Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bedroom is a place to rest after a day of activities so the bedroom should be a comfortable room. Not only mattresses and furniture, but also the atmosphere and other elements must be considered. The interior design of the room also cannot be underestimated and the interior design of the room must be determined by the person who will fill the room to make it feel comfortable and at home. Here are some of the most popular interior designs for bedrooms.

Eclectic style

Eclectic is a mix of Rustic, Classical and Post-Modern styles featuring a Vintage theme combined with a modern design. The interior design of this eclectic style room is quite challenging because the colors used are striking colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Characteristics of this style are usually seen from the combination of patterns and textures, the combination of old and new examples such as the Louis XIV sofa paired with the Lucite coffee table, the incorporation of global influences such as the placement of an antique lacquer cabinet from China next to the Saarinen womb chair, Gallery Walls like displaying artistic gallery styles from Pop Art to Impressionism.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style must dare to play with motifs and colors. For the characteristics of this style itself, it can be seen from the colors that use neutral colors such as white or brown combined with bright colors, for the shape itself this style is not just making shapes but more on the selection and layering of the selected patterns, to complete the equipment usually use metallic such as gold, silver or brass, for the decoration itself usually uses original or handmade artwork, then there is rattan, woven, wood and fabric that has a tassel at the end, it can be in the form of bed linen, pillowcases or throws, don’t forget the tapestry mandala which is an icon This bohemian style is important.

Victorian style

Victorian style is a luxurious style that represents high status during the Victorian era. the rooms are an amalgamation of historical styles such as the decorative ironwork of the Revival Gothic Style or Fleurs-de-Lis drawn from medieval influences. Therefore rooms in the Victorian style are decorated with luxurious furnishings, rugs, patterned wallpapers, many colors, flowers and sentimental paintings. Elements that must exist in this style are colors such as Burgundy, Ruby Red, Forest Green, Navy Blue, and Deep Brown for the early Victorian era, while for the later era more pastel colors are used. For furniture, it is usually carved decoratively and excessively with cut pieces such as Armchairs, Chaise Lounges, and Ottomans. The decoration accessories are clearly displayed such as the Gallery Wall with framed pictures, porcelain on display, souvenir vases to lace napkins, don’t forget the patterned wallpaper, curtained headboard and bed side tables for table lamps and crystal chandeliers.

Shabby Chic style

This interior design is a derivative form of the vintage style that uses a lot of pastel or soft colors. The motifs that are usually used in this style are small flowers. The characteristics of this style are using soft colors to make it seem feminine, combined with antique, unique and uncommon furniture such as using materials that peel off fabric to create a worn and luxurious impression, adding plant decorations, ornaments or sofa fabrics with cotton motifs, there are antique accessories, unique, interesting and vintage.

Industrial Style

This style takes the concept of an old building such as a factory or an old barn. This design blends raw structural materials subtly, looking very sleek and modern with strong vintage accents. The basic elements of this style are exposed pipes, beams and ceilings, a mix of wood and metal/metal for furniture, black and gray colors that give a cool feel, exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors or can be replaced with wood. .

Scandinavian style

This style is so popular that many people use Scandinavia as a style for the bedroom. This style mix and match the concept of nordic and modern. The characteristics of this style are that the carpet is not used because it is usually a wooden floor, Using white to help with lighting, Using wood materials that are not only on the floor but for furniture as well and the wood used is usually wood with bright colors such as beech, ash, and pine, No have many items on display because usually traditional houses are small houses, have simple accents, maximize natural lighting, therefore the windows must be large, there is a touch of green from plants, and the last one uses comfortable fabrics.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism is also the choice of many people in the design of their rooms, the design is also suitable for all genders and ages. The characteristics of this style are using monochrome colors, simple room layout, clean, open and bright so that the use of furniture for this design is minimized.

Those are some stylish designs for the bedroom. In addition to making us comfortable in the room, this design style also makes the bedroom more pleasing to the eye.

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