Switch Storage To Wall

Limited space on the kitchen counter need not be a barrier to storing your groceries and cutlery. wall space with storage shelves

Lift The Box To Take All The Equipment

Cooking different types of food requires different types of utensils, but it doesn’t take long to find them one by one. By placing your frequently used tools in boxes that slide into drawers, you can retrieve them all by simply lifting the box. In addition, when cooking, your kitchen drawers will also look neater.

Maximizing Space In Kitchen Cabinets

When your spare plates and glasses don’t have space in the kitchen, take advantage of the free space in your cabinet. With smart kitchen shelving inserts, you can organize all your crockery without taking up more space. This will also make it easier when guests come to the house, because all the spare plates and glasses are in one place.

Choose the Right Illumination

Having good lighting in the kitchen will make a small kitchen look and feel bigger. You can also add some decorative lighting and places. Doing so will help make the space feel and appear more open. As a tip, turn on the area where you will be doing kitchen chores, such as the laundry area or. doing so will highlight a specific location in the kitchen, so the brain will find only that place instead of looking at the kitchen as a whole.


Stripes on the floor will create the optical illusion of looking taller, wider, shorter, slimmer, etc. Therefore, if you have a narrow kitchen, try to place a patterned floor that is parallel to the length of your kitchen. Doing so will make the kitchen appear more spacious. If you want the kitchen to look longer, then apply a patterned floor throughout the room. If you want to use tiles, lay them diagonally. Doing so will make the entire kitchen feel wider and longer.


Instead of using a large microwave, buy more compact kitchen electronics such as a slimmer refrigerator, a smaller oven and other supporting electronics.
Keep all items neatly organized and well-conceived. For example, special racks for storing dry food stocks, special racks for storing kitchen spices and others. An organized kitchen will make it easier to find the tools or spices you need and make your kitchen more spacious.

Open Shelf

The design of open shelves or open shelves to store items can also get around the shape of a small kitchen. This open shelf can be the illusion of a larger room as well as beautify the kitchen with a neat or attractive arrangement of kitchen utensils.

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