Hello friends of Bali Interio, for some people, the kitchen is a very important space as a place to make daily meals. Especially for people who like to cook, the kitchen is a fun place so it’s beta to linger in the kitchen. But sometimes there are some mistakes in choosing the right kitchen set. Therefore, here are some mistakes when choosing a kitchen set.

Choosing a kitchen set by paying attention to appearance

Most people will design their kitchen set according to their expectations and follow the latest trends regardless of whether the design is functional and the materials that will be used in the kitchen set. Kitchen sets still have to be considered whether they are resistant to the kitchen environment, and also if they follow trends without paying attention to the quality of materials, it should be avoided and of course the kitchen set will be used for a long time. Prioritize needs and comfort.

Limited counter space

There are items on the kitchen table that make the counter full of unnecessary items. Items that will not be used are placed in existing storage. If you still lack space for cooking for those who like to cook, you can add an island as a work area.

Inefficient kitchen layout

In general, the kitchen set is divided by sections to place the stove, sink and counter space to prepare food ingredients, and a refrigerator. For this reason, the kitchen layout applies the ‘Kitchen Work Triangle’ which is a good kitchen principle where the area to prepare food-area to cook food sequentially so that if your kitchen meets this principle then you will not bother to go back and forth in the kitchen.

Lack of storage storage

The kitchen must have a lot of storage space for both cooking utensils and food ingredients so that the kitchen set becomes one of the storage places for these items. Adjust the number of cabinets or storage to your needs, if necessary, make a list of the cooking utensils you have. It also incorporates storage sizes so it’s not confusing to store large cooking utensils. Then for L or U-shaped kitchen designs, there is usually a corner cabinet. Most of the corners are left empty. However, if you need more storage, this corner can be used and ensures the kitchen set is equipped with special cabinet accessories so that it can be used efficiently. take advantage of a cabinet that uses drawers as well, with a cabinet with drawers it will be easy to find the items you need.

Using too much open cabinet

An open cabinet is a good idea so that the kitchen set is not monotonous. However, using open cabinets in a large kitchen will be a hassle and it is unavoidable if you need a closed storage area to store various unused items without fearing the kitchen will fall apart. With so many open cabinets, a lot of equipment is exposed and makes a mess and feels cramped, what else for a kitchen with a minimalist set.

Improper use of materials

Kitchens are required to use heat and water resistant materials, but many kitchens use wood materials that are not heat and heat resistant. So you should make sure the material has been given a finish to protect the desired material and if it is more practical and easier to clean using a kitchen set with aluminum material.

Kitchen set without good light

Lighting in the kitchen is very important and you can’t just rely on the main lighting. Kitchen sets require light installation to help activities in the kitchen. If the kitchen set has a wall shelf, then it is given lighting at the bottom so that it is not blocked by shadows and is not dark. Illumination can also improve the visualization of the kitchen set.

Those are some mistakes when choosing a kitchen set, so if now you want to choose and design a kitchen set to avoid these things.

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