Hello friends of Bali Interio, for some, bedroom design is a relatively frivolous affair. It’s all just about following the fashion and creating space according to the fashion that was hype at the time. As we get older, designing the perfect bedroom becomes more of a challenge. After all, in addition to style, you need to start paying attention to safety. The age that is not young anymore requires us to be more careful, lest the design of your bedroom is not safe and comfortable so that it endangers yourself.

This time we will discuss some things to consider when designing a bedroom for the elderly. Many things need to be considered in order to create a safe and comfortable bedroom for them. Let’s discuss one by one, starting from the location of the room. If your house consists of 2 floors, it would be nice if the room for the elderly is placed on the first floor. It will be too difficult and tiring for them if you place their room on the 2nd floor.

After that, you also need to pay attention to the size and material of the bed. At the very least, the bed should be an appropriate size and offer plenty of support. If you have trouble getting in and out of bed because of back problems, arthritic, joint pain, or other medical issues that limit your movement, an adjustable orthopedic bed can be a pleasant addition to the room. This high-tech piece of furniture helps take the hassle out of finding the perfect sleeping position. To further increase comfort levels, manufacturer specialists have developed a built-in massage feature for adjustable beds that can help relieve pain, increase circulation, and generally help them sleep better.

The addition of a cupboard or cabinet in the room also does not need too many important and functional so as not to reduce the circulation of motion. Make sure all items are neatly arranged in the storage provided so that it will not interfere with their movement. If many things are scattered on the floor, it is feared that an accident can occur and endanger their health.

Finally, it is very important for the elderly’s room, it is very important to get lots of lighting, both natural lighting and lights. Visual acuity usually decreases over time, if the lighting is not sufficient, it can make the eyes hurt and also dangerous. Also make sure the illumination is controllable from the bed and consider incorporating additional lights into the wardrobe. This will make everyday tasks like getting dressed easier and will reduce the risk of tripping over invisible objects.

Remember that no matter how old you are, it’s important to make your room comfortable and safe. The aesthetics of the space are important but we shouldn’t get to the point of your comfort and safety.