Hello friends of Bali Interio, Kitchen set in Indonesian which means kitchen utensils or in a broad sense is one of the devices in the form of a cabinet that serves to store household appliances, especially cooking utensils in the kitchen or more specifically, a kitchen set is a piece of furniture that is made and functioned. to store ingredients and cooking utensils in the house. Kitchen design is the same as designing other rooms in the house, it requires a neat arrangement and a design according to taste so that it can make us feel comfortable when we are there.

The kitchen set consists of several elements with functions and forms according to user needs or the available space in a building. In this modern era, an important part of a building in it for many activities, of course there must be a kitchen room with an ideal shape, comfortable when doing cooking activities. The kitchen as a proper cook requires adequate devices to make it easier, for example a cooking hood to cook quickly. At least in the kitchen set there is ventilation so that the air temperature circulation in the kitchen is more regular. The kitchen set is divided into 3 areas, namely :

Area Preparation

Parts for processing, cleaning ingredients, cooking preparation from storage.

Cooking Area

A place to process and process cooking ingredients into delicious food and is ready to be served to be enjoyed while eating together.

Serving Area

Places to provide food after cooking can also be used to store food in storage containers such as jars or fruit baskets.

Kitchen Cabinet Set

Upper cabinet is a cupboard in the form of a closed or open shelf with parts that are able to store items for cooking purposes such as dish racks, cooking hoods, items with light weight for cooking needs. The height and size of the upper cabinet according to the needs or model, generally the height of the upper cabinet is 60cm, the width of the cabinet is 45cm, there are also many manufacturers in full form to order. The closed form of the door, glass frame or open form uses several support panels to be able to accommodate the load. Indeed, it does not have too many functions, therefore an open model can be made in order to reduce the cost of making it customarily using the services of a furniture maker.

The lower cabinet has many functions than the upper cabinet because it is the main area such as cooking, preparing cooking, serving and storage. Larger multifunction cabinet 60 cm to 80 cm adjusts to body posture while the width is 60 cm closed, at the top using certain materials for comfort. This part of the cabinet can store more equipment and can accommodate more weight, gas cylinders, large cooking utensils can be stored in it. At the top work as a table (using a hard material is recommended). Zinc stove (stove) (sink). Usually this table top is made of stone materials such as ceramics, granite, marble, other hard materials.

Kitchen Parts Set

top Table

The upper part of the lower cabinet is made of hard materials such as stone or wood.

back panel

The part of the wall between the upper and lower cabinets that can be installed with glass or mosaics for a better view.


In the kitchen set island model, usually a large table is placed in the middle of the room.


Kitchen cabinets consisting of the top and bottom serve as storage areas.

Kitchen Parts Set

Linear Type Kitchen Set

This type is known as the single-line or single-line type that can be applied to a rectangular kitchen area or space. The advantage of the single line kitchen type is that it saves space so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. So that activities can still be carried out optimally, the thing that must be considered is the width of the kitchen counter which should not be smaller than 60 cm.

Kitchen Set Linear Type 2 Sides

The 2-sided linear type kitchen is almost the same as the linear type, the difference is that there is a table facing each other as a storage area so that a corridor-like layout is formed. The work area must also be considered so that it is not too narrow. The ideal area is at least 120 cm and the counter width is at least 60 cm. This type of kitchen is efficient enough to be applied in an apartment. The storage area opposite the cooking work area can also be used as a waiting area for food to come with the addition of a few chairs. This type is suitable for rectangular rooms.

Kitchen Set Type L

The letter L type kitchen design is used to take advantage of the corner of the house or apartment. This type of kitchen is the most functional because it makes maximum use of space. For those of you who like complex cooking activities, it is more appropriate to use this type because the flow of activities makes the work easier. This type is relatively very comfortable to use in a narrow kitchen space. Minimum work area is 120 cm so that body movement in cooking can be maximized. The left side of the counter can be used as a washing area and the right side can be used as a stove. This type is suitable for square-shaped rooms.

Kitchen Set Type U

The letter U type kitchen is the type used for a kitchen space that is quite wide. Because the kitchen set is U-shaped, the storage area also becomes more. The thing to note is that the distance is not too wide so that it makes us inefficient in cooking and tired quickly. The placement of the kitchen set must also be considered because if the location of the stove and the location of the washing area is too far away it becomes ineffective. The ideal circulation area distance for a letter U type kitchen is at least 120 cm and a table width of at least 60 cm. For tips, place the washing area at the very end of the table so that all the equipment is in a row and is not separated by the washing area.

Island Table Type Kitchen Set

This type of kitchen is one of the most favorite and much in demand. This is due to the location of the island table which is the focus in the middle of the room. This type is perfect if you need a lot of storage space, but of course you need a wider kitchen space for the placement of this island table. Because in the middle of the kitchen there is a table, so the circulation area must be at least 120 cm between the edge of the island kitchen table and the edge of the kitchen cabinet. Distance makes movement more free in activities. Usually the table that is placed in the middle is used as a dining table by adding a few chairs. So this island table type kitchen has a dual function, and puts ready-to-eat food to the table.