Hello friends of Bali Interio, one of the main rooms in this house has various elements in it that can affect the mood. One of them is the element of lighting. When going to sleep, the lighting of course needs to be set a little dim so that the room is more comfortable to rest. However, when the lighting is too dark, other activities carried out in this room can be disturbed. Therefore, the distance between the lamps with various zones in the room needs to be considered. Not only that, the color of the lights and the intensity of light also need to be adjusted to the bedroom. Here are some tips for designing lighting in the bedroom

Room Size

Before buying lighting lamps for the bedroom, it is very important that you measure the size of the room. This will affect the type of lamp that can be used in the room and the lighting distance. choose a lamp that can cover the entire space in certain zones. If you want to go to a lighting showroom, the experts will help you find the right lighting.

Space Height

The height of the room will affect the lighting. When the ceiling is too high, the lamp used is a chandelier to reach other areas in the room. The lighting height will also be different in each zone of need. As in the study desk lamp, it will lead to books and all kinds of items on the table. Whereas in the make-up area, the lights from the front towards the face will be better so that they can make up better.

Main Activities

Determine your main activity in the room. Prioritize lighting with the most frequent activities in the room. Areas with activities that require details such as playing the computer, sewing, or reading require direct lighting. While in the relaxing area, lighting can be done by reflecting light so it doesn’t go directly to the area gently.

Bright Side

overcome the scope of the lamp which is for lighting. Although the shape of the lamp is unique and attractive, of course it must be considered carefully. Do not let the unique lamp enclosure make the lighting in the room feel dark. This applies to the main lighting of the room. However, if you are reading a desk lamp or studying, pay attention to the light it produces so that it feels soft when viewing and reading books.

Lamp Placement

room lighting should not be directly above the bed. Because it will continue to reveal the light if you are in trouble and hard to rest.

Room Ambience

The atmosphere of strong lighting will also have a big effect on the bedroom. Add a dimmer to the room lights. Colored light bulbs will certainly be able to change the atmosphere of the room.

Light Control with Technology

live for a more sophisticated life in your room. By using the remote you can turn off and turn on the lights without having to move from where you are at that time. It makes it very easy for you when going to sleep so you don’t have to bother getting out of bed and pressing the button to turn off the light.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bedroom is a place to rest after a day of activities so the bedroom should be a comfortable room. Not only mattresses and furniture, but also the atmosphere and other elements must be considered. The interior design of the room also cannot be underestimated and the interior design of the room must be determined by the person who will fill the room to make it feel comfortable and at home. Here are some of the most popular interior designs for bedrooms.

Eclectic style

Eclectic is a mix of Rustic, Classical and Post-Modern styles featuring a Vintage theme combined with a modern design. The interior design of this eclectic style room is quite challenging because the colors used are striking colors such as red, blue, and yellow. Characteristics of this style are usually seen from the combination of patterns and textures, the combination of old and new examples such as the Louis XIV sofa paired with the Lucite coffee table, the incorporation of global influences such as the placement of an antique lacquer cabinet from China next to the Saarinen womb chair, Gallery Walls like displaying artistic gallery styles from Pop Art to Impressionism.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style must dare to play with motifs and colors. For the characteristics of this style itself, it can be seen from the colors that use neutral colors such as white or brown combined with bright colors, for the shape itself this style is not just making shapes but more on the selection and layering of the selected patterns, to complete the equipment usually use metallic such as gold, silver or brass, for the decoration itself usually uses original or handmade artwork, then there is rattan, woven, wood and fabric that has a tassel at the end, it can be in the form of bed linen, pillowcases or throws, don’t forget the tapestry mandala which is an icon This bohemian style is important.

Victorian style

Victorian style is a luxurious style that represents high status during the Victorian era. the rooms are an amalgamation of historical styles such as the decorative ironwork of the Revival Gothic Style or Fleurs-de-Lis drawn from medieval influences. Therefore rooms in the Victorian style are decorated with luxurious furnishings, rugs, patterned wallpapers, many colors, flowers and sentimental paintings. Elements that must exist in this style are colors such as Burgundy, Ruby Red, Forest Green, Navy Blue, and Deep Brown for the early Victorian era, while for the later era more pastel colors are used. For furniture, it is usually carved decoratively and excessively with cut pieces such as Armchairs, Chaise Lounges, and Ottomans. The decoration accessories are clearly displayed such as the Gallery Wall with framed pictures, porcelain on display, souvenir vases to lace napkins, don’t forget the patterned wallpaper, curtained headboard and bed side tables for table lamps and crystal chandeliers.

Shabby Chic style

This interior design is a derivative form of the vintage style that uses a lot of pastel or soft colors. The motifs that are usually used in this style are small flowers. The characteristics of this style are using soft colors to make it seem feminine, combined with antique, unique and uncommon furniture such as using materials that peel off fabric to create a worn and luxurious impression, adding plant decorations, ornaments or sofa fabrics with cotton motifs, there are antique accessories, unique, interesting and vintage.

Industrial Style

This style takes the concept of an old building such as a factory or an old barn. This design blends raw structural materials subtly, looking very sleek and modern with strong vintage accents. The basic elements of this style are exposed pipes, beams and ceilings, a mix of wood and metal/metal for furniture, black and gray colors that give a cool feel, exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors or can be replaced with wood. .

Scandinavian style

This style is so popular that many people use Scandinavia as a style for the bedroom. This style mix and match the concept of nordic and modern. The characteristics of this style are that the carpet is not used because it is usually a wooden floor, Using white to help with lighting, Using wood materials that are not only on the floor but for furniture as well and the wood used is usually wood with bright colors such as beech, ash, and pine, No have many items on display because usually traditional houses are small houses, have simple accents, maximize natural lighting, therefore the windows must be large, there is a touch of green from plants, and the last one uses comfortable fabrics.

Minimalist Style

Minimalism is also the choice of many people in the design of their rooms, the design is also suitable for all genders and ages. The characteristics of this style are using monochrome colors, simple room layout, clean, open and bright so that the use of furniture for this design is minimized.

Those are some stylish designs for the bedroom. In addition to making us comfortable in the room, this design style also makes the bedroom more pleasing to the eye.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, the kitchen is a place to store, prepare food so that it can be processed as the food can be served according to standards that can be consumed. In a residence, you could say the kitchen is the center of activity, therefore it is very important to pay attention to the layout to create a comfortable and functional atmosphere.

Here are some kitchen layout ideas that you can apply at home:

One-wall Kitchen

In this layout design, all cabinets and tables are placed parallel to one side of the kitchen wall. This one-wall kitchen is the simplest kitchen layout design and is widely used in residences that have limited space circulation. Usually a kitchen with a layout design like this is also used in a large room but can join the dining room or living room.

L-Shaped Kitchen

As the name implies, the furniture layout is made like the shape of the letter L by combining two tables consisting of one long table and one shorter table. In general, the laying of the table is often made attached to the wall, but some are placed indoors to form a peninsula.

U-Shaped Kitchen

Kitchen with a shape like the letter U consists of three tables that are connected to each other. This type of layout design is the most widely applied design because it can create an efficient work triangle with the stove, sink, and refrigerator located close to each other.

Galley Kitchen

This layout is inspired by the food preparation area on the ship, from two tables and cabinets arranged parallel and facing each other. This layout design is usually combined with a dining room that we can access through the first pass.

Island Kitchen

This design is characterized by the presence of a table that stands apart from the kitchen wall. Usually this table is used for additional storage and can also be used as a dining table or breakfast bar.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, the ceiling faces an upper interior surface that matches the top of the room. Generally, the ceiling is not a structural element, but a surface that covers the floor of the roof structure above it. The ceiling does not only function as a cover for a building. Ceiling here plays an important role in terms of adding aesthetics to the room. The ceiling design must be in harmony with the interior style applied to the dwelling. Here are the ceiling designs and models for a minimalist home :

Ceiling with Downlight

The ceiling in the family room is combined with downlight concept lighting. This area seems to want to create an impression, considering the use of the dominant color in the room is brown. The use of high doors and windows to the ceiling makes the room seem spacious. A clean impression is immediately drawn from this minimalist family room and is supported by the ceiling design itself.

Solid Wood Ceiling with Farmhouse Accent

The combination of a minimalist style design with farmhouse accents is very supportive. The harmony of these two concepts can be seen directly in one of the villas in Bali. The area looks clean with the dominance of white in the room, the use of wooden furniture, and a ceiling made of exposed solid wood. The very impressive element of the farmhouse feel in this room is the ceiling. Proving that the accent of other interior ideas in the room can not only be presented by furniture or color, but also presented by the ceiling.

Wooden Ceiling with Triangle Shape

A bedroom with a triangular window concept can use a ceiling made of wood. The warm impression is strongly imaged by this bedroom. This is due to the use of furniture, floor materials, and ceiling materials, all of which are made of wood. In addition, the presence of spotlights on this ceiling also adds to the aesthetic value of the ceiling so it doesn’t seem plain.

Wooden Ceiling with LED Downlight lighting

Wooden ceilings are not only suitable for areas of the room that want to get a warm impression. This ceiling material can be used in the family room, thus creating the same impression. Modern minimalist style in the room is shown by the geometric decorations, including lighting elements mounted on the ceiling. The lighting used in this room is downlights, both ordinary and LED. Downlights are considered very supportive of the modern concept that this family room wants to display.

Exposed Concrete Ceiling with Industrial Feel

Exposed concrete ceiling can present an industrial atmosphere. This ceiling can be matched with plaster or ceramic/ceramic floors with matching motifs. Combining industrial nuances with minimalist ideas can not only create a room that has a clean image, but can also make the room feel “cold”. In addition, industrial interior ideas are also considered capable of highlighting a masculine impression.

Plain Ceiling with Monochrome Room

This modern minimalist style living room is dominated by a monochrome color palette. The use of black, white, and gray is very characteristic of modern interior ideas. So that the ceiling looks in harmony with the interior style used in this room, the ceiling of the house is also made plain with the presence of four parallel downlights. Although minimal decorations on the walls. This one room still looks elegant.

Ceiling showing Planks and Beams with a Ranch Feel

Clients who like a minimalist residence with a rustic farmhouse-like feel can present a ranch through a high ceiling. The ceiling that must be chosen is an exposed board ceiling painted in white, and combined with the presence of a beam ceiling that supports each corner. To strengthen the impression of this farm, you can use lighting in the form of light bulbs. This exposed board and beam ceiling can give a different feel to a minimalist home. The impression of traditional and rural can be felt in the dwelling.

Ceiling with Roof Window

Clients who crave a minimalist home with a beautiful view of the sky, need to present a roof window on the ceiling of the house. The existence of a roof window on this ceiling can be an entrance for natural lighting in the morning and evening. In addition, you can also see the view of the sky at night. The existence of this roof window can make the atmosphere romantic.

Wooden Ceiling Material in harmony with the Floor

Clients who want a Scandinavian minimalist style home know that the need for wood dominates in the room. Strengthening this Scandinavian minimalist impression, you can use a ceiling and floor with a matching material, which is both made of wood. The harmony created between the ceiling and the floor will make it look unique, comfortable. And has a warm feel.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, in this time of a pandemic, many trends have changed, not only in the economic world but also in the world of art and design. In the end, many designs were adapted to this pandemic period and eventually became “New-Normal” designs. This new trend is not only limited to visuals, but also prioritizes cleanliness, good circulation, and designs that are as hygienic as possible. Here are tips for making a “New-Normal” design during a pandemic.

Using antibacterial ingredients

In addition to paying attention to details and interior visuals, one of the things that must be considered at this time is the use of clean and sterile antibacterial materials during this pandemic. There are several materials that can be used, namely metal (copper, brass, bronze). Metals themselves have natural antimicrobial properties that have intrinsic properties to minimize the growth of various microorganisms. In addition, there are wood materials such as bamboo and oak which can also inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Pay Attention to Spacing Area

During the pandemic, there is a new lifestyle that is becoming a current trend, not only applied to humans, but also applied to the current design concept commonly referred to as “Physical Distancing”. This distance provision aims to minimize physical contact between humans and reduce the risk of transmission from the Covid-19 virus itself.

Make Good Circulation

Room circulation is also important in this “New-Normal” design. The circulation emphasized here is not only limited to air circulation, but also the circulation of human traffic. The design of this circulation must pay attention to the movement distance of human space where there must be a minimum distance of 1 meter between each person who will pass.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, there are many interior styles that can be used for residential design. Each style has its own character and characteristics. Sometimes what we can show from the interior style is also often associated with the character of the occupants. Therefore, the interior style used and chosen by the owners does not just happen, but from their subconscious the interior style they choose reflects the personality and is greatly influenced by the personal preferences of the occupants.

Classic Interior Reflects Luxury

The classic interior style has the impression of luxury and elegance. This can be seen from the style of the furniture and the design language that looks big and has many distinctive carvings. People who like classic designs usually have honest, attractive, and tough personalities, and enjoy culture, politics, and history.

Scandinavian Interiors Prioritize Comfort

Having a clean and soft design language and displaying a comfortable and chic impression is the hallmark of this design. This interior style uses wood as the main material. People who like this interior style usually have a friendly, open and friendly character.

Industrial Interior For Casual People

The industrial style has a fairly masculine impression with the characteristics of its unfinished work, as well as a slightly dull color as its main attraction. Usually people who like this design style are people who like art and like to like and tend to be relaxed.

Minimalist Interior For Perfectionists

This interior style has a simple design style and has firm lines, and has simple shapes, colors, textures and materials. People who like this interior style usually tend to be planned and very careful in everything, and usually like perfection.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the mini bar is an area in the house that is often used as a place to provide snacks and various drinks. Mini bars generally consist of high tables and chairs that are equipped with lighting and are often located near the kitchen or pantry.

Mini Bar Kitchen as Dining Room

For a house or apartment with a small size, space limitations can be overcome by designing the kitchen space to have a mini bar. The mini bar can be used as a substitute for the dining room which generally requires a large space. The mini bar is a practical solution for those of you who don’t have a large space to function as a dining room.

Budget-Efficient Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen with a mini bar can also save the budget. With various functions, such as being able to function as a dining room, you no longer need to have a special dining room which of course takes up more budget.

Home Inspiration with Mini Bar Kitchen

| House with Mini Bar Kitchen that blends with Kitchen Island |

| Mini Bar Kitchen Modern Minimalist Medieval Style |

| Vintage Style Mini Bar Kitchen |

| Stylish Mini Bar Kitchen “Cabin in Wood” |

| Scandinavian Style Mini Bar Kitchen |

| Semi-Outdoor/Outdoor Mini Bar Kitchen |

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, what have you been doing during this pandemic? all the things done in the house make us not feel that a year has passed. New year, new era and new trend. Here are some interior design trends for 2021.

Cane Webbing

Environmentally friendly materials have recently become the material of choice these days. For example, this sugarcane material can be recycled and reused. This material can also add texture and give a warm effect to the space. Woven rattan is a natural texture to create a contrast with other interior materials such as marble, leather, gold accents and matte black. This cane weave is easy to mix and match and very versatile and fits into any design style.

Black Frame

Black frames on doors, windows and partitions have become popular recently in homes with modern designs. Windows with black frames are great to use especially for green front yard views. Use windows with black frames to connect the interior and exterior. The Black Frame is a great contrast to the light colored walls. This Black Frame style is timeless, elegant and goes well with almost any style, such as industrial, contemporary, Japanese and Scandinavian. Black frames can also be an option to use as a partition to subtly divide the space.

Earthy Colors

This year, colors like Forest Green, Dark warm neutrals, Browns, Beige, and Terra cotta became hits. These colors are very elegant and fresh and give people a sense of peace and serenity and offer protection, hope and security. Usually this color is combined with warm textures such as natural wood, burlap and gold accessories. Use these colors on accent walls, chairs, sofas, backrests and pillows.

Natural Light Wood

Wood with light colors is the current trend. Wood with light color tones gives the impression of a relaxed and fresh space besides the light wood color gives the impression of a spacious room. Wood with a light tone can be used for several styles and spaces. Wood with light tones can be used on floors, wall panels or furniture and don’t forget to add contrasting or dark color accents to give the room a visually balanced feel.

Black Accents

If you previously gave black color to door frames, windows and partitions, then black accents are also a trend this year. Black accents are usually seen in contemporary interior designs, usually in the form of lamps, coffee tables, vases and other decorative elements. The black color gives a dramatic impression and is rich in contrast to trends that use natural or rustic materials such as jute, natural wood, organic fabrics, tan leather, and earth tone colors, this makes the combination of black and natural materials the perfect combination in 2021.

Textural Elements

The most important thing in this trend is mix & match. Contrasting elements and rich textures are a favorite this year. Do it on all the existing textures on pillows, furniture, vases, carpets, baskets and decoration accessories. Dare to ‘mix & match’ different textures such as rustic with a golden rough texture and a matte surface with a glossy surface. Contrast is indispensable in design principles to make a room unique and attractive. Texture is very important to give the impression of space and contrast.

Wall Paneling

Wall panels add dimension to the space, harmonize and add to the aesthetics of the space. There are many ways to add wall panels to an interior design such as ribbed panels, floor-to-ceiling wall panels, classics, and more. Wall panels can also be used as an accent wall in your room, giving it an interesting texture. You can also add plant accents to natural wood panels to contrast them or paint them for a more refined and elegant look.

Natural & Sustainable Material

Natural and environmentally friendly materials are back in trend this year. Adding plant accessories will give your room a warm and natural impression. Recycled materials, natural fibers, terra cotta ceramics, bamboo, brick, stone are must-have materials in this trend.

Organic Structures

Objects with organic structures are still a trend today. This trend seeks to soften the rigidity of contemporary and minimalist objects by presenting more creative, fun, and interesting shapes that adapt to the shape of the human body. This trend can be seen from the shape of sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, lamps and other decorative objects.

Warm Neutrals

Warm neutrals are great for creating a pleasant, comfortable, and relaxed feeling in a room. Warm neutrals are the colors that complement the trend perfectly using natural materials, earth tones and trendy styles like Japandi. Warm neutrals can also be used as the perfect ‘Background’ for any trend inspired by nature and relaxation. Neutral warm is also very good for creating a calm, warm and relaxed atmosphere in certain conditions in the home area.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, a a minimalist dining room is one part of a minimalist residence. Minimalist dwelling itself is a residence designed to have comfort and ideal even though the area of ​​space is not too large.

At present, minimalist housing is one of the most sought after options by people who just want to have a residence and are currently much loved by young people.

The problem that is often encountered in designing a dining room is when the dining room is small and does not allow it to be decorated with many things. So in designing a dining room whose area is not too large, it must be done cleverly, so that the dining room can be arranged properly but does not eliminate its functional elements.

Then the minimalist style is one solution for designing a dining room like this. Here are some dining table recommendations that can be used for a minimalist dining room design.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, although almost modern homes have limited land now, it does not mean that you will leave your kitchen open without furniture. At least you have a kitchen set to store various cutlery.

The function of kitchen set was not only limited for storage, but also to beautify the appearance of your kitchen. If your house is small, you should use this condition in choosing a kitchen set.

Select the appropriate width

There are two kinds of kitchen set, which is U-shaped and L-shaped. Usually U-shaped kitchen set is used for a spacious kitchen and home owners have a lot of cutlery. If your kitchen is small, you should use L-shaped kitchen set.

Also adjust the number of storage cabinets with the equipment you want to keep, and it is best to distinguish frequently used tableware with cutlery used only for formal occasions.

Kitchen set one side

f your kitchen is very small, say that you live in an apartment no more than 30 square meters, use the kitchen set only on one side of the wall.

This kitchen set usually consists two cabinets only at the top, and the bottom is used as a gas storage and oven. This limited set of kitchens will help you to cut down on cutlery expenditure.

(Tips : Stay Clean Kitchen Without the Assistance of the Household Assistant)

Place cooking utensils in a kitchen set

It would be better if the kitchen set already provides storage equipment for cooking equipment. For example, there is a table for laying the stove, there is a hallway to store the refrigerator, microwave, and there is a table as a location for cutting and preparing groceries.

Use bright colors

Although a dark kitchen set looks attractive, for a small room will be more comfortable and airy if using a brightly colored kitchen set, such as white.

The cabinet door also does not have to use wood or fully covered, you can ask wooden craftsmen using glass or mirror as closet cupboard kitchen set.

Now, no need to pessimistic again with a small kitchen at home. You also do not need hesitate if you have to buy a small residential as needed, because a small room can feel comfortable with the right tricks.