next step is to brush the sink, mothers can pour detergent into the sink and scrub the entire sink.

step four

Clean the drain hole if the air vent in the sink is clogged, fill it with air and add two tablespoons of caustic soda. After about half an hour, the dirt in the drain will dissolve on its own. Don’t forget to rinse the sink with clean water so that there are no caustic soda stains left.

last step

Finally, wipe dry on the sink that has been cleaned and you can also rub toothpaste into the ceramic sink to keep it shiny. But it would be even better if this scrubbing was done when the sink was new and was about to be installed.