Hello friends of Bali Interio, mattress is soft, Currently the land to build a dwelling is increasingly limited, so many residential designs have sprung up with a small area but use interior arrangements that maximize narrow space or called minimalism. Because of the small area, the arrangement of the room must be as much as possible with the selection of the right furniture, one of the rooms that must be considered is the bedroom, how to arrange a bedroom with a limited size to make it look wider, comfortable and pleasant so that the size of a narrow room is no longer a problem. problem. Here are tips for organizing a small room.

Selection of space-saving furniture

You have to make sure the type of furniture you choose for the bedroom doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it can provide more space in the room. For example, you can use a bed that has a storage build at the bottom, use a study table with a minimalist design, and can use storage with a minimalist design with a sliding door to save space.

Using a Bright Color Palette

Pemilihan warna cat pada kamar dapat berpengaruh terhadap suasana kamar dan tiap warna memiliki efek tersendiri terhadap kamar tidur kamu. Menggunakan warna terang dengan warna netral atau pastel dapat membuat kamar kamu tampak lebih luas dan lega. Tetapi bukan hanya warna terang, kamu juga perlu membatasi jumlah palet warna yang akan kamu gunakan pada kamar, karena penggunaan jumlah palet warna yang berlebihan akan membuat kamar terlihat penuh dan sempit.

Use of Mirrors in the Room

Placing a mirror in a room can make a room appear larger, this is a trick used for centuries. Basically, the mirror will reflect light and create an optical illusion in the room that makes the room look wider. You can install a large shaving glass on the wall or use a full body mirror, in addition to your room, the use of this glass can also add to the aesthetics of your room. The size of the mirror that will be used can be adjusted to the size of your room.

Room Lighting

Lighting or lighting is one of the keys to making a small room look more spacious. With enough light, the room will seem bright and wide in the eye. You can provide sufficient openings to enter natural light by using windows that are wide enough. your room does not support using windows, so you should choose room lights that have sufficient lighting for each of your rooms. You can also add some decorative lights such as recessed lights or small table lamps to accent the room so that the room looks more alive.

Make the Most of the Wall

You can use the walls in your room more optimally so that your room becomes wider. You can use hanging shelves or floating racks to be a place to store your things and at the same time decorate your room.