Switch Storage To Wall

Limited space on the kitchen counter need not be a barrier to storing your groceries and cutlery. wall space with storage shelves

Lift The Box To Take All The Equipment

Cooking different types of food requires different types of utensils, but it doesn’t take long to find them one by one. By placing your frequently used tools in boxes that slide into drawers, you can retrieve them all by simply lifting the box. In addition, when cooking, your kitchen drawers will also look neater.

Maximizing Space In Kitchen Cabinets

When your spare plates and glasses don’t have space in the kitchen, take advantage of the free space in your cabinet. With smart kitchen shelving inserts, you can organize all your crockery without taking up more space. This will also make it easier when guests come to the house, because all the spare plates and glasses are in one place.

Choose the Right Illumination

Having good lighting in the kitchen will make a small kitchen look and feel bigger. You can also add some decorative lighting and places. Doing so will help make the space feel and appear more open. As a tip, turn on the area where you will be doing kitchen chores, such as the laundry area or. doing so will highlight a specific location in the kitchen, so the brain will find only that place instead of looking at the kitchen as a whole.


Stripes on the floor will create the optical illusion of looking taller, wider, shorter, slimmer, etc. Therefore, if you have a narrow kitchen, try to place a patterned floor that is parallel to the length of your kitchen. Doing so will make the kitchen appear more spacious. If you want the kitchen to look longer, then apply a patterned floor throughout the room. If you want to use tiles, lay them diagonally. Doing so will make the entire kitchen feel wider and longer.


Instead of using a large microwave, buy more compact kitchen electronics such as a slimmer refrigerator, a smaller oven and other supporting electronics.
Keep all items neatly organized and well-conceived. For example, special racks for storing dry food stocks, special racks for storing kitchen spices and others. An organized kitchen will make it easier to find the tools or spices you need and make your kitchen more spacious.

Open Shelf

The design of open shelves or open shelves to store items can also get around the shape of a small kitchen. This open shelf can be the illusion of a larger room as well as beautify the kitchen with a neat or attractive arrangement of kitchen utensils.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, Do you often find it difficult to find clothes in the morning and at night? Or the color of the clothes is still not clearly visible even though the lights in your room or walk in closet are bright? To solve all these problems you need to add lighting to the inside of the wardrobe. The function of this additional lighting is to maximize the function of the wardrobe and beautify the appearance of the room or walk in close. Your clothes will look more attractive with additional lighting on the inside of the wardrobe.

But not all types of lights can be used as additional lighting in your wardrobe, you know! In finding the best wardrobe lighting ideas, you need professional help to learn how to choose lamps that are safe, bright, and functional. Here are the types of lights that you can use to beautify your wardrobe.

LED line

LED strips are flexible cables that are usually attached to a wall or other surface with a strong adhesive layer. No wiring required for the LED Strip, we just need to plug it into a wall outlet and it’s ready to go. This lamp is great for small, dark spaces because the strip is very compact. Today’s LED strip lights are equipped with a remote control that allows users to change the color and pattern of the lights, creating a more varied lighting for those looking to enhance the beauty of their closet space.

Recessed Lighting

These lamps are usually round and measure from 3 to 12 inches in diameter. A series of small recessed lights to provide the best illumination. As with any electrical fixtures you would install in a closet, follow fire precautions and install recessed lighting only if you can leave at least 6 inches between the light and the clothes or other items you store in the closet.

Motion Sensor Lighting

The motion sensor light is designed to turn on automatically when it detects movement within its sensor range. There are two general types of motion sensors: active ultra sound and passive infrared. Active ultrasound uses ultrasonic waves to detect motion, whereas passive infrared relies on infrared energy, or body heat, to detect motion and trigger light. This motion sensor light is very convenient to use because it does not require a light switch.

Wireless Lighting

Wireless lighting is a great choice in this situation because it doesn’t require a power cord. As used, the power generated by wireless lighting is channeled by batteries, the batteries of which are AA or AAA batteries. Some wireless lighting can also be recharged.

To charge wireless lighting, plug it into a standard USB port or charger your phone using the charging cable that came with it. Wireless lighting is usually surface mounted with a strip or strong adhesive made to the wall.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the wardrobe also functions as an important piece of furniture to add aesthetics to sleep. In addition to choosing the model, color, and material used, the size of the wardrobe is one of the determining factors for the harmony of the theme or design of the bedroom as a whole. However, before deciding to buy or order a wardrobe, both ready-made and special, you should first know the area of ​​the room that will be occupied. The wrong size can be very risky, especially during placement and installation.

Standard wardrobe sizes by length

The length of the wardrobe is calculated based on the number of doors, ranging from one door to more than 4 doors, depending on how large your bedroom space is.

For cabinets with open or hinged systems, the standard size of one door leaf is 50 to 60 cm. So, for a two-door wardrobe, you must allocate land for a wardrobe of at least 100 to 120 cm for its length.

For cabinets with sliding or sliding systems, the size of one door leaf can be wider than the size of a wardrobe door with a regular open system, which is a minimum of 55 to 120 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes by height

In general, wardrobes have a standard size between 180 to 200 cm. The height measure adjusts to the height of the user, so that objects stored in the cupboard can be reached more easily.

You can determine the height of the wardrobe according to your taste, want it to be standard or maybe choose a floor-to-ceiling design, aka a high cupboard that closes to the ceiling. The advantage of choosing this design is that the storage capacity will increase.

According to Forbes, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs can be an investment, because you could need additional wardrobes to store things in the bedroom.

Full cupboard sizes up to the ceiling usually have a height of up to 300 cm, but there are also houses that have ceilings with a height of 330 to 350 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes by width

The definition of width in the wardrobe is the depth of the wardrobe size. The standard wardrobe size based on this calculation is 60 cm.
If you have a small bedroom and feel that this width takes up too much space, then you can reduce the width a little by using a minimum size below the standard, which is 45 cm.
However, also consider the side effects of the clothes you hang in a closed closet. If your closet has hinged doors, the area will increase by at least 50 cm when the door is fully opened.

Standard wardrobe sizes based on the distance between the partitions

In general, wardrobes have small partitions on the inside of varying sizes. These parts include drawers, shelves, and hangers. If according to standard rules, the distance between shelves or shelves has a height ranging from 40 to 80 cm.

Standard wardrobe sizes based on hanging rods

Pay attention to the list of clothes you have, whether there are those that need extra storage space, such as overalls or long dresses, to suit settings.

If you want to hang several pieces of clothing in the closet, provide a hanging rod to hang clothes. Usually, the position of the hanging rod follows the length of the garment.

If possible, maximize your closet space with a two-level system using two rods; one is mounted higher than the other. One slat for hanging long clothes, only for shorter clothes such as shirts, blouses or jackets.

By definition, wardrobe is actually a wall cupboard that functions as a place to store clothes. Key words taken from English, the wardrobe has about two meters, has several doors with clothes racks to store clothes that are generally stored, hangers to store clothes that must be hung, and have drawers that function to store letters or valuables.

Meanwhile, the walk-in closet is a room to store clothes and accessories to support appearance such as shoes, ties, belts and others. It can also be a place to store items that are usually stored in the wardrobe such as bed linen and towels. This room can also be a place to dress and decorate.

Simply put, wardrobe is loose furniture, or a wardrobe that can be moved and placed anywhere as needed. Or it could be a cupboard that is planted to the wall. While the walk in closet is a place to store clothes including bags, shoes, and others that allow users to enter it (walk in). Cabinets are available as finished products, while walk-in closets are made to order (customized).

Under certain conditions, the wardrobe is placed in a separate room or a special room, then that is what is called a walk-in closet.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, wardrobe is an important piece of furniture and works for a clothing store or any other item we have. Cabinets themselves have many types and materials, one of which is wood which is still in demand by many people. Besides being durable, wood is also quite easy to maintain. If the cabinets are damaged then it is necessary to buy new cabinets to prevent the stored items from being damaged as well. Therefore, here are some ways to care for wooden cabinets.

Don't place the wooden cupboard too close to the wall

This is because it will make the cupboard moldy and damp faster. It would be better if kept away from the wall or if you want to be closer then give a distance of approximately 10 cm from the wall. This helps air circulation behind the cabinets, making it effective at preventing the cabinets from becoming damp.

Coating wooden cabinets with liquid polish

Room temperature is also a factor in the growth of mold in the cupboard. To minimize this risk, cabinets should be coated with polishing liquid. Apart from accentuating the natural luster, this liquid also makes the wood termite resistant. This liquid can also withstand cold temperatures and room humidity.

Don't cover the cupboard with newspaper

Many people line their closets with newsprint to keep them clean. But this is a mistake because newspapers make the fungus grow faster and attract pests. The Koran can also be a source of food for pests. If you are already using newspaper as a base, then all you have to do is clean the closet until it is clean before being used again to store clothes.

left the camphor in the cupboard

Camphor is the solution to damp and smelly wooden cabinets. The content in this camphor can also prevent the proliferation of lice, mites and microorganisms that will damage the cabinets. The aroma of this camphor is enough to encourage microorganisms that want to destroy. In addition, camphor can also make clothes smell good. Camphor should be filled into the cupboard periodically.

Wipe the cupboard with a dry cloth

The outside of the cupboard should also be cleaned using a dry cloth to remove any dust adhering to the outside of the cupboard. It is not recommended to use a wet cloth because the water content in the cloth is prone to causing mold growth on wooden cabinets.

Unpacking the wardrobe

By unpacking the contents of the cupboard, we can see which areas are damp and moldy so that they can be cleaned immediately. Besides that we can also check regularly. If indeed the closet is very full of clothes and many of these clothes are no longer used, it is better if the clothes that are never used again are given to people who need it more. This also makes the wardrobe have air circulation in it because the items in it are not too dense.

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Hello friends of Bali Interio, having a narrow room makes us confused to choose the right furniture. One piece of furniture that is sometimes interesting to choose is a wardrobe. Sometimes with just a bed, the room already looks very narrow, so you have to find a way to choose a wardrobe that fits a narrow room and not only size, the wardrobe must also be maximized. Those are some tips for choosing a wardrobe for a narrow room.

Measure the size of the room

It must be known first how much free space is left after the entry of the mattress in the room, if possible the size of the mattress should not be too large so as not to take up space. In addition, you can also determine the type of wardrobe that is right for the room.

How many occupants of the room

Banyaknya penghuni kamar berpengaruh pada pemilihan lemari, jika tinggal di kamar sendiri maka tidak perlu membeli lemari yang besar untuk kamar sempit bukan? Jika barang yang akan dimasukkan kedalam lemari banyak, maka seleksilah. Pilih barang yang setidaknya memang dipakai sehari-hari. Jika memang barang yang lain tetap ingin dimasukan dalam lemari, pilihlah lemari yang memiliki banyak sekat sehingga peletakannya dapat diatur dan dibagi.

choose a minimalist design

The minimalist wardrobe design is suitable to be applied to rooms with a limited area. This design can also give its own aesthetic in the bedroom. In addition to the minimalist design model, the choice of color in the wardrobe is also one of the factors that gives the effect of a wider room, such as neutral colors or those containing natural elements such as wood. choose a wardrobe color with a dark color that will give the impression of a room that is not spacious and full. The material in the wardrobe must also be considered so that it is durable. Use materials made of wood or alternatively use cabinets with multiplex material, plywood, teakblock or MDF.

After knowing the tips for choosing the right wardrobe for a narrow room, we also have to know what kind of wardrobe model is suitable for a narrow room. Here are some choices of wardrobe types that can be applied to narrow rooms

Wardrobe that blends with the wall

This type of cabinet can produce large storage space while maintaining tidiness. Usually this type of wardrobe design is made specifically because it gives the dimensions of space on the wall and the model varies.

Wardrobe with sliding or sliding doors

A wardrobe with a sliding door model does not require space for the door to be opened. Cabinets with door models like this are now becoming popular and seem elegant but still functional and save space.

Wardrobe with mirror

With a mirror that is attached to the cupboard, you don’t need to buy additional mirrors and of course save space. And the presence of a mirror also gives the impression of a large space.

Closet that integrates with the mattress frame

The wardrobe can also be combined with the mattress frame and is usually suitable for children’s rooms so that it is more multifunctional and saves space. Usually in the form of drawers only, so it can not only store clothes but also can store other things.

Wardrobe with lots of storage drawers

Wardrobe with hanging space usually takes up more space, so a wardrobe with lots of drawers. This way you can have a lot of storage space.
Here are some choices of wardrobe types that can be used for narrow rooms. If you have a lot of items and don’t fit down for a minimalist wardrobe, you should choose the items that will be put in the closet. So things that are not really needed can be given to people who need it more.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, High Pressure Laminate or HPL is one of the finishing materials which is one of the finishing materials commonly used for furniture products and interior surfaces, especially for multiplex furniture. HPL can be applied to cabinets, kitchen sets, or other home decoration surface coverings. With the increasing demand for environmentally friendly materials, HPL is becoming one of the most popular products for furniture and decorative finishing. Therefore, let’s learn some tips on how to care for furniture that uses HPL finishing.

The first step

Do not place HPL furniture in places that are too hot, such as near a window or in direct sunlight.

second step

Avoid placing plastic, rubber or acrylic materials (directly) on the furniture. The chemicals in this product can react with the final product and cause damage. To avoid this, use a cloth base on the surface of the furniture.

third step

When using furniture as a study table or work desk, use a base or protector on the furniture surface. Pens or pencils can easily leave marks and spoil the finish.

fourth step

Daily use of a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust will keep your furniture beautiful as it ages.

Two Color Curtains

If you get a hard-to-remove stain like coffee grounds, use a baking soda mixture and rub gently until the stain is gone. If this method still doesn’t work, you can use thinner.

“These are our tips. Hopefully useful and can be applied properly to maintain the quality of your furniture!”


Hello friends of Bali Interio, this time we will provide tips and tricks to tidy up your desk at home or at the office. There are a few TIPS AND TRICKS TO tidy up your work desk that you can follow below

Determine your table layout

The first thing to do is to design what items are on the table. Pay attention to job requirements. If you need a computer, arrange the placement of the computer as comfortable as possible. Items that are used frequently are placed in an easily accessible place, while items that are not used frequently are placed elsewhere.

Archive documents

Make sure the documents on the table are neatly arranged. Use a holder or other document holder to accommodate these documents. If it is not enough, look for another document shelter. Divide documents based on predefined classifications. This will make it easier for you to find documents if you need them at any time. In this case, you also have to select documents that are actually worked on and those that are not. Don’t let the documents on your desk pile up and get mixed up.

Provide a place for office knick-knacks

Do you have sticky notes, paper clips, binder clips, pencils, pens that you usually use for work? Put these items in a special place. You can place a pencil holder to put stationery and/or jars. Even though these items look small, if they are not arranged, they will make your desk look messy.

Arrange the cables around the table

You will be disturbed if you see computer, telephone, and LAN cables tangled unkemptly around. Untidy cable ties can limit activity and make it unsightly.

Prepare snacks on the table

Jika Anda membutuhkan camilan untuk teman bekerja, jangan sungkan-sungkan untuk menyiapkannya di atas meja. Camilan kecil bisa membantu fokus dan menunda lapar. Ketika Anda menaruh camilan di meja, jangan lupa sediakan juga tisu.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, cleanliness of the bathroom must maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, as the slogan of cleanliness is part of some faith. This is so that your bathroom is protected from viruses and bacteria that often breed in dirty areas.

Diligently Draining the Tub & Brushing the Bathroom

Draining tubs and showers is one way to clean the bathroom. By draining the tub and bathroom such as walls, floors, because it can reduce the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom. You can also give ABATE as a deterrent to the growth of mosquitoes in your bathroom.

Room Freshener Plants

Green plants can be placed in the bathroom, usually can be placed in the bath or can also be hung on the bathroom door. This will also provide a fresh atmosphere because the green plants will produce oxygen and clean the air.

Give Room Deodorizer

In addition to plants, you can also provide room deodorizer or aromatherapy which is widely sold in shops. Air freshener will make the air cleaner and fresher. In addition, unpleasant odors in the bathroom can also disappear quickly.

Interest of Unused Items

Items such as soap or shampoo bottles that have run out, used tissues and other used items. All of these items will reduce the cleanliness of the bathroom and make the room dirty so that germs and bacteria will quickly multiply.

Make Air Circulation

Creating air circulation in the bathroom is important. at least make one or two windows, so that air is free to enter and exit.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the bed is the area where you will relax the body condition that is tired of everyday life. To maintain health and body metabolism, it is necessary to sleep or rest well, not only in time, but also the actual quality of sleep. The mattress is included in the furniture that is very must-have for everyone to ensure their rest. Confused about how to choose the right mattress for your needs?

Size and Thickness

It is very important that you adjust the size of the mattress to the bed or occupants who will use the mattress is the first thing that must be done. For example, if the mattress user has a height of 150 cm, then you must choose a mattress with a minimum size of 10 cm longer than the size of the wearer to support the body perfectly.


A very common material in bedding is usually latex. For those of you who have skin allergies, first check the material and type for your mattress.

Customize Needs

For those of you who are single or single, it is recommended to choose a mattress of the same size. Or in other words adjust the needs of your bed.


Well, this is it, usually when people buy furniture, they first check whether the warranty is there or not, because
pay attention to the warranty from the mattress brand. usually a good guarantee for a mattress
is above 5 years. Therefore immediately love clearly about the warranty before you
buy a mattress.

Place Service

To find out where the service or mattress repair service is if the mattress you are after is damaged is a very IMPORTANT thing. what to do next? If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to ask the shop that sell the mattress to tell the service location for the mattress brand you are going to buy.

So those are tips for choosing a good mattress, hopefully it will be useful for you, thank you.


Hello friends of Bali Interio, the sink is one of the main needs in the house or residence, because the sink is very helpful for activities both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Now we will give easy tips to remove stains on the sink.

step one

Keep all things or objects from the sink.

step two

Fill the sink with hot water so that the stains on the sink are easy to clean. Don’t forget to close the drain on the water.

step three

The next step is to brush the sink, mothers can pour detergent into the sink and scrub the entire sink.

step four

Clean the drain hole if the air vent in the sink is clogged, fill it with air and add two tablespoons of caustic soda. After about half an hour, the dirt in the drain will dissolve on its own. Don’t forget to rinse the sink with clean water so that there are no caustic soda stains left.

last step

Finally, wipe dry on the sink that has been cleaned and you can also rub toothpaste into the ceramic sink to keep it shiny. But it would be even better if this scrubbing was done when the sink was new and was about to be installed.